4 legal tips you shouldn’t forget when buying new property

Before you buy any property, you must check some certain legal matters to guarantee your right and not to be a victim to deception.

Due to the prevalence of fraud and deception in real estate transactions, and the increase of fake advertisements to the extent that some of them were aired on T.V.; in which advertise many offers for real estate properties and plots available at special prices or with easy payment methods, we decided to offer you the most important legal steps you should follow when buying a property.

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Inspection before contracting

It is necessary to inspect more than one property before concluding the deal. When you choose a property, inspect it well and make sure it conforms to the description stated in the ad; such as location, space and facilities.

Ensure the validity of licenses and the non-existence of any outstanding debts

Before concluding the deal, you should ensure the validity of the documents and licenses for building the property. Some properties have excessive floors or built in contrary to the license. You should ensure that the property is not built in violation to the law by encroaching upon territories of the state or occupying it by seizure, and don’t forget to ensure the validity of the seller ownership documents.

Adding to that, remember to ensure that the property is free from debts, and no debts will be accumulated after transferring the previous ownership. Also, make sure of the seller’s payment of all receipts of the property’s facilities; such as electricity, water and gas.

Paying attention to Contract’s terms

You should review the terms of the contract well, and it is preferred to hire a lawyer, as the contract should have the following points:

  • All data of both you and the seller.
  • Mention all the details of the property, such as the space and others.
  • Mention the amount paid, and the agreed upon payment method, either in cash or installments. If the payment method is in cash, this should be indicated in the contract and clarify that no further amounts are due. If the payment method is in installments, mention the amount paid as a deposit, then specify the remaining amount of payments and the value of each, and state the periods of payment as agreed with the seller.
  • Mention in details the location of the property in any governorate, state the district, neighborhood and the street name.
  • State the date and numbers of building licenses for the property.
  • Mention in details how the seller owns the property. If there are heirs, the numbers and date of the court’s heirs notification’s document must be stated.
  • Ensure to mention the seller’s acknowledgment of the non-existence of any hidden defects in the property, and that the property is free from any state tax or other debts.
  • Make sure you receive all ownership contracts and documents from the seller.

Registering real estate contract

After concluding and signing the contract, you should document your ownership of the property to ensure your right as a buyer. Here you are more than one method to document and register your contracts:

Validity and force: The buyer receives a court order of the ownership transfer, in addition to a registration from the Real Estate Publicity Department at the same time. This is a method for ownership transfer on permanent basis.

Certification of signature: It is the most common method, which is used to prove the signature of the concluded contract.

Real Estate Publicity Registration: This method is the most famous and surest way to transfer the ownership. It takes 3 months to conclude its proceedings after you submit a request to transfer ownership of the property to your name at the Real Estate Publicity Department. During such period, the request submitted will be sufficient to prove your full ownership of the property.

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