5 Reasons make New Cairo City One of Most Demanded Areas in Real Estate Market

New Cairo is a promising area that is day after day acquiring a weight in real estate markets and witnessing an economic and population-based growth.

New Cairo is the largest and most elegant city in Cairo governorate, with a land area of 70,000 feddans. Constructions on this city started in 2000, and it consists of many districts and settlements; the best known are: The 5th Settlement, AL Rehab, The First Settlement, The Third Settlement… and others.

The city is located east of Cairo, between the two roads of (Cairo- Suez) and (Kattameya- Ain Sokhna), with the privileges of quietness, elegance, and best-laid planning. Furthermore, it has many schools and private universities. Residential units’ high rates and some unpaved roads are its only defects.

New Cairo is considered to be one of most demanded cities in real estate markets because of 5 important factors, which are:

The availability of different standards of living

Life in New Cairo City varies between middle, upper-middle, and high levels. According to Aqarmap indicator for real estate prices* of different areas, meter rate average of Abu EL Hol real estates has been found to reach EGP 5,000; thus, it’s considered one of middle-standard areas. Furthermore, meter rate average in AL-Yasmeen District reaches EGP 8,450. For high-standard areas, there are two of most famous areas in New Cairo named Choueifat and 90 St., where real estate meter price* exceeds EGP 10,000. This variation of rates, as shown, results in a buoyant demand on purchase by all stratum of society.

The availability of services and public utilities 

One of most significant reasons for high demand on New Cairo real estates is the availability of numerous services and utilities necessary for living, which are:

  • Educational services: The city includes a number of schools like: (The American International School- The British School- The Canadian International School), in addition to some universities like: ( The American University- The German University- Police Academy- New Cairo Academy… and others).
  • Health services: Many hospitals and medical centers like: (Air Forces Specialized hospitals- Tabark Children hospital- Dental Medicine Hospital… and others) are available in the city.
  • Entertainment services: There are multifold sports clubs (Al Zhour- Al Katamya- Wadi Degla), in addition to public gardens and playgrounds like: (Family Park- African Park- Magic Store… and others), and many cafes and restaurants with different standards.
  • Utilities: A water purification plant- electricity distribution networks- 3 sewage treatment plants- road networks- and communications networks have been established.
  • Transportation means: There are a considerable number of transportation means that link the city with other areas like:    Mass transportation lines that link the city with Nasr City, Transportation means specialized for Al Rehab City, which link the city with Metro line of “Saray Al Koba- Nasr City”, and bus lines of public transport authority that link Tahrir Square- Al Sayeda Aisha Square- Al Abbassia with the city.

Quietness and availability of large green areas

The New Cairo City is characterized by quietness and low population density; thus, it is considered a special opportunity for those who escape from central Cairo’s traffic jam and congestion, in addition to the grand urban planning of a considerable amount of green areas and wide streets that provide the city with fresher and cleaner air comparing to areas of central Cairo.

The city is an attraction for commercial and investing activities 

The New Cairo is characterized by its intensive commercial, industrial, and investing activities; accordingly, it enjoys a huge popularity among big and small investors, some of all:

  1. Industrial activities: There are many factories in various industries like: (textiles- paper- plastic- pharmaceutical- clothes- building materials- furniture- engineering and electric industries). “Urban Communities Authority” has also afforded industrial lands- warehouses and small workshops.
  2. Commercial activities: The spread of numerous of (Malls- cafes- restaurants- famous and international brand clothes’ stores- banks and exchanges).
  3. Investing activities: a number of real estate companies have moved to the city for the purpose of investment and constructed many residential areas. Moreover; Many people have moved to purchase real estates for the purpose of investment through renting and selling; the activity that is considered a type of profitable small investments.

The availability of a number of residential projects and compounds 

The city was founded, on the first place, for the sake of expanding state’s urban space, and reducing traffic congestion in Great Cairo; hence, investors have moved to New Cairo City and launched many real estate projects and compounds on different standards: “economic- middle- upper-middle- high-level standards”. “Urban Communities Authority” has also afforded many lands for investing companies and individuals, and launched governmental projects like: “Mubarak Residential Units- Unconditioned Housing- Family Housing- Youth Housing”.

* Please note that all prices mentioned in this article are for the first quarter of 2019 and subject to change, and we in Aqarmap try to update them regularly in our prices guide of districts.  Choose between different spaces and styles in the best compounds in New Cairo City, you would find many payment plans that suit all.

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