Compound vs. Non Compound Apartment

Buying a new property is getting harder nowadays, now you go through multiple stages, with a lot of questions like Where to live?  How to pick the apartment? And if you should consider living in a compound.

Compounds differ in areas, types of properties, class of residents, and much more.

Which is better, living in a compound property or a non-compound property?  Well, no one can decide that for you. That’s why in this article we’re decided to make a comparison to help you decide which is better for you and your family.

Pros of Living in a Compound 


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There are too many advantages of living in a compound and the main ones, according to experts and researchers are:

1-A Gated Community

This is probably the main difference in compounds. Which ensures the privacy and security of its residents, keeps away any kind of unwanted interference from the outer world, and provides escapism for everything going outside the compound.

2-Security Services

This is the most popular advantage of living in a compound; having security everywhere. Once in, you’re safe from any outside danger due to the gates, the security crew and the cameras.

3-Peace and Quiet

The compound residents are limited in number, and thus you won’t normally find it crowded, or full of hustle and noise, on the contrary, it’s mostly quiet and very peaceful, which gives residents the chance to relax, sleep, take a walk, work, etc.


Originally, compounds were created with the concept of providing residents with luxury so that they won’t have to go outside looking for goods, services, or entertainment.

Most of the compounds will cover basic needs, and some of them will also provide entertainment and luxurious services.


No one can guarantee full privacy, but one of the main pros of compounds is to provide residents with the maximum level of privacy.

6 Unity & Similarity

The unity of the buildings’ designs is a great addition to living in a compound, your unit is one piece of the puzzle with the same design as your neighbors’, which makes great harmony of shapes in colors.


One of the major advantages of living in a compound is that you have a parking space reserved for you either outdoor or indoor.


Some compounds provide transportation for their residents to and from specific locations, which counts as a huge advantage when picking the right compound for you.

9-Green Areas

Wide and various green areas are also one of the compounds’ greatest features. Not just green areas, but artificial ponds, fountains, and pools are also present in most of the compounds nowadays, and it gives a very beautiful and relaxing overall feeling all year long.

Cons of Living in a Compound Property

1-Restriction, Limitation, and Exclusivity

One main disadvantage of living in a compound is that space and services could be limited which is annoying since it forces the residents to find services somewhere else.

Another restriction of the class could be a disadvantage, especially for kids who live most of their life in the compound, and probably go to a school and a club inside the compound or a few meters away from it.

Another problem is exclusivity, when second-degree family members who don’t live with you in the compound have, for example, access to the club, a spa, pool, or any services that are exclusive only to compound residents.


Although nowadays there are some compounds near downtown, yet still most of the compounds in Egypt are remote, and much time to reach the vital places in the city like downtown. But this problem gets easier with time as new roads and bridges are built.

3-High Prices

Compound properties are mostly more expensive than the non-compound properties, not just that, but also the services, and the goods which are offered inside the compounds are sometimes more expensive than those sold outside it.

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Pros of Living in a Non-Compound Property


The variety of services, shopping places, and entertainment options is very wide in non-compound areas and you could easily find what you’re looking for at walking distance. The variety of classes you deal with and neighbors you live among is wider than that of the compounds’, and although some people might find this as a disadvantage.


The availability of schools, clubs, gas stations, transportation means, and so on is one of the main advantages of living in a non-compound property.
You can find anything you need, just around the corner, and if you don’t own a car it won’t be a big problem mostly.


Of course, buying or renting a property is a lot cheaper than those in compounds, basically because of the services it provides.


Most of the new cities are constructed to be compounds, so non-compound properties are mostly closer to the downtown and not very remote like compounds, which gives it the advantage of closeness.
It’s also easier to get to governmental and main administrative companies which are mostly located in the city center.

Disadvantages of Living in a Non-Compound Property

1-Noise, Pollution, and Hustle

These are why anyone would prefer to live in a remote compound, as it’s so hard to put up with noise, hustle, and pollution. Not to mention that most of the locations of non-compound properties are very crowded nowadays.

2-Difficult Parking

If the property doesn’t provide a parking space, it would be really difficult to park your car in a safe and clean place.

3-Lack of Security

It’s obviously safer and more secure living in a compound than living in a non-compound property.

4-Lack of Privacy

This is due to the variety of property types. For example, you might find a tall building next to a villa of 2 or 3 stories, so for sure, there would ruin the privacy somehow, from the building’s visitors or residents.

5-Lack of Green Areas

Compounds have people constantly take care of aesthetics and maintain the landscape, meanwhile, it’s not the case with non-compound streets, depending on the district and how well they care about cleanliness and maintenance.

So, now back to you, which do you think is better a compound or non- compound property?


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