Your guide to schools in 6th of October City

The process of choosing a place to live is always accompanied with the process of choosing the nearest, best service areas to your home to save time, money, and effort for the whole family. 


Therefore, one of the most important factors families search for is educational services and nearby schools so their children would enjoy a high level of education without having to worry about their daily commute or subscribing to the school’s bus.


This is considered an important step that needs to be taken into consideration because once you find a school that provides a high level of education nearby, your child can save their commuting time to practice other activities that will help them grow physically and emotionally. 


This is why you can use Aqarmap’s “Ask Your Neighborhood” guide to know more about the best schools surrounding your area.

Schools in West Cairo


The Average Prices of Different Schools


Governmental Schools


The tuition fees of governmental schools are divided among the different stages. Whereas, the tuition fees from kindergarten to fourth grade reach EGP 305. From fifth grade to ninth grade, the tuition fees are EGP 205, while the first year of highschool costs EGP 520 and the last two years of highschool cost EGP 505.


Experimental Schools


The tuition fees of  kindergarten cost EGP 1,400. EGP 1200 of which are dedicated to the school, EGP 100 are for activities, and EGP 100 for developing the school’s technologies.


As for the primary stage, its tuition fees cost EGP 1,500 in addition to EGP 200 that is dedicated for developing the school’s technologies.


The preparatory stage in experimental schools cost around EGP 1,800 in addition to EGP 200 dedicated for developing the school’s technologies, and lastly, the highschool stage cost EGP 2,100 in addition to EGP 200 for developing the school’s technologies.


Private Schools


The starting prices of private schools’ tuition fees for all stages is EGP 2,000 minimum


International Schools


The tuition fees of international schools start from EGP 35,000 minimum and sometimes exceed EGP 250,000 for different stages.


Regular Azharian Institutes 


For kindergarten and primary stages, the tuition fees cost EGP 50, while it costs EGP 60 for the preparatory stage. As for highschool, it costs EGP 75.


Typical Azharian Institutes


The tuition fees of the preliminary stage are EGP 350, and EGP 150 for the preparatory stage.


The first primary grade costs EGP 355, and from the second primary grade to the sixth primary grade, the fees cost EGP 154.5. As for the preparatory stage, the tuition fees for the first grade are EGP 390, the second and third preparatory grades are EGP 190. 


Finally, the tuition fees are EGP 415 for the first secondary grade, and EGP215 for the second and third grades. 


The Most Famous Schools in 6th of October City, Sheikh Zayed, and Hadayek October


The 6th of October City and New October


  • Governmental Schools: 6th of October City includes many governmental schools such as Umm El-Mo’meneen School, Ali Bin Abi Taleb School, 6th of October School, Nahdet Misr School
  • Experimental Schools: El-Ahrar Experimental School, El-Fardous Experimental School, and El-Nasr Experimental School
  • International Schools: Choueifat International School, El-Turath Canadian School, Dream International School, Thebes International School, and the British International School



Hadayek October 


  • Governmental Schools: Mohammed Abu El-Magd Martyr School, Uthman Ibn Affan School, El-Ferdaous School, El-Kawthar School, and Bilal Ibn Rabah School
  • Private Schools:  Dream Ideal Education School, Reyad El-Salaheen Private School, Amoon Garden City Private School, El-Hoda Islamic Private School, Omar Ibn Abdelaziz Private School, Hadayek October Language School, Rowad El-Mostaqbal Private School, El-Iman Private School, 
  • International Schools: Capital International School, Royal International School, Al-Alsun American-British School, New Castle International School, Egyptian-Japanese International School


Sheikh Zayed


  • Governmental Schools: Abu Baker School for Primary Education, El-Amal School for Primary Education, Sheikh Zayed Highschool for Girls, Sheikh Zayed School for Boys, Omar Ibn El-Khattab School for Primary Education 
  • Private Schools: El-Andaluseya Private School, El-Manal Private School, Bent El-Seddik Language School
  • International Schools: Continental Palace International School, Egyptian-Japanese International School in Sheikh Zayed, Beverly Hills American School, Beverly Hills German School, Green Land International School, Majesty International School, Marvel International School, and the British School in Egypt




  • Governmental Schools: Abo El-Hool School for Primary Education, Ahmed Loutfy El-Sayed School, El-Beheiry School for Primary Education (Mix), El-Ahram School, El-Botran School for Primary Education (Mix), and Vocational School for Printing for Boys.
  • Private Schools: El-Farouk Private School, Spatess Private School, Ezz El-Arab Private School, Baby Palace Private School, Modern Education Private School, King Faisal Private School, El-Iman Secondary School for Tourism & Hotels, Aton Private School, Ibn Atallah Private School, Khatem El-Morsaleen Private School, Dar El-Hanan Language Schoo for Boys
  • International Schools: Egyptian International Schools, Fikra International School, Future International School, El-Orman School, Ibn Sina School, and Trust International School


Required Documents to Apply for Your Child to A School


To apply for your children in any school, you have to prepare the following documents:


  • A computerized birth certificate
  • 4 personal, modern pictures
  • Stamps of medical insurance
  • A copy of both parents’ national ID
  • Stamps of educational professions
  • Any bill of public facilities of their place of residence (gas bill, electricity, water, etc.)
  • A copy of the online school application on the Ministry of Education’s website
  • A file that includes all of the aforementioned documents 


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