Compounds to live in Cairo at 5 different places

Some people prefer to live in a compound within Cairo to enjoy being close to their work

Searching for the best real estate isn’t an easy task and it needs much time to gather enough information. So if you are searching for a property in one of the compounds available in Cairo, we have gathered the best ones in five vital locations with the features offered by each of them. 

Districts which have the best compounds in Cairo

  • Shorouk Compounds
  • Fifth settlement Compounds
  • Al Hadaba Alwosta Compounds
  • Al Maadi Compounds
  • El Obour Compounds

Compounds in Shorouk City

Shorouk is one of the best modern cities in Cairo located northern the governorate, 37 kilometers from the heart of the city and between Cairo-Ismailia and Cairo Suez roads. The city is quiet, has a clean atmosphere and large green surfaces. It is also characterized by excellent urban planning and low population. The British University, the French University and Heliopolis Club are among the most important landmarks in the city. 

1-Granda Shorouk

Granda project is located at the heart of Shorouk City and is considered an integrated compound on an area of 19 feddans of which only 21.5 percent is buildings and the rest is green areas and entertainment ones. The design of Granda mixes modern unique architecture with green areas and ponds all over the project. 

The compound is near Suez road and also 5 minutes from the new capital, 15 minutes from Heliopolis, 7 minutes from Fifth Settlement and Rehab,10 minutes from Cairo Airport and 30 minutes from Downtown.

*The compound offers duplex and penthouses that can be bought at 15 percent discounting paid in cash, while the installments are: 

  • 4 years with 0% initial payment
  • 5 years with 5% initial payment
  • 6 years with 6% initial payment 

2-Divinia Gardens

Divinia Gardens is one of the best compounds in Shorouk City and it offers wide green areas and excellent architectural design. The compound is also 100 meters away from Heliopolis Club and it offers Townhouses and Grand Townhouses.

*The installments are facilitated as: 

  • 12% over 3 years 
  • 20% over 4 years 
  • 30% over 5 years 

Compounds in 5th Settlement

New Cairo is now one of the most demanded cities in Cairo. Located to the east, the New Cairo City has the First, Third and Fifth Settlements. The Fifth Settlement is one part of New Cairo and not all of it, but it has recently become the most demanded and high priced part of New Cairo. 

1-Galleria Compound

Galleria compound was built to be a great destination for everyone admiring art. The compound offers many services for a better quality of life.

On an area of 71 feddans, the compound has only 18 percent of its area as buildings and the rest 82 percent is for green beautiful land, swimming pools, and other water surfaces.

Galleria is just 5 minutes from the American University in 5th settlement and it has a duplex and regular apartments. The payment facilities offer only 15 percent initial payment and 85 percent equal monthly installments divided on 6 years.

2-90 Avenue

90 Avenue is an international compound in one of the best locations in the fifth settlement. The compound has a modern architecture with world class designs and high-quality finishing and services. 

Located in New Cairo in the fifth settlement one minute from the American University. The facilities include 5% initial payment and 6 years installments. 

Compounds in Alhadaba Alwosta 

Alhadaba Alwosta is one of the relatively new districts near Almoqattam. The district is located between the ring road and Moqattam mountain and can be considered one of the fastest growing districts in recent years due to the relatively lower prices and the location near Cairo. 


The compound has 96 residential units with areas ranging between 155 square meters, 150 square meters and 160 square meters based on four different models to suit various needs and styles. The compound is built on a 4300 square meters area.

Around the project, a transportation network is present to facilitate the transportation of the compound residents from it to the most vital parts of Cairo. The compound is only 5 minutes from the ring road and Carrefour in Maadi,10 minutes from Autostrad and 20 minutes from Nasr City.
The compound has various units including apartments, stores and pharmacies with facilities up to 30 percent in payment and 3 years installments.


Compounds in Maadi 

Maadi is one of the most important and one of the oldest districts in Cairo. It is divided into Old Maadi, Zahraa Almaadi and New Maadi where every district has smaller ones with various living levels. 

Bavaria Town compound offers a modern vision and an enjoyable experience. Composed of 37 towers with a swimming pool on top of each, the compound adds privacy to its residents making each tower a separate entity. The compound also has an open place for barbecues to have nice days with families while green flower-filled gardens are around.
Bavaria compound is located on Maadi Ring Road near Carrefour and the American University on the other side of Alsaid Club and New Maadi Club. The compound is easily reachable through all the main roads. 

2-Zawaya Maadi

Zawaya is a complete business compound of 3 buildings one is a hospital, one is for medical centers and one for administrative offices. Every building is formed of 10 floors with the ground and first floors dedicated for retail stores. 

Zawaya is located in Zahraa Almaadi near Wadi Degla Club, minutes away from Autostrad and near the connection between Zahraa street and the ring road. 

The compound offers administrative and medical units with facilities up to 72 months installments.

Compounds in El Obour 

El Obour is one of the big cities with good urban planning located northeast to Cairo. The integrated city has many factories and industrial area but also has wide area of residential units that offer a comforting and quiet environment with clubs and gardens all around. The city also has Elobour market which is one of the biggest markets in Egypt. 

1-High City Compound

The compound is built on a 36 feddans area and is composed of 60 buildings each of 4 floors (a ground floor, 3 floors, and a garage). Each floor has 4 apartments, so each building has 16 apartments and the whole compound has 960 apartments.

High City compound is located opposite to Orabi square at the entrance of the fifth and sixth districts and 2 minutes away from Ain Shams University, 5 minutes from Carrefour El Obour, 10 minutes from Misr International University and 10 minutes from Cairo Ismailia road. The compound is also 15 minutes from the ring road, 15 minutes from Cairo International Airport and 20 minutes from the fifth settlement. 

*The units offered in the compound are duplex, regular apartments, and apartments with gardens with facilities in installments as: 

  • 0 percent initial payment and 3 year installments
  • 10 percent initial payment and 4 year installments
  • 20 percent initial payment and 5 years installments
  • 30 percent initial payment and 6 year installments

*All prices and installemnt plans are updated on the first quarter of 2018