The Easiest Way to Sell Your Apartment

The Easiest Way to Sell Your Apartment

When you offer your apartment for sale, you want to sell it as soon as possible and at a satisfactory price. You definitely have other plans for the money that you will get, which you can actually achieve by following some very simple but effective tips. Read on to know many tips that will teach you the easiest way to sell your apartment. You also would know more details about the different ways of selling.

The Easiest Way to Sell Your Apartment

To sell your apartment as soon as possible, make sure to follow and achieve the following elements:

  1. Ensure the quality of the apartment’s condition, by checking the following:
  • The paint and make sure that there are no peeling or stains.
  • The floors to see if there are any cracks that need to be repaired.
  • The condition of the bathrooms and kitchen to make sure that there are no plumbing defects.
  • Check the doors, windows, electrical switches and anything else to make sure that they are safe and in need for maintenance.
  • Be careful not to spend a lot of money on renovations because it will not add to the price of the apartment.
  1. Organize the apartment and get rid of any garages. You can remove some pieces of furniture to make the apartment appear wider, comfortable, and attractive for those who intend to buy.
  2. Ensure that the apartment is constantly clean, well ventilated, and always smells nice.
  3. Take some photos of the apartment from the outside and inside using a good camera to show the surrounding area, and the beauty of the details of the rooms and corners.
  4. Set an appropriate price for the apartment, not less than it deserves, in order not to lose money, and not exaggerated, in order not to be much more than its real price, which may slow down selling it.
  5. Prepare a file for all the apartment papers. Those who are serious about buying will ask about these papers when viewing the apartment. This file shall include the ownership contract, property registration papers, sales contract and the rest of the legal papers.
  6. Do not be hesitant in the decision of selling. Hesitation here is not about the price, rather, about the sale process itself. The incomplete purchase requests may frustrate you and make you change your mind between rejection and approval. So, before you make the decision to offer the apartment for sale, you shall develop a plan for what you will do After the sale so that you don’t get lost in your decisions.
  7. Be clear and honest with the buyer. If the apartment has defects, tell him about them, but do not exaggerate in showing all defects. Remember that what you see as a defect other than you see as an advantage. For example, if the apartment is in a crowded place and you do not like this, the buyer who came to see the apartment may love crowding and proximity to services otherwise. At the same time, show him the features of the apartment, but also without exaggeration so as not to look too artificial and inconspicuous.
  8. After you have completed all the previous steps, the most important thing is to set suitable dates for the visit and to make sure that you are at home during the visit of the buyer. Not being there on the time specified between you and the buyer may spoil all your previous efforts.

How to Sell Apartments

You can sell your apartment in different ways, some without commission, some with a simple commission, and finally with a percentage of the apartment price. The various methods of selling include the following:

Brokerage offices: this method is quick and convenient for you, because the deal is between the buyer and the broker. However, the broker may charge a rather large amount or a percentage of the price of the apartment according to the agreement with him in the beginning.

Online ads such as advertising on Aqarmap or Facebook groups: it is a completely free way to sell without any commission. But it requires you to be constantly present to answer the inquiries of those who want to buy, and to avoid excessive inconvenience, write with the advertisement (intermediaries refrain).

Close people: this method is long in selling, but it is also not tiring for you because those who come will already want to buy. It is made by telling relatives, friends and neighbors about your offer of the apartment for sale. This method is free and avoids the pressure of the broker to sell.

Placing a sign on the window or balcony of the apartment: this is another easy way to offer the apartment for sale. But you should be prepared with it for a large number of calls even for those who are not seriously buying to find out the details and prices in the area in general.

Selling Apartments Through Aqarmap

Aqarmap provides you with easy, convenient and inexpensive ways to sell your apartment in the fastest time through:

  • Free advertising on the site without any costs.
  • You can improve your ad’s appearance in the first results of a buyer’s search by creating a featured ad on your site at a simple cost.
  • Aqarmap is available to chat with a customer service representative to inquire about anything you want to know at any time.

Selling Through Real Estate Financing

You can sell the apartment through real estate financing if the unit is fully finished and ready for housing. Consequently, you will get your money in one go and the buyer will pay in installments. But this method takes longer than direct selling because of the procedures, so you can agree to it if you have time. These are the steps of selling through Mortgage Finance:

  • Prepare all apartment papers, as it is required to register the unit in the real estate registry. There are no financial or real estate violations on it.
  • Go to the financing point, and it could be a bank or a real estate financing company.
  • Determine the price of the housing unit by the real estate appraiser at the financing authority.
  • The seriousness of the reservation is paid as a minimum of 10% down payment of the total value of the unit.
  • Finish the procedures and receive the price of the apartment


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