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Zamalek District is one of Cairo’s oldest and most famous and affluent areas

Zamalek is one of Cairo’s most famous and aristocratic districts, located in the west of the capital, on an island in the middle of the Nile called “Zamalek”. Name origin has different sources, but the exact meaning hasn’t been yet defined. For example, there was a flower grown in this district whose plural name is “Zamalek”, and it’s said that this name is a Turkish word that means wooden huts or shacks.

In this article, we provide you with apartments prices averages in Zamalek District

History of Zamalek District

Zamalek District, with its undisputed beauty that has lasted for years, has a long and great history. It’s one of Cairo’s most affluent areas, where quietness is the main feature.

Zamalek District started by being a just mud island in the Nile, from where fishermen started their fishing activities. And then, it became a place where many celebrities, like Om Kolthoum, Abdel Halim Hafez, and Abdel Wahab lived. Moreover, it includes the famous Le Bon Building which has been established about 90 years ago, and where Faten Hamama, Roshdi Abaza, Sherihan, Moharam Fouad, and Laila Faouzi used to live. It also famous for its Embassies’ District which contains numerous embassies, some of them are the:

  • Embassy of Holland
  • Embassy of Germany
  • Embassy of Brazil
  • Embassy of China
  • Embassy of Vatican

Zamalek privileged location

Zamalek District comes in the middle of Giza and Cairo governorates. Although it’s an island, it’s not isolated; as It’s reachable through several bridges like (6th of October–15th of May- Zamalek Bridge). The district is near to many vital areas like Tahrir Square, Ramses, Downtown, and Agouza, in addition to the availability of many transportation means that link the district with these areas. The government is said to be planning to establish a metro station in Zamalek.

Zamalek famous landmarks

It’s easily predicted that such an affluent place is full of significant and famous landmarks, here are some of them:

  • Egyptian Opera House
  • Al Ahly Sporting Club
  • Cairo Tower
  • El-Sawy Culture Wheel
  • Arabic Language Academy
  • Egyptian Football Association headquarter
  • Museum of Modern Egyptian Art
  • Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum
  • National Museum of Egyptian Civilization
  • Museum of Islamic Ceramics

Available services in Zamalek District

The district is provided with multifold services; as it contains many sporting clubs, like Gezira Sporting Club, Al Ahly Sporting Club, Border Guards Sporting Club, State Counselors Club, Cairo Sporting Club, Police Officers Club, and Armed Forces Officers Club. In addition, there is Gezira Youth Center; the best youth center in Egypt.

Residents’ standard of living in Zamalek District

The district hugs numerous foreign residents who added a different cultural nature to the district. In addition to museums, the district has 6 theaters (Zamalek Theater- The Nile Theatre—Egyptian Opera House—Gomhoria Theatre- The Pocket Theater- Al Beshbeshy Basha Theatre).

Residents of Zamalek District have the chance to enjoy the splendid view of the Nile and its fresh air, and  the distinctive location of the district has been well utilized by establishing the following parks:

  • The Aquarium Grotto Garden
  • Al-Andalous Garden
  • Al Zahoriya Garden
  • Al Gezira Garden

Available schools and universities

The variety in residents’ standards of living—starting from embassies staff, passing by high-class individuals, and reaching to upper-middle classes- has reflected on types of schools in Zamalek. Thus, you can find international schools like the British International School, Pakistan International School, Middle East International School, and American City International School. Moreover, there are many private schools like Gezira Language School, Baby Home School, and Amoun Private School. The level of schools gradually decreases as you can find experimental schools like Zamalek Experimental School for Girls, reaching to governmental schools like Zamalek Preparatory & Secondary School for Boys and Zamalek Preparatory & Secondary School for Girls.

The district also has some of Helwan University’s colleges which are: Faculty of Musical Education, Art Education Faculty, Faculty of Fine Arts, and Management Information System- English.

Units’ price averages in Zamalek District

Units’ prices in Zamalek District are defiantly very high; as It’s classified as one of the most affluent areas in Cairo, and it includes numerous apartments for old-law rent. Square meter price average reached EGP 21,200 in May 2019, while the price was EGP 13,950 in May 2017, which means that prices have increased by about 47,83% within only 12 months.

It’s worth mentioning that prices named above are changeable. We, in Aqarmap, are continually keen on updating prices list of districts, for keeping the client informed with the latest updates in real estate market, in addition to measuring demand indicators though Aqarmap Index.

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