know about 11 Compounds in Obour City

In this article, you will know about the top 11 compounds in Obour City,

Obour city is one of the Egyptian cities on Cairo Ismailia desert road and called the bride of the new Egyptian cities. The city was developed to relieve the high population density of Cairo and it offers many services and features, in addition to offering a quiet environment with the maximum privacy.

The best 11 compounds in Obour City

  • High City
  • Gardenia
  • Dar Misr
  • Gold City
  • Janet El Obour
  • Moon City
  • Nakheel
  • Golden Park
  • Rock Ville
  • Haya Town
  • Zahret El Obour
  • Al Rabwa

Comparing between the best compounds in Obour

In this article, we compare between the best 11 compounds in Obour city in terms of price, services, unit varieties and other factors.

High City 

High City is one of the best compounds in Obour city and among its advantages is its modern design among other unique features including: its dependence on solar power for night lighting. The compound is built on an area of 36 feddans with much green space and it offers units with prices* starts from EGP 1,005,500 to EGP 3,230,112 at a starting price* of EGP 9,141 for each square meter. The compound offers installments up to 5 years.

Project features and locations

The compound lies in Rabwat El Obour which is opposite to Ahmed Oraby square and the entrance of the fifth district just 2 minutes from New Ain Shams University and 5 minutes from Carrefour Obour.


One of the latest projects in the city with high artistic and architectural standards. The average price of the square meter in the compound is EGP 5,500 with various payment plans that support installments up to 3 years. It offers units with areas of 190, 192 and 203 square meter.

Features and location 

The compound lies at the top of El Obour city between the third and fourth districts and near a number of landmarks including Carrefour.

Sakan Misr 

One of the compounds offered by the Egyptian government with moderate prices. The units of the compound have areas ranging between 106 and 115 square meters. The price* of the square meter starts at EGP 5,250. The compound units can only be reserved when new phases are announced for sale.

Golf City

The compound is near Golf City mall, Misr International University, Obour road and Ismailia road. The areas of the units start at 140 square meters and the compound offers villas and apartments with an average price* of EGP 8,850 per square meter for apartments and EGP 13,500 per square meter for villas.


It’s an investment project submitted by Housing and Development Bank and the Urban Communities Authority for youth who want to live in a compound suitable for their needs and their financial ability.

The initial payment of reserving units is EGP 100,000 and the remaining amount is paid each 3 months for 3 years.

Moon City 

One of the first compounds to offer integrated services on Ismailia desert road and it is surrounded by a number of vital places including Obour, Shorouk and Mostaqbal cities. The areas of the units start at 87 square meters for apartments and 259 square meters for villas and duplexes. The compound offers wide green areas and lagoons for the residents.

The average price* of the units in Moon city compound is EGP 700,000 with an average price* of EGP 4,200 for the square meter.

Golden Park 

A project that offers integrated services and a perfect location near many districts in Cairo. The project area reaches 13 feddans, offering residential buildings with 6 and 11 floors in addition to administrative buildings. The prices* of the units of the compound start at EGP 642,675 for 97 square meter area units.

The compound lies on Cairo Ismailia desert road directly, at 25 kilometers on the road and just 15 minutes from Shorouk and Heliopolis, and 30 minutes from Fifth Settlement and Nasr City.

Rock Ville 

The compound is located in the fifth settlement of Obour near Farid El Deep hospital and 5 minutes from Shorouk, 10 minutes from the airport, 10 minutes from Heliopolis and 15 minutes from New Cairo.

The compound offers many services and features including: 

  • Spa
  • Social Club
  • Asian meditation rooms
  • Green areas
  • Solar powered lighting

Haya Town 

Located in the sixth district of Obour city on the main road opposite to Carrefour and New Ain Shams University. It offers many entertainment services and units. The areas of the units start at 180 square meters with a starting price*of EGP 6,500 per square meter.

Zahret El Obour

The compound is one of the very first compounds to be built in Obour city and it has a perfect location as it is 10 minutes away from the airport and near Gannet El Obour Mall. The units range between 57 and 165 square meters in area and it has a total of 38 buildings.

The services offered by the compound include: 

  • A mall
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Swimming pools

Al Rabwa

It’s locate near the third settlement, in front of Oraby Association and 5 minutes away from New Ain Shams University. The units have areas starting at 138 square meters.

The compound offers a number of services including: 

  • Swimming pools
  • Gym
  • Security
  • Internet

Best features of Obour city 

Obour city has a strategic location just 10 minutes away from the airport and Gesr El Suez that connects Nasr City with Heliopolis. It also has all types of services that are essential for residents and a number of successful compounds.

Prices of units outside compounds

The average price* of square meter outside the compounds is EGP 4,850 for apartments and EGP 9,500 for villas which means that the city still offers competitive prices for those searching for residence or investment.

The cheapest five districts in Obour 

Below is the price* per square meter for the cheapest areas outside the compounds, according to January 2019 prices:

  • 8th district at EGP 4,500 per square meter
  • 3rd district at EGP 4450 per square meter
  • 4th district at EGP 4350 per square meter
  • 2nd district at EGP 4250 per square meter
  • Mostaqbal district at EGP 4050 per square meter

The most expensive five districts in Obour

Below is the price* per square meter for the most expensive areas outside the compounds:

  • Gold city district at EGP 7,950 per square meter
  • 7th district at EGP 6,350 per square meter
  • 5th district at EGP 5,300 per square meter
  • 9th district at EGP 5,000 per square meter
  • 6th district at EGP 4,950 EGP per square meter

Services in Obour city 

The city offers all types of residence from economic to luxurious. The city has a number of landmarks including Souq El Obour, Gero land, City Club, Golf Playgrounds and many others. The city also has an excellent transportation network linking it with other districts.

* Please note that all prices mentioned in this article are for the first quarter of 2019 and subject to change, and we in Aqarmap try to update them regularly in our prices guide of districts.  Choose between different spaces and styles in the best compounds in Obour City, you would find many payment plans that suit all.

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