villages to spend summer at North Coast

North Coast attracts large numbers of tourists for its unique ambience

The north coast is now the most favorable destination for many in the summer for spending the vacation. The north coast is now full of resorts and beautiful beaches with more entertainment and luxury choices than ever. 

In this article, we offer a comparison of the best resorts to visit in your next vacation. 

Marassi North Coast 

Marassi is one of the best resorts in the North Coast and one of its most luxurious ones. The attractive colors and architecture of the resort make it one of the most luxurious resorts in Egypt and some consider it the best resort in Egypt. 

Marassi lies in Sidi Abdel Rahman district in Al Alamein City 129 kilometers of Al Alamein road. Besides its beauty, the resort offers a private beach, a golf playground, restaurants, cafes, hotels and entertainment areas for all ages. 

Marina North Coast

Marina has kept its position within the resorts of the north coast for years despite the appearance of many new projects. At the time it was built, the resort offers a unique experience with new things that showed up for the first time like the artificial ponds. 

Marina lies in Al Alamein from the 94th kilometer at 111 kilometers on Alexandria Matrouh road and it is the largest resort there with 7 gates. Marina has a number of hotels, restaurants, cafes and even a yacht club.

Amwaj North Coast

Many people spend their vacation in Amwaj North Coast and consider it their best destination in the summer. The resort that has many beautiful sights lies at 136 kilometers on Alexandria Matrouh road and it has higher prices for chalets compared to Marina. The resort has many swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, artificial lakes, and retail stores. 

La Vista North Coast

The demand for buying units is growing due to the luxurious architecture it offers and integrated services. The resort lies at 170 kilometers on Alexandria Matrouh road. You can find many chalets for sale at La Vista with many services including hotels, swimming pools, a mall, an aqua park, and artificial ponds. 

Fouka Bay

Fouka Bay is one of the most beautiful resorts in the north coast and it lies at 211 kilometers at Alexandria Matrouh road. The modern designs there make everyone wanting to enjoy them and own a unit there alongside the crystal lagoons, The House Hotel, the swimming pools, the aqua park, and the entertainment areas. 

Golf Porto Marina 

Golf sports Marina resort has services that suit all tastes and needs like golf playgrounds swimming pools and yacht harbors. The chalets at Golf Porto Marina have lower prices compared to other resorts in the north coast like Amwaj so it is a great choice if you want to save some money and still enjoy an excellent experience. 

Hacienda Bay 

Hacienda Bay is 124 kilometers of Alexandria Matrouh road. The chalets there enjoy many services and features including an artificial lake, a hotel, a mall, kids entertainment areas, restaurants, and cafes. 

Swan Lake 

Swan Lake lies at 200 kilometers on Alexandria Matrouh road in Sidi Abdel Rahman at Al Alamein near Amwaj. The chalets are surrounded by many services including a clubhouse, clubs, kids entertainment playgrounds, a large hotel, restaurants, and cafes that oversee the sea. 

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