Discover the privileges of living in Embassies’ District in Nasr City

You can easily find an apartment for sale in Embassies’ District Nasr City by searching in Aqarmap website; one of the major serving websites that help you measure the level of demand on an area unit through demand index, in addition to the availability of compounds‘ unit prices and other pieces of information that you always look for.

In general, Embassies’ District is one of Nasr City’s most affluent and quietest districts; since it enjoys a strategic location, in addition to the availability of services and other privileges that make the district your first selection while you search for apartments for sale in Nasr City.

In this article, we provide you with all pieces of information that you need to know about Embassies’ District Nasr City; including Compound location, available sizes of units, afforded services and privileges, and units’ square meter price average.

Embassies’ District Nasr City location

Away from Nasr City’s streets noise, Embassies’ District is located in the east of Nasr City, at the end of Abbas Al Akkad Street, and near to the following vital landmarks:

  • The free zone in Nasr City (that includes a number of important companies and factories)
  • Coca-Cola factory
  • Al Shaihd Axis 

Embassies’ District location, being easily accessible from more than one way, increasingly attracts investors and residents to buy districts units.

All about units in Embassies’ District

In Embassies’ District, units vary to include apartments, villas, and duplexes. Most buildings consist of 10 floors, each of which includes 4 apartments with sizes reach 260M2.

Apartments for rent are also available in Embassies’ District to meet different needs of clients.

Most significant services and privileges

The following are significant service facilities included inside Embassies’ District:

  • Banks

The district contains branches of most banks, to allow residents complete their financial transactions easily.

  • Hospitals

The district is located near to a number of hospitals that offer health care at the highest level of quality.

  • Restaurants and cafes

Clients always consider restaurants and cafes indispensable facilities, this is the reason why the district is provided with numerous restaurants and cafes that offer 5-star service for residents.

  • Means of transportation

Being located in one of Nasr City’s most vital areas, it’s easy to move from and to the district, using more than one means of transportation.

  • Educational facilities 

    Embassies’ District lies very close to multiple schools and universities that afford educational services for your children.

Units’ Prices in Embassies’ District

Units’ prices in Embassies’ District suit middle and upper-middle classes; the factor that increases the level of demand that has been estimated to reach 71%. Thus, the level of demand has been classified by being very high compared to Nasr City’s other districts.

Unit square meter price average reaches EGP 7,700, and you can have a look at price upgrades in districts’ price list to be continually acquainted with new prices.

Referring to unit prices in Embassies’ District, it’s worth mentioning that prices have increased in the last year with the percentage of 11.5%; making of Embassies’ District apartments one of the best investing methods of a high guaranteed profit.

Methods of payment

Methods of payment in Embassies’ District differ from an apartment to another, including deposits start from  10% of unit price, with the availability of long-term installments.

*It is worth mentioning that the prices mentioned in this article are subject to change, and we, in Aqarmap, continuously keen on updating the neighborhood price list, so that the customer becomes aware of the changes taking place in the real estate market, as well as we measure the demand indexes via Aqarmap index.

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