How to maintain your home appliances?

Learn how to maintain electrical appliances with these steps

Learn with us how to maintain electrical appliances. How many times has one of your electrical appliances been damaged? Some people face the problem of appliance damage frequently, forcing them to buy new ones. Unfortunately, these new devices do not live for a long time. Other people; however, do not experience such problem except on separate periods, and their devices remain in a good condition for years. So what is the difference between both of them?

One of the important things that you have to keep in mind when purchasing electrical appliances are the brand of the device, the manufacturing country and the appended warranty. But taking care of your devices and maintaining them is also one of the most reliable ways to extend their lives, in addition to saving money to repair them or buy other devices.

In this article, we will look at steps to protect your devices from power outages, and simple tricks to save energy and protect your electrical appliances.

Risk of electrical outages on your appliances

Power outage is not dangerous in its own to your devices, but rather the risk lies actually during the return of power after being interrupted.

The electrical current runs at a constant rate in the wires for all the devices as much as they need them. When the electricity is cut off, the wires become empty of the electrical current, which makes the electric current flow very quickly when it comes back to compensate for the lack of electrical current in the wires. Consequently, this quick flow of electricity destroys your devices as it supplies the devices with electricity above their needs.

Steps to protect your devices from power outages

When the power goes out, disconnect it from your devices, and wait 10 minutes for the power to return to connect the devices to their sockets, to avoid the mains surge that is harmful to your devices.

You can install the surge protector, to stabilize the current and voltage when electricity returns after it is cut off and prevent the electrical surge.

When the power goes out, do not open the fridge door except when necessary to keep the cold as long as possible.

Simple tricks to save energy and protect your appliances

The whole world is pursuing to save energy, and we, in turn, have to put this point into our account, as it saves the bill of both electricity consumption and repairing electrical appliances or buying new ones.

The most important devices to be maintained with energy saving

The Fridge

  1. Make sure to put the fridge in a cold corner in your kitchen away from the oven. To clarify, the heat increases the fridge’s energy consumption and quickly damages it.
  2. Disconnect the electrical current from the fridge to remove ice every 6 months, and to ensure its efficiency.
  3. Do not put hot food in the fridge, wait a while until it cools, so that the fridge does not carry an additional effort to cool the heat generated by the food, which strains it and makes it vulnerable to damage.
  4. Close the fridge door, so that the air inside does not creep outside, which costs the fridge additional energy to reset the temperature.
  5. Arrange your food in an orderly way, so that you do not leave the fridge door open long to search for your food.

The Washing Machine

  1. Wash your clothes in cold water to save electricity, and only use hot water for very dirty clothes.
  2. Do you have a spot that you want to get rid of and save washing machine energy at the same time? Soak it in cold water for half an hour and then put it in the washing machine for one session and it will go away, instead of washing it more than once at the washing machine to remove it and consume more energy.
  3. Do not leave the washer plug in the socket unless you use it, which saves you 10% of the electricity bill.
  4. Reduce the number of times of running the washing machine every week, by putting more clothes in the washing machine instead of running it on a small amount several times, since water and electricity consumption is constant whether the amount of clothes is little or much.

The Cooker

  1. When cooking your food in the oven, instead of opening the oven door to see whether the food is complete or not, put a small flashlight on the oven door glass to follow your food.
  2. You can turn off the oven 10 minutes before cooking your food and it will be cooked with the heat in it, so do not open the oven door to keep the heat.

You can do this step in foods cooked on the stove, but put a pot lid appropriate for the pot size to keep heat.

  1. Keep the stove clean from germs that increase cooking time, resulting in more electricity being consumed.

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