5 Reasons That Make Everyone Wants to Live in a Compound

Explore why so many people are moving in compounds

Lately, compounds have become the destination of families and newlyweds alike, from all different social and financial levels. This is because compounds are available in new cities, and they provide units of varying prices and target many different social levels, from upper class to upper-middle class to middle and economic. Compounds also provide all kinds of services for their residents. 

What is a residential compound?

A compound is an enclosed -often gated- series of residential units. It includes security, and contains all sorts of entertainment and basic services any resident would need. Compounds greatly differ in designs, space and the types of units each one provides. 

Why are people keen on buying apartments and villas in compounds?

More and more developers and real estate companies have focused on building residential compounds in new cities, as it’s a profitable investment for the short term and the long term as well. They offer many services that you can’t find in an open residential area, such as:

1- Security

This is an amazing feature, where compounds are well guarded providing utmost security for all residents and their properties. 

2- Diverse housing units

One of the best features of compounds is that they provide many different types of units, with varying spaces and prices from high to above-average to average and economic. This gives everyone the chance to find a place that suits them and their financial budget. The types of residential units in compounds are:

  • Flats: found in a residential building, contains a definite number of rooms and bathrooms.
  • Duplexes:  It resembles a flat, but consists of two floors instead of one, joined by inner stairs.
  • Penthouses: An apartment found on the last floor of a residential building, and includes the roof. A penthouse often also includes a terrace and a swimming pool, and may include one room and a bathroom. 
  • Townhouses: A townhouse is a set of villas connected to a garden. Its name implies that its a series of connected houses.
  • Twin houses: A semi-connected villa, shared by 2 residents. It has its own gateway, and each resident gets their own entrance and 3 sided garden.
  • Separate villas:  It is a separate residential unit, with its own private garden, a special gateway and a gate surrounding it. Separate villas usually consist of one to three floors where one family resides. 

3- Privacy

 Life inside a compound is all about privacy, where each resident enjoys a quiet, peaceful life. 

4- Landscapes and greenery

 Developers and investors prioritize greenery in their designs, where compounds are surrounded by landscapes and green areas. This creates a beautiful layout for the compound and provides peace and quiet for the residents. There’s nothing better than seeing gardens from the terrace of your apartment or villa!

5- Services

Besides security and greenery, you will surely find the most basic and entertainment services in a compound where you basically won’t need to leave your compound. These services vary from compound to another, but in the end, the services provided attract many residents to the residential compound, and they are:

  • Hospitals – medical clinics – places of worship.
  • Health clubs – gyms. 
  • Schools – commercial shops – clubs and sports fields. 
  • Swimming pools – artificial lakes. 
  • Many child related services, such as: waterparks – kids playing areas – kindergartens. 
  • Shopping malls – cinemas – pharmacies. 

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