Murooj Project in Alexandria: Why Does It Attract Investors?


Murooj Compound in Alexandria
Murooj Compound in Alexandria

The Murooj project in Alexandria has attracted attention recently, as it is a new integrated project, containing all the services and facilities needed by individuals, including housing units in Alexandria with various spaces, clubs, places of worship, medical services, educational services, and commercial and recreational areas.


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Details about the Murooj Project in Alexandria


The Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces implemented this project at the entrance to Alexandria governorate from the agricultural road, as it extends over an area of ​​182 acres.


It includes a hotel, a sports and social club, administrative towers in Alexandria, houses of worship, a specialized hospital, schools for all educational levels, and a commercial area with an area of ​​approximately 250,000 square meters.


The investment cost of this project amounts to about 15 billion pounds, excluding land and service facilities.


The Murooj project in Murooj contains 11,000 housing units, which vary between connected and detached villas and other residential units of different sizes. All are designed according to the latest design and construction standards.


What Is the Difference Between Connected and Detached Villas? 


  • Connecting villas in Alexandria: there are twin houses and townhouses. It is noteworthy that the twin house is a semi-connected villa that can be shared by two families, each with its own gate and entrance, and a garden, while the townhouse is a villa connected to a small garden, and adjacent to a group of villas with the same urban design
  • Separate villas: They are villas in their usual form, and they consist of two or three floors, and are equipped with their own garden, which may include a swimming pool, and have a gate, a private entrance, a garage, and a fence surrounding it
  • Duplexes and duplexes: They are two residential apartments on two successive floors connected by an internal staircase in the case of a duplex, and in the case of a duplex it consists of 3 apartments, and these units are similar in the internal division to the division of the villa in terms of sophistication and organization
  • Penthouse: It is a residential apartment on the last floor, connected to the penultimate floor or the roof, and is suitable for those who seek independence 
  • Residential apartments: they may be found on regular floors such as the second, third and fourth, which are the traditional apartments. They may be located on the ground floor and connected to a garden, or on the last floor and feature a spacious terrace and wonderful views
  • Studio: It is the smallest residential unit, consisting of one room, a kitchen, and a bathroom, and its area does not exceed 60 square meters


Examples of Prominent Residential Projects in Alexandria


The new investment projects proposed by Alexandria as part of the initiative of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, named ‘Together We Build the Future’, which provided many projects and investment opportunities in this coastal city, the most prominent of which were:


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Jannat City Project


  • It is one of the best projects offered for investment, due to its unique location in the Downtown area of ​​the International Garden
  • Designed by the best international designers
  • It contains 3,600 housing units, varying between residential buildings in Alexandria and hotel housing
  • The project includes an administrative center and a sports club
  • It includes areas for commercial activities in Alexandria with an area of ​​about 260 thousand square meters


Masharaf Project in Amaria 


  • It includes 50,000 housing units in Amria of varying sizes
  • It extends over an area of ​​550 acres in New Amreya, Alexandria
  • It contains a commercial area in Amaria of ​​385 thousand square meters
  • It is noteworthy that this project covers the needs of all social and economic groups
  • The investment cost of the project amounted to about 36 billion pounds, excluding the price of land and utilities


 Sawari Project


  • The project includes 22,000 housing units Sawari Project, varying between connected and detached villas and other residential units
  • Its investment cost is EGP 20 billion 
  • It is located west of Carrefour
  • It contains a sports and social club
  • It includes a commercial area of ​​about 250,000 square meters


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