Obtaining Egyptian Citizenship for Kuwaitis

All You Need to Know About the Naturalization of Kuwaitis in Egypt

Are you a Kuwaiti and would like to obtain Egyptian citizenship? Would you like to know how you can do this easily and as soon as possible? It is good that we are here to help you. Here is everything you need to know about the naturalization of Kuwaitis in Egypt and the many ways in which you can do so. Also, will we tell you everything about the real estate investment and buying a new property on the land of Egypt.

Necessary Conditions for Obtaining Egyptian Citizenship

There are several conditions that a person wishing to obtain Egyptian citizenship shall meet, which are:

  • The person shall be at least 21 years old.
  • The person shall be a sane person who does not suffer from any physical or mental disability.
  • The person shall be having been residing in Egypt for more than 10 years, and the residency is not for the purpose of tourism or study.
  • The person shall have a legitimate source of livelihood to help him earn money and not be a burden to society.
  • The person shall be able to proficiently master the Arabic language.
  • The person shall have good behavior and no court ruling or any the like was issued against him.

Papers and Documents Required to Obtain the Egyptian Citizenship

The person applying for obtaining Egyptian citizenship shall submit the following documents:

  • The original application for obtaining Egyptian citizenship. The application shall be filled in with the information relating to the applicant for citizenship.
  • A copy of the original passport of the applicant for Egyptian citizenship.
  • A copy of a transfer document from abroad worth $10,000 or it’s equivalent to the Central Bank of Egypt (administrative fee).
  • A copy of the passport for other nationalities if the applicant for Egyptian citizenship holds other nationalities than the original one.
  • The original birth certificate of the applicant for Egyptian citizenship.
  • A declaration stating the nationalities of the naturalization applicant.
  • 4 recent personal photos of the applicant for Egyptian citizenship.
  • Copies of the passports of the nationalities held by the applicant.
  • The origin of the criminal record from the Egyptian authorities of the person applying for Egyptian citizenship.
  • The original certificate of the person’s movements for the last 5 years from the country in which he/she has been a permanent resident.
  • The original movement certificate for the naturalization applicant issued by his country of origin.
  • An original official certificate from the country of origin of the applicant for Egyptian citizenship stating that no judicial rulings have been issued in respect of him in criminal cases or cases involving moral turpitude. The certificate shall be attested by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • An original certificate of signing a comprehensive medical examination for the applicant for citizenship during his stay in Egypt.
  • The original investment program fulfillment document.
  • If the applicant for Egyptian citizenship owns any equities or shares in companies or investment projects, he shall submit copies of the company’s papers, such as the commercial register, tax card, and company newspaper, as well as copies of any property he owns inside Egypt and copies of the car licenses he owns.
  • If the applicant for Egyptian nationality is married, he shall submit a copy of the wife’s passport of the original nationality owned by the wife. If the wife has other nationalities, copies of passports of other nationalities, a copy of the marriage contract, and finally copies of passports or birth certificates of children shall be submitted.

Details About Obtaining Egyptian Citizenship by Paying a Sum of Money or Buying a Property

Egypt offers foreigners and Arabs new opportunities to obtain Egyptian citizenship through several methods, as follows:

  • Buying a property in Egypt, provided that the property is owned by the state, and the property value is $500,000. The amount is transferred from abroad in accordance with the rules of the Central Bank of Egypt.
  • Establishing an investment project or participating in an investment project in Egypt with an amount of no less than 400,000 US dollars. Or, participating with no less than 40% of the capital in the project, in accordance with the Egyptian investment law.
  • Deposit an amount of 250 thousand US dollars in the public treasury of the state, provided that this amount will not be refunded.
  • Deposit an amount of 750,000 US dollars according to a bank transfer from abroad as a deposit to be refunded after 5 years and to be redeemed in Egyptian pounds and without interest.
  • Deposit an amount of one million US dollars according to a bank transfer from abroad as a deposit that will be refunded after 3 years and will be refunded in Egyptian pounds and without interest.

Advantages of Buying a Property or Commercial Unit in a New City

B​buying a property to obtain Egyptian citizenship is a great idea. You can buy a property in one of the high-end residential compounds in many new cities, such as the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, Mostakbal City, compounds in 6 October City, New Alamein City and others, provided that the property value shall be not less than 500 A thousand US dollars.

You can also buy a property and use it as a profitable investment by offering it for rent. One of the most prominent places where you can buy a property for rent is: the New Administrative Capital, which has recently attracted many people looking for distinctive commercial and administrative units as headquarters for their projects.

Advantages of Real Estate Investment to Obtain Egyptian Citizenship

Owning a property or investing in an investment project with a percentage exceeding 40% of the project’s capital is the best choice for obtaining Egyptian citizenship. The other methods of banking transactions, such as deposits, are more difficult for several reasons, as follows:

  • Owning a property, provided that its price is not less than 500 thousand dollars and the property is owned by the state, enables you to benefit from it by living in it. So, you can buy a property in a high-end residential compound to enjoy a distinguished residence in an integrated community that provides you with a better future.
  • You can also benefit from the property by offering it for rent to be used as a housing unit for those looking for rental units. This will benefit you as a property owner with a large monthly rent.
  • You can also buy a property in a special place and offer the property for rent as a commercial or administrative unit in the New Administrative Capital for the projects and companies’ owners.
  • You can also own a housing unit in a tourist resort to enjoy spending quality time and also offer it for rent to use it as a profitable investment project.

A Real Opportunity to Obtain the Egyptian Citizenship by Owning a Real Estate Unit – Aqarmap’s Blog


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