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Choosing a place to live isn’t an easy decision as many other aspects can be affected by this decision, so before making your decision you need to take enough time and compare the features of each option you have. 

In this article, we help you choose where to live in New Cairo, which is one of the most successful cities in Egypt currently with continuously increasing prices.

There are many important landmarks in the city of New Cairo including the Police Academy, Cairo Festival City, Downtown Mall and the American University. The city has many services and vital locations in addition to good transportation systems supported by the availability of services like Uber and Careem. However, living in the city would be better with a car. 

In this article, we are comparing the best compounds in New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement to help you make a good decision. 

Sephora Heights 

Sephora Heights is one of the large residential projects in New Cairo with modern designs and wide green areas. The compound was designed to take the most advantage of the area of each units and offer comfort to its residents. 

The compound lies at the extension of El-Teseen Street just 1.5 kilometers from the American University and 15 minutes from Nasr City and 7 minutes from Maadi Ring Road. 

Project Details

The project is composed of 52 residential buildings with 78 percent of the whole area of the project dedicated to green areas while the remaining area is for buildings. The area of the project is 86 thousand square meters.

Unit Areas and Prices

The project has various models of buildings as the areas of the flats range between 147 square meters and 332 square meters while it also offers duplexes with various areas. 

Payment plans

  • Initial payment, 0 percent interest, 2.5-year installments 
  • 20% initial payment, 10 percent interest, 4-year installments 
  • 20% initial payment, 15 percent interest, 4.5-year installments 
  • 20% initial payment, 20 percent interest, 5-year installments 


It is considered one of the urban projects offering many services to its residents, the project lies near Suez Road just 15 minutes from the Ring Road and the American University and 5 minutes from the New Administrative Capital. 

Project Area

The project is built on an area of 5.5 million square meters and it is quiet and away from the high population of Cairo. 

Project Units and Areas

The project offers various models for flats and villas with areas ranging between 122 and 182 square meters for the flats and prices starting at 1119964 EGP. The villas area ranges around 250 square meters while prices start at 2.6 million EGP.

The installments are supported up to 7 years with no interest. 


It is one of the projects located among the best locations in the Fifth Settlement and it has many types of units with various areas giving freedom for the new residents to choose what suits them. 

Project Location

The compound lies in Arabella at the west of the district which is one of the best districts in the Fifth Settlement. 

Unit Areas and Prices

The compound offers various models including flats, duplexes and flats with private gardens.

The flats area ranges from 37 to 262 square meters and prices from 1362720 EGP while the duplexes start at an area of 310 square meters and prices starting from 2607100 EGP. The flats with private gardens start at areas from 326 square meters and prices from 2330900 EGP. 

Many payment plans are offered with instant delivery of the units. 

Mountain View City 

This compound offers many unit types from studios to villas and palaces. It has many services to ensure the residents feel comforted and enjoy absolute privacy and indulging luxury. The geographical location of the compound is perfect and it is built on an area of 500 acres near Mountain View and main roads including Suez and Ring Roads. 

Unit Prices and Areas

The units areas range between 115 square meters and 180 square meters with prices starting at 1563921 EGP. The villas have areas starting at 245 square meters and prices starting at 4187301 EGP. 

Hayati Residence 

The project has a perfect location and excellent designs that enhance living in every possible way. It is built in one of the most vital locations in New Cairo. 

Project Area

The project was built on a wide area of 24 acres in the Fifth Settlement with vast green areas around the buildings adding refinement and charm to every sight. The green areas form 55 percent of the area of the compound and the modern interfaces add graceful elegance to it. 

Unit Areas and Types

The areas of the units start at 125 square meters and up to 185 square meters with prices ranging between 1160000 and 2195000 EGP.

The project is near Rehab City and just 100 meters from Gate 9. It offers installments up to 3 years.

Katameya Gate 

The project lies at an excellent location in Katameya near Katameya Sokhna Road and on the Ring Road. The project is opposite to Katameya One project which is another one built by Memaar Al Morshedy. 

The project has a 2-level garage with a mall on the ground level and 11 residential levels including a total of 2896 units with various areas starting at 41-square-meter studios and up to 177-square-meter flats. 

Project Prices and Areas

The studios have a starting price of 219 thousand EGP while the flats’ areas range between 61 and 173 square meters with prices ranging between 412 thousand and 1.47 million EGP. Installments are supported up to 7 years. 

Gardenia Heights 

Gardenia Heights is one of the best compounds in the Fifth Settlement located near Mostasmereen District which is one of the best locations in the city. The units areas are between 120 square meters or 240 square meters with 2 units or one in each floor. 

Areas and Prices

The flats are offered only in areas of 120 and 240 square meters with prices from 435 thousand EGP and 957 thousand EGP. 

Payment Plans

  • An initial payment and 30 percent on 30 months 
  • An initial payment and 40 percent on 40 months 

To reserve a unit, you need a copy of your national ID, the first payment amount and a bill receipt.

Al Riyadh SECON

One of the luxurious projects in the city built in Qoronfel District in the Fifth Settlement at an excellent location. The interface of the project is 900 square meters opposite to Rehab Gate 2 directly. The project was built on an area of 68 acres intersecting with 3 main streets with many commercial and administrative services. 

The project has 120 buildings of 1900 residential units with luxurious finishing with 5 various models. Each building has a basement, ground floor and 4 repeated floors. 

Unit Areas and Prices

The flats in the compound range from 140 square meters to 210 square meters with prices starting at 1.7 million EGP. The duplexes areas are 280 square meters with prices starting at 3.4 million EGP. 

Payment Plans and Reservation

The initial payment is 10 percent and another 10 percent is paid after 6 months of the reservation. Installments extend to up to 54 months.

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