How to Obtain the Egyptian Nationality for Palestinians?

Up until 2011, Palestinians who were born to Egyptian mothers were unable to obtain their Egyptian nationality despite their residency in Egypt. Therefore, the Egyptian government announced a decision that further facilitates the process of granting Palestinians Egyptian nationality through investments or direct financial deposits.



Granting Egyptian Nationality to Palestinians 2021


Applying and obtaining Egyptian nationality became easier for Palestinians thanks to the recent decisions made by the Egyptian government to facilitate the application process in the last few years. One of these decisions is reflected in granting Egyptian women the right to grant their Palestinian spouses Egyptian nationality after at least two years of their marriage, which is consequently transferred to their children as well.


The decision made by the Prime Ministry in March 2020 also opened the possibility for Palestinians to obtain Egyptian nationality through five additional tracks, which are:


  • First track: You can deposit a non-refundable $250,000 to the Central Bank of Egypt from abroad and it is directly transferred to the national treasury
  • Second track: You can deposit $1 million from abroad to the Central Bank of Egypt and refund it after 3 years in Egyptian pounds without exceeding the original number and without interest
  • Third track: You can deposit $750,000 from abroad to the Central Bank of Egypt and refund it after 5 years in Egyptian pounds without exceeding the original number and without interest
  • Fourth track: Starting a project with an estimated capital of $400,000 or partnering with at least 40% ownership. In case the project is terminated before 5 years of its establishment; you can still pay a non-refundable $250,000 to keep Egyptian nationality
  • Fifth track: You can buy a state-owned property with a total worth of $500,000 that is to be transferred from abroad. The property can be a factory, land, or a building. In case the property is sold before 5 years of its date of purchase, you are required to pay a non-refundable $250,000 to the Central Bank of Egypt


Required Documents for Your Application to Egyptian Nationality


When you make the decision to apply for Egyptian nationality, you need to bear in mind the documents required for paperwork and the application process, which you can submit through the mail or in person.


The required papers needed for Palestinian applicants are:


  • The original copy of the application for Egyptian nationality
  • A copy of the receipt that confirms the transfer of $10,000 to the Central Bank of Egypt as application fees
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport and of any nationality they currently possess
  • Birth certificate
  • 3 recent personal pictures
  • A statement of all the nationalities the applicant possesses
  • A copy of the marriage contract
  • A copy of the applicant’s wife’s passport and any other nationality she currently possesses 
  • The original copy of the criminal record statement issued by Egyptian authorities
  • The original copy of the statement of the applicant’s movements from their country of origin
  • The original copy of the certificate states the absence of any criminal records, penalties, criminal cases of the applicant, issued by their country of origin and it is to be confirmed and stamped by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The applicant is responsible for submitting paperwork needed to prove their involvement or partnership in a project, ownership of any state-owned property in Egypt
  • An official record of their medical checkup
  • The original copy of their statement of their investment program


Advantages of Real Estate Investment


Which of the above-mentioned tracks is the ideal option for applying for Egyptian nationality? Whether to facilitate the application process or to achieve revenues from your choice of investments? You can make your own decision after learning the advantages of real estate investments in Egypt:


  • Egypt is considered a real estate hub in the Arab region
  • Egypt has been witnessing an unprecedented urban expansion in the past few years which is evident in the establishment of new cities such as New Alamein, New Cairo, New Administrative Capital, Sheikh Zayed, the 6th of October City, New Damietta, New Sohag, among other mega projects under construction
  • Buying a property to obtain your Egyptian nationality guarantees an easier application process since it demonstrates more dedication of the applicant to Egypt
  • Financial deposits will not guarantee a revenue higher than investing in a real estate project that can double the expected revenues
  • Real estate investments in Egypt are not restricted to one type, rather, it varies to include residential, commercial, or administrative. The property itself can vary between a piece of land, a building, an apartment, a duplex, or a villa
  • The emergence of a big number of compounds gives you the opportunity to choose between them the location and the developer you trust the most
  • Egypt’s population amounts to almost 100 million people which is a fact that proves the inelastic need for more real estate projects and the continuity of demand in the real estate market
  • The presence of real estate firms with valuable expertise in the field can give you advice on the risks of real estate investments and how to avoid losses
  • Real estate investments are a guaranteed type of investments that are expected to increase in its worth
  • The Egyptian government is supporting this sector by issuing laws that support and facilitate the process of buying and selling in the market
  • The scale of risks in this sector is small compared to the risks of other types of investments


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