Knowing about the advantages of living in El Fayoum El Gadida

The country is experiencing a real estate and constructional activity in the recent years. The movement of building and constructing new cities increased to meet the different needs of population and this made a good variation in the prices of districts and options offered for all levels. 

Overview about the city 

Under a presidential decree, El Fayoum El Gadida was established in 2000 near to Cairo, El Fayoum and Bani Seuif and it is considered as one of the 3G cities. The city is located in (Cairo – Assuit) western road and it is 100 kilometres away from the south of Cairo. The city is also 15 kilometres away from the mother city El Fayoum and 40 kilometres from Bani Seuif. 

The total area of the city is 13000 acres 

Division of the city areas 

El Fayoum El Gadida is divided into three main parts: 

  • A housing area divided into three large districts
  • A touristic entertaining area 
  • Industrial area 

Housing plan in the city 

Since the beginning of the city’s establishment in 2000, its plan of executing comes in four stages up to the year of 2017.   

Up to date, five buildings of the housing national project were executed and this project targets the middle and low-income groups. The buildings contain 180 housing units and the allocated units are being delivered. 

The total number of the housing plots of land in the city is 3838; including plots of land in Ibny Betak project.

Sector of Services 

From the general plan of the city, El Fayoum El Gadida will be an integrated city for all its residents, in addition to the entertaining services, utilities and others. 

Recently, the establishment of a governmental administrative building was completed in the city. Buildings were established to be kindergartens and schools for primary education. There is also a secondary school in the second district of the city. 

There is also a marketplace for providing the needs of the residents. Concerning the entertainment, a social club is being built in the city and a large park with an area of 30 acres.  

Roads and Communications Network 

El Fayoum El Gadida is characterized by having a strong network of transportations help facilitate moving in the city as: 

  • The civil works of the communications network for the urgent stage, a part of the industrial area and the second stage of the city were executed
  • The communication network was executed in the third district (Ibny Betak) and the second district (the family housing) in a distance of 5 kilometres. 
  • (Forma) road at the western extension area (the lands of the social housing) is being executed. (Forma) project at the southern extension area was executed in 180 acres.       
  • A link road connecting the new city with the mother city was executed with a length of 4.5 kilometres. 
  • (Forma) road in the area of the social housing buildings is being executed in the western extension of the residential block of the city (37) acres. 
  • Road works are being executed (base + MCO+ link road) for the first district and the parts remaining from the city centre, the touristic area and the industrial area 

Investments made in the city 

About EGP 1 billion was pumped into the main sectors of the city; one quarter of this amount is allocated to the housing and construction sector which aims at building housing units in the city and the remaining amount is distributed to sectors of services, utilities and agriculture.  

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