Your Guide to Know Everything About Badr City

Badr City is one of the new residential cities. It was established at the beginning of the 1980s to provide new housing opportunities, increase the real estate area, and reduce congestion. 

Badr is located on the Cairo-Suez road with 2,971 acres of area at first. The area then was extended to 18545,43 acres, according to ministerial decisions issued in 2009.

Badr City provides housing opportunities with green spaces and wide streets away from crowdedness. Badr is planned to be an industrial city and includes 129 factories and 350 factories are still under construction. Badr is the closest industrial city to Cairo International Airport and Suez port.

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Various Types of Properties in Badr City


Badr includes a group of economic housing units, including medium and upper-middle ones. The urban area in Badr is ideally planned and the population of the City is expected to reach nearly 45,000 by the year 2022. There are housing, commercial, administrative, medical units, and pharmacies, as well as large green spaces in Badr City.

Good and Distinct Planning


Badr City is planned in a distinct way to provide all services to the residents, as it includes many health, educational, cultural, educational, recreational, and commercial services in Badr City. So, residents can enjoy an integrated life within the City.

Location of Badr City in New Cairo


Badr City is located in an excellent strategic location, as it is 46 square kilometers away from Cairo and is surrounded by many important cities and governorates. 

It is bordered to the west by New Heliopolis properties and El Shorouk City, about an hour away from central Cairo, 40 minutes away from New Cairo, 50 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital, 45 minutes away from Cairo International Airport, and about 60 minutes away from the Ring Road. Badr is connected to Cairo by several main roads and axes, such as:

  • Tenth of Ramadan
  • El Sayeda Aisha
  • El Shorouk and Heliopolis
  • Almaza
  • Kilo 4.5

The Most Famous Neighborhoods in Badr City


Badr City is divided into a group of high-end residential neighborhoods in Greater Cairo, which include all services needed by residents. It is characterized by the wide streets and the residential neighborhoods are close to all means of transportation. The neighborhoods of Badr City are as follows:

The First Neighborhood



  • The First Neighborhood is located near the industrial zone in the heart of Badr City and next to the central park 
  • It is a vital neighborhood consisting of several distinct areas and includes a large landscape, green spaces and gardens, a club area, and commercial shops in the First Neighborhood for all goods and supplies


Housing Units: 

There are a group of adjacent apartment buildings in the First Neighborhood with medium-sized apartments.


Prices of Units:

The prices of units in the First Neighborhood start from EGP 300,000.


The Sixth Neighborhood



  • The Sixth Neighborhood is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Badr City 
  • It is also called El Banafsij neighborhood and is located amid many famous landmarks, such as the Egyptian Russian University (ERU) and Badr University in Cairo (BUC) to the east, the social housing to the west, the international road to the north, and middle housing lands to the south
  • The neighborhood also includes many services and famous restaurants, such as Souissi, El Prince, and is close to all transportation lines. Besides, it includes a large mosque, pharmacies, private clinics, and schools

Housing Units: 

They include apartment buildings and stand-alone villas with 600 meters of area.


Prices of Units: 

Prices of residential apartments in the sixth neighborhood start from EGP 300,000, while the average prices of villas are EGP 8000,000.


The Distinguished Neighborhood



  • It was named by this name because it is distinguished by sophistication, tranquility, and luxurious designs
  • It consists of villas and enjoys a strategic location near the entrance to Badr City
  • It is located on the Suez Road, near Expo City and 20 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital
  • The neighborhood includes many green spaces and spacious parks, in addition to all facilities, such as gas, electricity, and water

Housing Units

The Distinguished Neighborhood has a group of residential villas with fully super lux finishing.


Prices of Units: 

Prices of villas in the Distinguished Neighborhood start from EGP 1,500,000.


The Third Neighborhood



  • The Third Neighborhood is called Al-Yasmine Neighborhood, as it includes a group of luxurious apartment buildings, in addition to the widespread green spaces and shops of all kinds 
  • The neighborhood is located between the First and Fourth Neighborhoods and near the entertainment area


Housing Units

Al-Yasmine Neighborhood includes a group of apartments with various areas within high-end apartment buildings.


Prices of Units: 

Prices of units start from EGP 650,000.


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Advantages of Residing in Badr City


  • Diversity in types of housing units, including apartments, stand-alone villas in Badr city, and ground floor apartments with a garden
  • An excellent and strategic location due to its proximity to the properties of the New Administrative Capital
  • Availability of all means of transportation
  • The streets of the City are planned in an advanced and modern way to make residents enjoy privacy
  • Prices in Badr City are low, as residential and commercial units are available at economical prices that suit everyone
  • Widespread green areas to provide a healthy, clean and comfortable environment for the residents
  • Various areas of apartments, villas, and properties, so that the customer can choose the area that suits him


Available Services in Badr City in New Cairo 


There are many services in Badr City, as it is an integrated residential city whose residents do not need to search for any service outside it. These services are as follows:


Educational Services


  • Schools: There are 10 schools in Badr City, 6 for basic education, 2 experimental schools, 1 Azharite institute, 1 secondary school, 1 preparatory school, in addition to 5 schools under construction such as The Modern British School, Badr Elementary School, Dr. Abdel Halim Mahmoud Experimental School, Mustafa Al Maraghi School, Mustafa Al Maraghi School for Basic Education, Naguib Mahfouz School for Basic Education
  • Nurseries: There are also nurseries for kids. 2 nurseries have been established and 3 are under construction
  • Universities: There are 2 universities, the Egyptian Russian University (ERU) and Badr University in Cairo (BUC)


Medical Services


Badr City in Greater Cairo includes several major medical clinics and hospitals, such as Dar Al-Shifa, Badr Comprehensive Clinic, Al-Fayrouz Center for Physiotherapy, and Al-Mutamayez Hospital.

