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El Gouna Resort is a highly organized place full of luxury chalets, villages, excellent resorts, and unparalleled hotels. El Gouna is a tourist resort located within the city of Hurghada, established by Orascom Development & Hotels in 1990 as one of its integrated tourism projects.


 El Gouna is distinguished by being only 22 kilometers from Hurghada International Airport, and 30 kilometers to Hurghada itself, and there is a sea road linking El Gouna and Sharm El Sheikh with a length of 45 square kilometers.


El Gouna enjoys being a charming place overlooking the coast of the Red Sea, with its pure turquoise waters, soft white sand, and pollution-free atmosphere. It also has distinct tourist villages, golf courses, many shopping malls and places to stroll, and among the most famous areas in El Gouna comes the famous Downtown area. 


Being the vibrant heart, where the most famous shops and restaurants are located, as well as excellent real estate units with various areas, which you can get by paying the value of cash and immediate or in installments over several years.


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Details about Downtown Resort in El Gouna


El Gouna Resort is divided into 3 main areas, one of which is Downtown, which is characterized by the fact that it includes the most famous restaurants, cafes, hotels, handicrafts, night clubs, as well as markets, and malls, as well as chalets in El Gouna, villas and residential units of different sizes that meet the needs of different families and individuals.


  • Downtown has multiple transportations to and from the area, such as El Gouna’s tourist tuk-tuk, taxis, Uber and Careem services, luxury limousines that must be booked in advance, free hotel buses and shuttle buses outside the city such as Go Bus services
  •  The place also has various activities such as kite surfing, snorkeling, and various water sports
  • The excellent location of Downtown El Gouna in the heart of the tourist resort
  • Downtown El Gouna is located in the center of the resort, as its name suggests. It is the center of the country. It is located in the west of the Marina and the east of Abu Tig, and you can reach it via Zafarana, 4 kilometers from the entrance to El Gouna
  • The Downtown area is about 5 hours away from Cairo by car (470 km), and you can reach Hurghada Airport in less than 20 minutes by car (22 km), and it is close to the University of Berlin, El Gouna Branch, El Gouna International School, and Banque Misr.


Advantages of the Downtown Area in El Gouna


The downtown area in the tourist resort of El Gouna has many advantages that make you choose to be there, including:


  • A unique geographical location in the heart of El Gouna, close to all activities and services
  • Availability of basic utilities such as water and electricity, as well as strong internet and cleanliness, as well as the presence of recreational services
  • Being in the heart of the main and lively roads, as well as enjoying a variety of transportation from taxis, Ubers, buses of all kinds, limousines, and tuk-tuks to move between city areas
  • The residential diversity in the area, from chalets and villas in El Gouna resorts to hotels and various spaces, is available at the best prices
  • The presence of green spaces and the spread of gardens with rare trees and wonderful roses everywhere, as well as beautiful artificial lakes
  • The high social level and the neighborhood of the elite and the elite, enjoying privacy and tranquility and enjoying the picturesque nature
  • Wonderful beaches with clear turquoise waters, which have areas for diving, swimming, and various water sports


Available Types of Units in Downtown Resort in El Gouna


In the center of El Gouna or Downtown, there are many different real estate units beside multi-star hotel rooms, and the units that you can choose from are:


  • Chalets: They come in two types, regular chalets and the other with gardens, and they are the most popular and sought-after type of real estate in El Gouna in coastal areas
  • Twin House: It is a villa divided into two parts, and each part has a private entrance and a private garden, shared by two separate residents
  • Townhouse: It is a villa with a shared garden and has external walls with the neighboring buildings and has an architectural design similar to the rest of the properties in the area
  • Villas in El Gouna: It is an independent real estate unit that does not share the external walls with the neighbors, and it enjoys a private garden and a private gate and has a fence, and often comes with a garden, a swimming pool, and a private garage


Areas of Units in Downtown Resort in El Gouna


Downtown Resort in El Gouna includes real estate units of various sizes to suit different needs. El Gouna resort chalets start from one small room with an area of ​​35 square meters and reach detached villas of up to 800 square meters.


And you can get your unit fully finished, super lux, and by paying its value in cash and immediate or in installments over several years according to the available payment plans.


Available Services in Downtown El Gouna 


The Downtown area in El Gouna Resort brings together many advantages and services in one place, and therefore it is one of the main attractions for visitors, namely:


  • Wide green spaces and extended artificial lakes
  • Malls and large shopping centers that include shops, restaurants, and cafes
  • Huge stadiums for all sports
  • Health services from pharmacies, hospitals, and medical clinics
  • International schools and other languages
  • Swimming pools belonging to the projects located in the area
  • Children’s play areas
  • Secure garages
  • Central air conditioning and high-quality internet

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The Real Estate Developer of El Gouna Resort


Orascom Hotels and Development, formerly known as Orascom Projects and Tourism Development, is one of the Egyptian real estate companies, which have developed integrated tourist cities such as El Gouna, and the company is interested in providing integrated services in all its projects such as:


  • Golf courses
  • Recreational centers and malls
  • yacht marinas
  • Hospitals and schools
  • Public utilities (water, electricity, sanitation, hygiene, internet, and mobile networks).


Previous Works of Orascom


Orascom owns various real estate projects outside Egypt in markets such as the UAE, Oman, Morocco, Switzerland, Montenegro, and the United Kingdom, and in the Egyptian market it currently has a land portfolio of 49.9 million square meters, 23 hotels, in addition to many tourist destinations:



More Information about El Gouna Tourist City


More than 27 years ago, businessman Samih Sawiris, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Orascom Development and Development, discovered an excellent spot on the land of Egypt, located north of Hurghada on the Red Sea coast.


From a small place with small houses and a port for boats, it became one of the most important Egyptian tourist resorts, The most luxurious and elegant.


The area of ​​El Gouna is more than 36 square kilometers and is administratively affiliated to the Red Sea Governorate, it is divided into 3 main areas, which are Downtown, Tamr Henna Square, and Marina Abu Tig. It also includes 6 main neighborhoods, namely:


  • Marina Town
  • Mediterranean Quarter
  • Golf district
  • Nubian neighborhood
  • El Hadba district
  • Italian neighborhood


In the city there are shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and 14 very distinguished hotels ranging from 4 stars, 5 stars, and 6 stars, there is also a yacht marina, a gym, and an FM radio with the same name as the resort.

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