Things to know about residential areas in Maadi district

The upscale and quiet areas in Maadi are still captivating to many people

Maadi is one of the largest and most famous neighborhoods in Cairo.

Maadi is divided into the three areas of Old Maadi, Zahraa El Maadi and New Maadi. Each of them contains several neighborhoods that house various housing classes, including elite, middle and upper middle units.

Also, these three major areas contain a considerable number of compounds, which makes the apartments for sale there in high demand.

Generally, the area enjoys a quiet atmosphere.

As it is located near the center of Cairo, the capital, it is always easy to reach Maadi through public transportation, such as the underground metro. 

If you are behind the wheel, you can drive to Maadi via El Nasr Road, Nile Corniche or the Ring Road. In the metro, you can get off at one of the three stations of Sakanat El Maadi, Hadayek El Maadi and Maadi.

While each of the three major areas of Maadi differ in nature, Old Maadi is considered one of the most sophisticated areas in Cairo.

Various types of flats, shops and even duplex apartments are there in Maadi.

All You Need To Know About Maadi District

Apartment prices

If you are thinking of moving into a property in Maadi, this article will let you know about the latest prices of apartments in the elegant district, whether you are looking for a furnished or unfurnished apartment for sale.

This list of prices per square meter for real estate in vital areas in Maadi will help you decide where to live. These prices were last updated in the first half of 2019.

Autostrad (EGP 4,950)

This residential district in Maadi houses various levels of units, including working-class apartments, as well as middle and upper middle units. Also, it has residential areas that are allocated for police officers.

Autostrad El Maadi starts from Basateen and Saqr Quraish, and extends to Tura. Many youths seek to buy apartments in this district as their prices suit the middle-income workers.

The average price of the apartments in Autostrad can reach up to EGP 4,950 per square meter.

Old Maadi (EGP 5,850)

It is one of the upscale neighborhoods that still maintain its ancient and distinctive style, with clean streets and plenty of trees.

Old Maadi houses the headquarters of embassies and international companies, as well as many foreign communities.

The average price of the apartments in Autostrad can reach up to EGP 5,850 per square meter.

Maadi Ring Road (EGP 6,100)

It has many residential complexes overlooking the Ring Road which encircles large parts of Greater Cairo.

The Maadi Ring Road is known for having the French retail company of Carrefour and Bavaria company. The presence of Carrefour had a significant impact on the Maadi Ring Road area as it helped provide more services and contributed to raising the price of apartments.

The average price of the apartments in Maadi Ring Road can reach up to EGP 6,100 per square meter. Many individuals try to find apartments for sale near Carrefour.

Zahraa El Maadi (EGP 6,300)

It is one of the newest areas to be established in Maadi district.

Zahraa El Maadi has various levels of housing units, including luxury apartments, middle and upper middle class apartments, as well as working-class units. 

It is known for the presence of the Wadi Degla Protectorate.

Many youths plan to buy apartments in Zahraa El Maadi, which is characterized by extremely tall buildings and the presence of numerous cafes.

The average price of the apartments in Zahraa El Maadi can reach up to EGP 6,300 per square meter.

Corniche El Maadi (EGP 8,200)

It is a classy district that is in high demand by many individuals, especially business owners.

Corniche El Maadi is one of the most famous and expensive areas in Maadi. There are luxury housing units as well as middle and upper middle apartments.

The area extends from the Maadi Military Hospital of the Armed Forces and the Constitutional Court to one side of Tura district.

Corniche El Maadi is a vital area that has available services and transportation means, as well as luxury restaurants.

It overlooks the Nile. The average price of the apartments in Corniche El Maadi can reach up to EGP 8,200 per square meter.

Degla (EGP 9,250)

It extends from Autostrad to the Satellite area. It houses residential properties whose levels range between medium and upper middle.

The Degla area also has many foreign oil companies. The presence of the Wadi Degla sporting club attracted many people to search for apartments for sale in Degla.

The average price of the apartments in Degla can reach up to EGP 9,250 per square meter.

Maadi Heights: Luxury For Those Who Aspire

Sarayat El Maadi (EGP 13,050)

The area is located in the heart of Old Maadi. It consists of a group of luxury villas and is one of the residential places favored by foreign communities.

Several foreign embassies are there in Sarayat El Maadi. It has a calm atmosphere due to the spread of green spaces. 

Many foreigners inhabit this area, making it a place for those who seek uniqueness.

The average price of the apartments in Sarayat El Maadi can reach up to EGP 13,050 per square meter.

Important landmarks to know in Maadi

– Wadi Degla SC

– The Petrified Forest Area

– Wadi Degla Protectorate

– Many foreign embassies

– Carrefour Maadi

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