Badr City also includes many 24-hour pharmacies, such as Amjad Pharmacy in the First Neighborhood, Amjad Sabry pharmacy in the Ninth Neighborhood, and Dr. Reem Mostafa Pharmacy.


Security Services


Badr City has a police station and 4 fire stations in the First and Third Neighborhoods, the Economic Housing, and the Industrial Zone. There is also a police station in the area, a civil registry, and Al-Tameer Police Station.


Transportation Services


Badr City has all transportation that residents need to enter and exit the City and move to most other cities. The main bus station in the City has been developed, and the City has been linked to four public transport lines in the areas of Ahmed Helmy, Hadayek Al Qubbah, Al Sayeda Aisha, and Al Ataba.

Additionally, there are small service cars to connect all neighborhoods.


Sports Services


At the highest level, sports services are available in the City, as there is a youth center in the First Neighborhood. Also, there are 4 open playgrounds, two large football courses, and a large sports club on an area of ​​22 acres.

Basic Catering Services


Within Badr City, there are 19 bakeries, a supply officer, and 3 grocery stores. There are also 2 gas pipelines warehouses, and 3 outlets for selling national service products.

Places of Worship


Badr City has 18 mosques and a large church.



There are more than 400 shops and supermarkets, such as Al Noor supermarket, Al Khair hypermarket, Al Asdaqaa hypermarket. There are also shoe and clothing stores and gold stores, such as Queen Jewelry, Royal Gold Jewelry, Vienna Jewelry.

The Most Famous Compounds in Badr City


Badr El Masria Compound


Badr El Masria is an integrated residential compound that includes economic housing units in Badr El Masria at low prices, suitable for middle and low-income groups. The compound is developed by El-Masria Group – Real Estate and is divided into 350 housing units, in addition to parks and public services.


Available Services in the Project 


  • 24-hour security services
  • Widespread green spaces and parks
  • Privacy and tranquility
  • Shopping centers with all needs

Types and Prices of Units in Badr El Masria project


Badr El Masria Compound contains apartments with areas starting from 110 square meters. Prices start from EGP 347,000, with payment systems up to two years.


Alico City Compound


Alico City is one of the finest and best compounds in Badr City, as it provides high-end housing units in an excellent strategic location near the Egyptian Russian University (ERU). 

The compound is developed by Sorouh Misr Real Estate on an area of 25 acres and includes gardens, housing units, and various services, at reasonable prices.

Available Services in the Project 


  • A large shopping center with many shops and all goods
  • A mosque
  • Maintenance and periodic cleaning services
  • 24-hours security services
  • Widespread green spaces throughout the compound
  • Distinctive facades, luxurious marble entrances, and high-quality elevators

Types of Units in Alico City Compound


The Compound includes apartments with areas starting from 63 square meters, with prices starting from EGP 250,000. There are payment facilities for up to 3 years.


Jannat Badr Compound


The Jannat Badr project is a residential compound in Badr City and is close to the Egyptian Russian University (ERU) and Badr University in Cairo (BUC). The area of ​​the Compound is 10 acres and is a part of the National Projects Campaign for Youth Housing.

Available Services in the Project


  • Gardens and large green spaces to enjoy the landscape
  • Electronic gates and 24-hour security service
  • Shops with all goods and supplies
  • Calmness and full privacy
  • Parking lots to prevent congestion in front of buildings
  • Diversity of areas so that the customer gets the area that suits him


Prices and Areas of Units in Jannat Badr


Jannat Badr Compound has apartments with areas starting from 84 square meters. The down payment starts from EGP 37,000, with payment facilities up to 5 years.

Housing and Development in Badr City


One of the most important objectives of establishing Badr City is to provide housing units of all kinds: lands and commercial units to enhance the urban development and investments as well. 

So, the Housing and Construction Authority has provided thousands of housing units in the city, in various areas, and at medium and economic prices in Badr City

You can find housing apartments in many housing projects, such as the housing projects specifically established for newly married persons, as well as for Egyptian families looking for economic and middle housing. These projects are provided with services and facilities as follows:

  • Places of worship
  • Hospitals, health units, and schools
  • Job opportunities for young people
  • Shops and nurseries for children
  • Green spaces
  • Commercial markets and malls


FAQs of Aqarmap Customers about Badr City


Aqarmap receives many questions about Badr City and housing in it, so we provide the following answers to cover the most important points.


How do I go to Badr City from Ramses?

You can take a taxi from Ramses to the 10th of Ramadan parking lot, and then take another car to Badr City.


What is the closest city to Badr?

Capital Gardens City is the closest to Badr.


Does Badr City have schools?

Badr City includes a large number of schools, such as the Modern British School, Badr Primary School, and Dr. Abdul Halim Mahmoud Experimental School.


Does Badr City have nurseries?

There are many nurseries in Badr City, such as Nour Al Bayan Nursery and Al Fayrouz Nursery.


What are the most important hospitals in Badr?

Dar Al-Shifa, Badr Center Comprehensive Clinic, Al-Fayrouz Physiotherapy Center, Al-Nour Center for Medical Examinations, and Badr Central Hospital.


How much is the price per square meter in Badr?

The price per meter in Badr City starts from EGP 3,650.


What are the means of transportation to Badr?

The City is connected to four public transport lines in the areas of Ahmed Helmy, Hadaek Al Qubba, Al-Sayeda Aisha, and Al-Ataba.

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