Earning the Egyptian Nationality for Bahrainian Citizens

Earning the Egyptian Nationality for Bahrainian Citizens


Due to the latest economic developments that Egypt has been witnessing in the past few years, many Arab citizens became more willing to apply and earn their Egyptian nationality in order to increase their investments in the different Egyptian fields, especially real estate.


5 Ways for Bahrainians to Earn Egyptian Nationality


In order to increase various investment opportunities in Egypt, the Egyptian government has announced many decisions to facilitate the process of applying and earning Egyptian nationality for foreigners and Arabs. Therefore, it specified 5 tracks through which applicants can earn their Egyptian nationality, they include:


  • Investing in a project with a $400,000 capital or partnering in a project with a 40% share. In case of the project has ended before 5 years of its start, the investor has to deposit a non-refundable $250,000 to the Central Bank of Egypt
  • Buying a state-owned real estate property which could be land, a factory, an apartment, or a building; worth no less than $500,000 transferred from abroad. In case the property is sold before 5 years of the date of the contract, the foreigner’s nationality application is in danger, and they are required to transfer a non-refundable $250,000 to the Central Bank of Egypt
  • Depositing $750,000 as a trust in the Central Bank of Egypt and it can be refunded after 5 years in Egyptian pound with no interest
  • Depositing $1 million as a trust in the Central Bank of Egypt (transferred from abroad) and it is refundable after 3 years in Egyptian pounds and without interest
  • Depositing a non-refundable $250,000 to the Central Bank of Egypt


Required Documents for Applying for Egyptian Nationality


    • An original copy of your application to the Egyptian nationality
    • A copy of the receipt of transferring the administrative fees of applying for the nationality, which is $10,000 transferred to the Central Bank of Egypt that is then sent to the Ministries’ Cabinet and a unit that is specialized in processing the applications
    • A copy of the applicant’s passport of their original nationality
    • A declaration from the applicant of any other nationalities that they currently have
    • A copy of each passport of each nationality in case the applicant has more than one other nationality (For example, an American applicant who also carries the French nationality must submit a copy of their American and French passport to apply for the Egyptian nationality)
    • Official birth certificate 
    • 4 new personal pictures of the applicant
    • An official record from the Ministry of Interior to state their criminal record
    • An official document from the country of origin that proves that there the applicant is not convicted by any criminal penalty, any freedom-restricting penalty, and/or any crime of honor; and the certificate must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Original copy of the certificate that states all the movements of the applicant from the country of origin
    • An official certificate that states all the movements of the applicants from the country of residence (where they have lived permanently and/or have at least spent 5 years prior to the date of application)
    • The original official certificate of the medical checkup that is signed by the applicant during his time of residency
  • In case of investment and/or ownership of properties: the applicant must submit a copy of the commercial registration and a copy of the taxation ID; in case the applicant owns a company, stocks in a company, a copy of any contract of property ownership in Egypt, and a copy of the driving license of any vehicles the applicant owns in Egypt
  • The original document that proves the fulfillment of the investment track chosen by the applicant and it is to be submitted during the time of residency

How to Earn Egyptian Nationality through Real Estate Investment


As previously mentioned, applicants are allowed to earn their Egyptian nationality if they invested in the Egyptian real estate market with $500,000, which is one of the tracks that the government has announced to earn the nationality. 


This track is known for being one of the most rewarding tracks mentioned due to the annual increase of rental prices with the rate of 10-15%, which are paralleled with the increasing value of each unit depending on its location.


Important Tips on Real Estate Investment for Foreigners


Before taking the decision of buying a real estate property, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration, and they include:


  • Choosing a vital area that is supported by the government such as the New Administrative Capital, New Alamein City, and New Cairo since it will include mega commercial projects
  • Choosing a strategic location that will provide all types of services and will be close to main roads
  • Ensuring that the project you choose has a strong infrastructure in electricity, drinking water, with periodic maintenance services 
  • Ensuring the presence and/or the closeness of educational institutions such as schools and universities, health services such as hospitals and pharmacies, and entertainment services such as shopping malls; to your unit 
  • Checking the rental prices of nearby units to be able to estimate the expected rental revenue
  • Thinking of adding services that will attract high-profile residents and/or visitors, especially foreigners
  • Thinking of other services that might add a competitive edge to your investment such as adding hotel and maintenance services 

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