Know about the most important criteria in choosing your new neighborhood

What are the specifications you should choose on its basis in the appropriate residential neighborhood?

What are the specifications you should choose on its basis in the appropriate residential neighborhood?

If you and your family are about to move to a new neighborhood, you must prioritize before moving your family elsewhere. We are not talking here about the city or the location of the house, but rather about choosing the neighborhood that your entire family will move to. And this neighborhood must meet your needs and the needs of your family; therefore, this neighborhood must be chosen based on logical principles and criteria.

Firstly: Does this neighborhood contain the basic and entertaining necessities for the life you desire? Can you afford to live in it?

Of course, residential neighborhoods differ in terms of area, organization, services, and cost of living. When moving to a new neighborhood, you must consider the cost of living in this neighborhood. How close are the service centers to it, such as markets and malls, as well as schools or universities, your workplace or the other members of your family? On such grounds, you can determine if housing in this neighborhood is suitable for your monthly budget or not. You should also make sure that there are no problems with the delivery of key services that are essential, such as electricity, water, road quality, and night light level.

Costly residential neighborhoods may have some positive features such as saving their members from driving long distances to reach workplaces or their children their reach schools or universities, due to their presence in a privileged location close to these service areas, but in return, they may incur high rental costs.

On the other hand, and for other levels of families who do not mind incurring additional expenses, the residential neighborhood with a distinguished geographical location and multiple services represents an invaluable opportunity.

Secondly: Does the lifestyle in this neighborhood provide what you want to get when you return home?

It is said that the nature of man corresponds to the nature of the environment in which he grew up, and from here the choices of people for the neighborhoods in which they live differ according to the lifestyles they used to. So you find some prefer quiet neighborhoods, some do not mind housing in noisy or crowded neighborhoods, and do not mind going their way every day in the crowd, while others only live in luxurious neighborhoods, because luxury is the title of life that represents them and they used to live on its basis.

That is why when selecting a new residential neighborhood to move to, you must make sure of the well-being of this neighborhood if you require a comfortable living, as well as the current and the maximum housing percent (in the event that this neighborhood belongs to a newly built urban area).

Thirdly: Do you know anything about the neighborhood design that you want to move to?

Many families prefer integrated residential neighborhoods, including recreational facilities, such as green parks and areas, and may give consideration to the cleanliness of the neighborhood, as many families are keen to live in residential areas subject to neighborhood departments that maintain public hygiene and are interested in afforestation. The organization of the neighborhood is a big factor in choosing the residential area. If it is a large and unorganized neighborhood, this may hinder your easy access to any place inside or outside the neighborhood if you want to reach the main streets outside, and it will also be difficult for your children and friends who want to visit you. At least in the beginning.

Also, many people are interested in the areas of the streets inside the neighborhoods they live in and how ready they are to drive cars and bikes. In addition, the urban creativity in designing the same homes and buildings gives each neighborhood its own feature, and many people are interested in the way their homes appear and their consistency with modern public taste.

Fourthly: Do you set basic standards and conditions that must characterize the neighbors?

Many people attach great importance to the social level of their neighbors in the residential neighborhoods they want to move to, and this is within the framework of the desire to communicate with others and to ensure that there is a community link that connects people in the same residential area, and enhances their mutual trust as a small community. For this reason, many families are keen to remain in the neighborhoods in which their relatives, old neighbors or friends reside or move to, and if they are not so lucky, they try to move to neighborhoods close to them.

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