Tips for Renting The Most Suitable Apartment

Every decision you make will surely affect your life, either negatively or positively, and deciding on a new house is one of the biggest steps we make in our lives, be it for residential or investment purposes; which is why we need to be careful before taking this big step. 

For a much easier, much faster and much more efficient process, we present you this guide to help you on your journey of finding the perfect place. 

 Search online

 In order to know more about prices and potential areas, it’s essential to do online research. 

Some websites offer you the chance to search for apartments and compare prices very easily, and one of the most recommended websites is Aqarmap; where you’ll find real estate appraisals, compound guides, lists of area prices, and even resident reviews. 

Start your search early 

It’s better to start searching for a new place at least two months before the expiration of your contract. This will give you much more time to consider your options and will lead to a smoother contracting process for your new place, giving you time to conveniently evacuate your old one. 

Choose the right real-estate agent

 Picking a legitimate real-estate agent is very important. 

They should work under a registered real estate company. To avoid getting scammed by brokers, make sure to agree on a suitable commission rate, and don’t pay in advance before the process is over successfully.

The perfect real estate agent should also have enough experience in whatever area you are choosing to rent in, as some brokers choose to work in specified areas only. 

Besides that, you need to consider the legitimacy of the landlord, and ensure that the necessary legal papers that authorize the lessor, agent or intermediary to rent the unit are available. 

Rely on various search methods

There are various ways to search for apartments up for rent; which means you shouldn’t rely solely on your hired broker. 

For example, there are online websites that advertise real estate units, offering their users the chance to search according to areas, spaces, a number of bedrooms, prices and payment methods, and many other options. 

It’s also a good idea to use social media platforms and forums which connect the residents of certain areas and compounds together. You’ll find many reviews and opinions that might help you. 

Above that, you need to follow up on the rental units real estate developers are offering, not to mention regularly visiting areas that offer units up for rent. 

Unfortunately, you might come across many fake advertisements. Don’t fall for phrases such as “straight from the owner” or “rent without commission”. These are usually fake statements and are just there to lure you in. 

Sometimes, advertisements might add “prices start from…”, only for you to later find out it’s a fake statement with no such prices available. 

Review cleanliness and maintenance procedures

This requires you to personally visit your desired unit, and generally review how clean and well kept it is. Ask the landlord and the residents of the site or building about maintenance procedures, and if you will incur additional costs for these services. 

Specify service charges

Tenants tend to forget about the additional service charges that could cost much, especially in luxurious units. If you leave them unspecified, you might find yourself paying thousands of pounds for services like gyms and swimming pools, without even using them.

Guarantee insurance refunds

Many owners and landlords specify a certain amount of money under the value of “housing insurance”, yet many tenants find it difficult to get their money back at the end of their rental period, or after allegedly damaging the housing unit, and received only a part of it. 

So, it’s necessary to guarantee the refund of your insurance money by the end of the rental period, and specifying the exact damage done to the unit if any. 

Review prices

Brokers or agents might raise the specified rental value; in order to take the price difference for themselves. 

On the other hand, some landlords offer prices that are much higher than usual, as many clients have no idea what the real value should be, or because clients tend to argue until they settle on a suitable price. 

Which is why you should ask about the prices of similar units in the same area or building, to avoid getting scammed by the landlord or your hired broker. 

Choose a payment method

There are various payment methods for rent, including annual repayment, quarterly or monthly payments. You should settle on a payment method that suits you, taking into consideration that in some cases the rental value varies according to the chosen payment method. 

After all, you are required to take all precautions and ensure that the rental value is paid at the specified time upon choosing a payment method, to avoid future problems. 

Review the cost of relocation 

Once you’ve chosen an apartment to rent, you need to carefully review the costs of moving into this new unit. You might be surprised of how costly this process can be, especially because it varies according to your new apartment’s properties and location. 

If your new apartment is really far away from your old one, the cost will considerably increase. 

