7 factors to consider before signing a land purchase contract to build a house

Buying your dreamland where you are going to build your home is not a very difficult matter, but some factors must be taken into account before completing the purchase procedures so that you can get the best possible plot of land for building your dream house, which you may have saved a lot of money to build, or borrowed from a bank.

Land’s location and topographical characteristics

You must first choose among the sites that represent an ideal place for housing for you and your family, and this depends on many considerations, including the distance between the location of the land and the workplace, schools, service and entertainment centers, and public transportation. As for the topographical characteristics, they are intended for the characteristics of the land that determine the suitability of the construction process, such as: the level of groundwater and the type of soil, for example, good soil can withstand pressure, and this is a good indication of the viability of this land for construction.

Knowing the building regulations and laws in the area where the land is located

You must know in advance, before completing the purchase process, the conditions of the building and construction system in the area, such as the permitted level of building height, which enables you to compare the building conditions in the region with the requirements of the construction process that you want to perform to establish the dream house.

Find and ascertain the prices of plots of land in the same area

You must know the prices of the lands that were recently sold in the same area in which the plot of land that you are planning to buy, as well as the prices of lands in the areas adjacent to or similar to the area in which the plot to be purchased, in order to avoid purchasing deals that may cause you to lose or be exposed to fraud.

Ensure the authenticity of the title deed or the official papers of the land

Land acquisition and trade is not without risk like any other commercial field; therefore you must be careful when completing payment procedures for the current landowner by verifying the authenticity of the documents proving his ownership of this land, by going back to the relevant government department, or contacting his representative, with the confirmation of the power of attorney, to avoid being a victim of the fraud.

In addition, make sure that the land specifications recorded in the title deed match the actual specifications, such as dimensions, area, and confines.

Hiring a specialist to deliver the plot of land

You should rely on an area specialist to ensure that your construction process does not cross the confines with lands owned by future neighbors who have not yet started building their houses, thus saving you opportunities to make a potential mistake, or getting involved in subsequent legal problems with owners of lands that have been violated by your building.

Check the streets’ area

If you are buying a plot of land in an area, you should take care of other details, such as street areas; narrow streets cause crowding and difficulty in movement, as well as inconvenience, especially for the areas of the house overlooking the street when the construction is completed. As for the wide streets, many consider them an important factor, because they prefer quiet, so it is preferable in this case that the width of the street be at least 15 meters.

Hiring a reputable and trusted real estate agent

Buying suitable land to build at the right price may take a long time and effort that your career or obligations may not allow for the time being. In order to facilitate matters in that case, it is advisable to search for a reputable real estate agent informing him of the specifications of the land you want to buy and the price that is appropriate for your budget, as well as paying a good commission for this agent for his services, and this real estate agent will search in the range of areas you want, and the prices that suit you; This saves you the trouble of searching.

Don’t rush to buy, and don’t get bored with searching

If you decide to dispense with the services of a real estate agent from the outset for material considerations, you must give yourself the time necessary to search and inquire. In this case, it is advised to ask for help from acquaintances, relatives or friends who have experience in purchasing land previously, or are currently searching for a suitable site for construction; They may provide you with information you do not know. Moreover, never get bored with research, and do not rush to buy a plot of land that does not meet your requirements, or you have not been scrupulous about its suitability for construction.

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