Aqarmap guide to the most important real estate exhibitions in Egypt and the Arab world

Real estate investment and its exhibitions in Egypt

As a matter of fact, the real estate investment market is one of the largest markets in Egypt. The real estate investment market witnesses a high competition, especially with the great diversity and multitude of real estate projects in the New Administrative Capital and the new cities, such as Sheikh Zayed City, New Cairo and the Sixth of October City.

The annually held real estate exhibitions are one of the most important factors in promoting and developing the Egyptian real estate market. The real estate companies are interested in these exhibitions and rely on them to market their projects. On the other hand, customers are interested in the real estate exhibitions to buy houses and commercial units of all kinds and to get acquainted with the prices, types of units and payment methods available in each project.

The most important real estate exhibitions in the Arab region

The Egyptian real estate market includes a large number of real estate exhibitions in which developers and real estate investors participate to market their projects.

The most important exhibitions held in Egypt are:

  • Cityscape Expo
  • NextMove
  • Al-Ahram Real Estate Exhibition
  • Aqarmap Expo
  • The Real Gate
  • Akhbar AlYoum Real Estate Exhibition

There are also other exhibitions held in the Arab world such as:

  • Hazi Misr (Egypt Real Estate Exhibition)
  • Nayrouz Real Estate Exhibition.

What are the real estate exhibitions?

The real estate exhibitions are events that are organized to bring together many real estate developers and investors. These exhibitions are attended by customers searching for specific real estate units, as developers display and market their projects to customers. The real estate companies depend on marketing about 70% of their projects through these exhibitions, where they provide great offers and convenient payment systems that satisfy customers’ desires.

Furthermore, real estate exhibitions are one of the most important methods of supporting developers and real estate investors, as they are a link between developers and customers. Also, the real estate exhibitions significantly contribute in supporting real estate investment, creating a state of prosperity in the movement of buying and selling the real estate units and exporting real estate abroad. Besides, through real estate exhibitions, different real estate companies can understand the nature of the market and its needs more accurately and fully.

The most important Egyptian real estate exhibitions in detail

Cityscape Egypt Exhibition

It is the most important real estate event held in Egypt. Cityscape Egypt provides exclusive investment offers for real estate projects in Egypt and abroad. They held their first virtual conference this year from the 5th-6th of April 2021 and are gearing up to launch the 10th edition of the exhibition scheduled from the 22nd-25th of September 2021 at the Egypt International Exhibition Center.

Advantages of Cityscape Expo

 Cityscape Expo is organized with the support of the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities (MOHUUC) to make customers fully acquainted with distinctive housing units and special offers and prices. Also, the Expo targets informing those interested in following the real estate market with the latest updates, to reveal the latest offers and different payment methods to customers, and to help customers in making a good network of relationships with the leaders of the real estate market in Egypt.

NextMove Exhibition

It is one of the large real estate exhibitions that brings together the most important real estate developers and experts. The exhibition aims at fulfilling the needs of those searching for apartments, coastal homes, administrative offices or commercial units, as it brings together more than 40 real estate developers and investors who present their projects with exclusive offers.

The exhibition was held from 27 to 29 May 2021 at the Cairo International Conference Center in Nasr City. Attendance is free of charge.

Advantages of NextMove Exhibition

This exhibition is a good opportunity for direct communication with the most important real estate investors and obtaining information and details to help you compare the available real estate opportunities. Some real estate companies participating in the exhibition provide offers, discounts and easy installment systems exclusively for visitors of the exhibition.

Al-Ahram Real Estate Exhibition

Al-Ahram Real Estate Exhibition is the largest real estate event in the Nile Delta region and is held in more than one Egyptian governorate. The Exhibition provides information about the new real estate projects in various Egyptian governorates, with their residential, commercial and tourism units. The Exhibition will be held from July 29 to August 1, 2021 at the Cairo International Conference Center in Nasr City.

Advantages of Al-Ahram Real Estate Exhibition

The companies participating in the Exhibition offer great discounts on the down payment and the total price of units, in addition to convenient installment and payment systems.

Aqarmap Expo

Aqarmap Expo is an online real estate exhibition and is the first of its kind. Due to the success of its idea, many companies imitated it afterwards. The Aqarmap Expo offers great real estate advantages by providing information about many residential, tourism and commercial projects in many cities. A group of the most important real estate developers in Egypt participate in Aqarmap Expo to offer their real estate projects.

Visitors of Aqarmap Online Expo can buy real estate units, pay the reservation amount online via credit cards, and benefit from exclusive discounts through the exhibition, which lasts for 3 hours only. You can reserve a seat in the Expo by registering online, to be notified when the date of the next exhibition is announced.

What is different in Aqarmap Expo?

Many real estate companies, in cooperation with the Aqarmap search engine, provide special offers and real discounts. The experience of buying from the Exhibition is similar to buying in bulk from the developer himself. So, customers can get special discounts that they would not get if they directly contact the developer.

The Real Gate Exhibition

The Real Gate Exhibition was held for the first time in Egypt in 2021 to enhance the activity that the real estate market currently witnesses. In conjunction with the digital transformation calls directed by the country, the Real Gate Exhibition was held from 25 to 27 March at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo. The Exhibition is also held online at the same time.

Advantages of the Real Gate Exhibition

About 38 real estate developers participated in the Exhibition to display nearly 180 different real estate projects. These developers have provided payment facilities that suit all customers’ purchasing power.

Akhbar AlYoum Real Estate Exhibition

It is a real estate exhibition organized by Akhbar AlYoum Foundation for the first time this year. The Foundation has invited major real estate companies to participate in the Exhibition and market their various real estate projects. The Exhibition will be held in early June 2021.

Real estate exhibitions in the Arab world

Hazi Misr or Egypt Real Estate Exhibition

Hazi Misr is written in this way according to the Gulf dialect. It is a famous Egyptian real estate exhibition held in the United Arab Emirates. On its thirteenth session, the Exhibition is to be held this year. The Exhibition allowed its visitors to choose from 100 distinct real estate projects in different areas, such as the New Administrative Capital, the City of Galalah, the New City of El Alamein and El Mostakbal City, North Coast resorts, the projects of the Fifth Settlement, the Sixth Settlement and the Sixth of October City, and other areas that include luxurious real estate units. The Exhibition was held at Le Meridien Airport Hotel in Dubai, on April 2 and 3, 2021.

Advantages of this Egypt exhibition

The Exhibition helps those who want real estate investment to make the right decision and choose from a huge number of available projects. It also displays to visitors the latest investment opportunities in the tourism, residential and commercial sectors in order to get the right properties at a great discount and at competitive prices. So, the Exhibition is very popular with Egyptians working in the Emirates and with Emiratis themselves.

Nayrouz Real Estate Exhibition

It is held by Al-Nayrouz Developments Company, which is one of the leading companies in the field of organizing real estate exhibitions in Egypt and in the Gulf in particular. The Company has a great history in this field that extends to decades.

Advantages of Nayrouz Real Estate Exhibition

The Exhibition offers golden opportunities for those looking for residential, commercial and administrative units with huge discounts of up to 20%. So, there is high demand for the Exhibition.

Buying properties from real estate Exhibitions

If you search for a real estate unit with specific specifications in any of the tourist cities or residential cities, one of the best steps that we recommend you to take is to attend one of the real estate exhibitions that are held from time to time. These exhibitions will help you to know accurate details that enable you to make the right decision.

These exhibitions also save you money if you get a discount from the offered discounts to the visitors of most exhibitions. So, when you attend any of those exhibitions, you get the information from its source and won a good discount as well!