You might also need to replace or even buy new sets of furniture, according to your new unit’s space. 

Other costs like brokerage commissions and setting up your home appliances need to be specified as well. 

Telephone fees, internet, electricity and parking costs are also things you should ask about before deciding on an apartment. 

Make sure that parking is available

Convenient parking is very important, especially if your desired apartment is located in a busy area. Having a private garage inside your building is a privilege you cannot ignore.

Some garages require regular fees for parking your car, and some are free for the residents of the building. Make sure to ask your landlord about any additional parking costs. 

Choose a long-term perfect home

While deciding on an apartment for rent, keep in mind that this will be your home for several years. Some tenants face issues because they have a new family member, or because their children are growing up and they need extra rooms or space. Having to move out shortly after you’ve moved in can be extremely inconvenient, so make sure to consider your future in your chosen unit. 

Avoid choosing units in damaged or ancient buildings, because at some point you might need to evacuate. 

Pay attention to the unit’s design

Obviously, clients care about a unit’s space before renting it. However, they sometimes completely forget about its designs, the size of its bedrooms, and where the kitchen and bathrooms are located. 

Some tenants move out after noticing defects in the unit and bedroom locations, or the absence of healthy aeration and sunlight. 

Take the view and floor into consideration

You shouldn’t ignore the apartment’s view, as it can really add a huge advantage to your unit. Many tenants regret not choosing a unit that overlooks landscapes or the sea, for example. 

The floor of the unit is important as well. Some clients prefer higher floors in towers, while others don’t. 

Ensure that privacy is available

It’s surprising how much some areas or residential buildings lack privacy, which will be highly inconvenient for a new resident.

Even though many families choose to live in residential villas for more privacy, things like construction sites nearby may totally ruin that. To ensure a convenient life, make sure you will get the privacy you need before choosing to rent an apartment.

Avoid commercial buildings

Living in a commercial building is almost always frustrating, residents will often find it difficult to park their cars or even use the elevator. 

This is why you should avoid renting an apartment in buildings that include hospitals, medical centers, companies or public offices that host hundreds of people on a daily basis. 

If you’re going to rent a villa instead, make sure there are no commercial villas nearby. This will require you to visit the whole area before making a final decision.

Choose a place away from construction sites

Most real estate companies deliver their units in phases, commencing work once again when a phase is completely delivered. This continuous construction work may be inconvenient to the residents of the project. 

Some streets might not be fully finished, and the area will be loaded with construction workers and trucks. This will cause traffic issues and can even be dangerous. 

Avoid secondary apartments or in-law suits

These types of apartments can be extremely dangerous. 

Even though some people choose to live in them because they’re cheaper, you cannot guarantee your rights or your money as you may be forced to evacuate at any given point. 

You will suffer all the inspection campaigns that chase such violations. 

Not only that but living in a secondary apartment means kissing your privacy goodbye; as units overlap. They also tend to be not clean, which can be hazardous for your health. 

Check the available services

There are some essential basic services that you should look for while deciding on your new apartment, including:

  • Supermarkets
  • Clothes cleaning and ironing shops
  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries 
  • Home delivery services

However, it’s worth noting that living in an area full of restaurants and cafes can cause inconvenience to the residents of this place. 

Visit the site at different times

Paying a visit to a unit at both day and night may help you uncover many details that you might not usually notice. For example, some areas are busier at specific times of the day, especially if there are schools or companies nearby. 

It will also help you notice things like aeration, how much exposure to sunlight the unit gets, and the view. 

Don’t hesitate on making a decision 

Finally, after thoroughly studying and reviewing all previous points and making sure the apartment is suitable for you, it’s much better to make a fast decision with no hesitation. 

Because it’s very hard to find everything in one place, you should always establish a set of priorities, while also knowing the things you can live without. 

Many clients regret hesitating after a great opportunity has slipped from their hands. If you find someplace that is perfect by your standards, make the decision and don’t hesitate.

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