Obtaining Egyptian Citizenship for Sudanese

Methods of Obtaining Egyptian Citizenship Per the New Law

Actually, investment opportunities have been considerably increased in Egypt. So, many foreign investors want to obtain Egyptian citizenship in order to invest in the various projects offered by the state. The state has enacted a law granting Egyptian citizenship to foreigners to pave the way for them to engage in legitimate activities in the country, according to several controls set by the government.

Five Different Programs to Obtain Egyptian Citizenship:

1- Establishing an investment project with a minimum of $400,000

The foreign person invests an amount of no less than 400 thousand US dollars, provided that the percentage of participation in the project is 40% of the capital. In the case of liquidation before 5 years, an amount of 250 thousand dollars is deposited to retain the nationality.

2- Obtaining a Property from the state with a minimum of $500,000

Egyptian citizenship is granted to a person who purchases a state-owned property or land in the amount of $500,000.

3- Cash deposit of $250,000

An amount of 250 thousand US dollars is deposited under a bank transfer from abroad as direct income. This amount irrevocably goes to the public treasury in the state.

4- A deposit of one million dollars for 3 years

Deposit an amount of one million dollars under a bank transfer in a special account with the Central Bank, as a deposit to be refunded after 3 years, not exceeding the price on the date of deposit and without interest.

5- A deposit of $750,000 for 5 years

Deposit an amount of 750,000 US dollars under a bank transfer in the account of the Central Bank, as a deposit that will be returned after 5 years without interest.

Which is Better: Real Estate Investment or Banking Investment!

Investment certificates of all kinds and according to the value of the interests or their duration is a way to save money safely, but with a specific interest rate approved by the banks. It is the least risky for the rest of the types of investment, but the problem with this type of saving is that you cannot take your money except after several years. It will lose the value of the benefits that were added to it, due to the high prices and the increase in inflation rates.

As for real estate investment, it is the most appropriate way to preserve your money. The real estate investment saves your money in a way that ensures that you increase its value after a while instead of losing it in the market. You save your money in assets and your choice of a guaranteed investment project will guarantee you a large financial profit that may exceed the value of the money. So, you can buy a property after several years, because the real estate prices always rise with the housing increase that creating an increase in demand.

The Convergence of Cultures Between the Two Countries Facilitates the Lives of Sudanese in Egypt

The Sudanese culture is close to the Egyptian culture. The two peoples have been brothers since ancient times, which means that there is a wonderful opportunity for Sudanese who wish to naturalize and invest in Egypt. They can establish an integrated life and easily raise and educate their children in the Egyptian state. Additionally, they can obtain rights and integrated care like the Egyptians.

Foreigners Can Obtain Egyptian Real Estate Financing

Foreigners cannot obtain a real estate loan from Egyptian banks. It is an opportunity created by the government to facilitate the citizens of the country to obtain a specific housing unit and pay its price in convenient installments. However, foreigners can buy in installments from various real estate development companies in Egypt and obtain appropriate facilities to pay the value of the unit. The two parties are bound by the terms in accordance with the sales contract signed between them.

Buying an Egyptian Property to Obtain Citizenship

The Egyptian government has set some conditions for obtaining Egyptian citizenship. Foreigners shall buy a real estate unit, residential, commercial or a chalet in Egypt, to obtain citizenship per several controls. The most important of which is that the minimum investment in a unit is 250 thousand US dollars.

The Best Way to Invest in a Real Estate Unit in Egypt

If you want to buy an investment unit in Egypt, the new cities are the best place to invest at the present time. There is an increase in their prices and demand for them. The government attempts to provide life in new urban communities to reduce overcrowding and crowding in Greater Cairo and other governorates.

For example, you can get an apartment, chalet or villa in the heart of the North Coast, or the New Alamein city, where there are many tourist resorts. The real estate developers provide affordable prices and different payment plans. So, you enjoy a great opportunity to choose the perfect unit suitable for your budget.

Also, one of the suggestions that Aqarmap offers you is to invest in a residential, commercial or administrative unit in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. The New Capital constitutes a major boom in the field of real estate investment in Egypt. It has attracted many developers and includes hundreds of projects that provide you with a huge package of options. The New Capital provides long-term payment methods, various areas, and guaranteed investment sponsored by the Egyptian government under the slogan of the new republic.

Advantages of Moving and Living in Egypt

Egypt offers many different privileges to foreigners, especially to our Sudanese brothers, who wish to obtain naturalization and move to Egypt. They can obtain a tourist residence or school residence if their children are enrolled in a school. Or, they can obtain a residence for the purpose of work, with the low cost of taxes compared to other countries.

Sudanese will be like Egyptians in most Egyptian institutions without regard to nationality. However, they shall obtain a real estate unit in the Egyptian state. Therefore, they will enjoy lower prices and cost of living than other countries.


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