Looking to buy an apartment in New Cairo, Check these 7 compounds

New Cairo, where privacy means so much more

New Cairo is a modern urban city which has successfully attracted both residents and investors alike. It’s full of amazing residential projects and compounds that includes all the services and facilities in addition to privacy which comes first.

Major investments

A group of chinese real estate developers have announced that they’re investing about 20 billion dollars in New Cairo; as it’s rapidly growing. 

It’s also mainly designed to be free of the hustle, pollution, and overpopulation of the capital. The government has stated that New Cairo will enhance patriotism and fraternity between its residents. 

This provides a great chance for investors to start residential and service projects. 

New Cairo is considered one of the biggest new districts of Greater Cairo, as it’s about 70,000 feddans big! And it’s relatively new compared to the 6th of October city. 

You’ll find many gated residential compounds of high-security measures in New Cairo. 

Unique compounds and residential projects

Compounds present in New Cairo are generally considered of higher social level than those of the 6th of October or El Maadi and other elegant districts. 

There are many elegant compounds in New Cairo, mostly surrounded by landscapes and greenery; where they seek to provide a healthy environment for their residents, besides luxurious housing. 

Above that, these compounds are completely gated making their residents feel safe and secure. 

Lakeview Residence 

Lake View is considered one of the best compounds of Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, stretching over 77 feddans.

It’s located in Fifth Settlement falling close to the American University in Cairo, and it includes 118 residential buildings, shopping malls, gardens and artificial lakes. 

Besides that, it has been designed in a unique, modern style overlooking artificial lakes, all implemented by a professional Greek company. 

Units in Lake View range between 122 square meters and 272 square meters in space. 

Life Park Compound

Life Park is one of the most famous compounds of New Cairo, and it falls within Hyde Park Compound, which lies in the 9th street in Fifth Settlement, near the American University. It stretches over 1200 square meters and offers varying units of apartments, villas, townhouses and duplexes.

Units in Life Park start from 99 square meters to 327 square meters. 

Rock Elite Compound

This amazing compound provides privacy and peace, besides many exclusive services. 

Rock Elite is completely gated and full of services and facilities, only minutes away from the American University and contains about 200 units of varying spaces starting at 50 square meters to 100 square meters, all equipped with smart systems. 

Rock Elite also offers many great services; amazing views, commercial areas, social clubs, and diverse shopping malls. 

Promenade Residence Compound

In the heart of New Cairo, Promenade is built over 33 feddans. 

It consists of many residential units of duplexes and penthouses. 

It also provides all basic services that anyone would need for a great living environment. 

It is located in the heart of Fifth Settlement, close to its most elegant compounds such as El Kattameya Dunes and Hyde Park. it’s also minutes away from the New Cairo Club, and 5 minutes away from the AUC. 

Promenade offers units starting from 150 square meters, along with full educational, commercial, sports and health services. 

Stone Park Compound

If you cherish peace and privacy, Stone Park in New Cairo is the most suitable place for you.

This elegant residential project lies in Fifth Settlement, specifically in front of Kattameya Heights. 

The compound includes complete services of administrative and commercial buildings, cinemas, clubs, health activities, and educational facilities. Above that, it’s fully secure, includes a garage, entertainment areas, and gardens. 

Stone Park offers compounds starting from 128 square meters to 275 square meters, with payment methods and installments reaching up to 5 years. 

The Square Compound

The Square is the perfect private haven for those who wish to live in New Cairo. 

It stretches over about 110 feddans, and is located specifically in Fifth Settlement, minutes away from the AUC. 

This residential project was designed to provide the highest level of convenience for its residents. 

It also provides complete services such as landscapes, commercial areas, health activities, and schools, besides security and clubs. 

Units in The Square start at about 150 square meters. 

The Icon Residence

The Icon is one of New Cairo’s most recent compounds, featuring privacy and convenience. 

It’s uniquely located minutes away from the 9th street of Fifth Settlement, minutes away from the AUC and Hyde Park Compound, and lies near Suez Road. 

It covers about 30 thousand square meters and provides units starting from 140 square meters to about 300 square meters.

All units are surrounded by great services and facilities. It includes an international school and a fully equipped hospital, all to provide its residents with the utmost convenience. 

Above that, it also includes a social club and a health club. 

There’s also a shopping mall full of several famous shops and many cafes. 

Above all that, it also provides its residents with greenery and landscapes, which take up about 80% of the compound’s total space. Security systems, garages, open kids’ areas and artificial lakes, and much more.

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