Your Complete Guide About New Cairo.. Apartments and Villas

Do you look for a high-end place of residence for you and your children to enjoy a happy life and a better future? Or, do you have an idea about a business and look for a unique location to implement it? Are you a doctor and looking for a real estate unit to be the headquarters of your clinic? All this and more you can easily find in New Cairo. It is a new city that spans an area of ​​70,000 acres and includes a large number of residential, commercial and administrative projects.


An Overview About New Cairo

New Cairo is one of the finest cities in Cairo. It is characterized by its vast area and consists of several districts and residential areas. The most prominent of these districts and residential areas are the Fifth Settlement, the First Settlement, the Third Settlement, Rehab, Madinaty and others.

New Cairo is characterized by its high-end level and ideal services that guarantee its residents a life full of luxury and pleasure. So, the demand for New Cairo has significantly increased, whether for housing, administrative or commercial units.


guide about new cairo


New Cairo and New Cities

New Cairo features a distinguished strategic location, as it is located in the area between Cairo, Suez Desert Road and Kattameya – Ain Sukhna Road. So, it is close to many neighboring cities, such as Nasr City, Heliopolis, Mokattam, the New Administrative Capital and others.


Important Roads Linking New Cairo with the Surrounding Cities

There are several important roads linking New Cairo with the surrounding cities, most notably the Ring Road, the 26th of July Axis, and the NA Road that connects New Cairo to Nasr City, Mokattam and the downtown area.


The Importance of New Cairo as a Business District

New Cairo is one of the most important business areas for several reasons, most notably:

  • New Cairo’s strategic location, which made it close to many surrounding cities, such as Nasr City, Heliopolis, and others. So, New Cairo is increasingly popular with the residents of those cities.
  • New Cairo has many important roads and main axes linking it to the surrounding areas. So, it is easy to reach New Cairo without any trouble.
  • New Cairo is characterized by increasing population growth, which necessarily leads to an increase in the rate of demand for existing commercial and administrative projects. New Cairo has witnessed a great increase in the number of residential compounds and projects.
  • New Cairo has great services provided by the  residential compounds and projects, which will lead to a significant increase in sales.
  • New Cairo is an ideal destination for your commercial or administrative project.
  • New Cairo includes a very large number of commercial and administrative projects that include many housing units that are suitable for establishing your project.
  • Owning a commercial or administrative unit in New Cairo is a great investment opportunity due to the continuous rise in the value of the real estate units. So, your commercial or administrative unit would be a profitable investment project, as it can be offered for rent and you will be benefited from the financial return.


The Importance of New Cairo as a Residential Area

New Cairo has become one of the new cities that many people head to it to search for apartments and villas for sale or rent in new cairo to enjoy living in an integrated community with many advantages and services. The most important reasons that made New Cairo one of the most important residential areas are as follows:

  • The high level that made New Cairo one of the luxurious cities, where you can find a different level of life to guarantee you and your children a better future.
  • New Cairo has a strong infrastructure and complete public facilities, as it is a newly established city.
  • The distinctive strategic location of New Cairo, which made it close to other cities, such as Nasr City, Heliopolis, Downtown and others. So, New Cairo residents can easily move to those neighboring cities.
  • New Cairo is famous for its good planning and the elegant organization of its streets, which adds to the city an unparalleled touch of sophistication and luxury.
  • New Cairo includes many services that make the lives of its residents easier. The most prominent existing services in New Cairo are:

guide about new cairo


Educational Institutions and Schools

New Cairo includes plenty of schools that offer a distinguished level of education for various educational levels. The most prominent schools are:

  • International Schools of Choueifat
  • American International School
  • German Private School

There are also many universities and higher educational institutes, such as:

  • American University in Cairo (AUC)
  • German University in Cairo (GUC)
  • New Cairo Academy


Medical Services

New Cairo is integrated with health care services, as it includes many important hospitals and medical centers in New Cairo, most notably:

  • Air-Force Specialized Hospital
  • Tabarak Children’s Hospital
  • Doctor’s Medical Center, which contains more than 15 clinics in various medical specialities.


Sports Clubs

Residents of New Cairo enjoy a lot of surrounding services. There are also a number of sports clubs with a large number of different playgrounds for many sports activities. So, your kids will not find it difficult to exercise or play their favourite sport. These sports clubs are for instance:

  • Wadi Degla Sports Club
  • Katameya Club
  • New Cairo Club


Recreational Areas

New Cairo is famous for malls that elders and children prefer to visit to enjoy distinguished entertainment tours. The most prominent commercial malls in New Cairo are:

  • Downtown Mall
  • Cairo Festival City Mall
  • Point 90 Mall


Commercial Services

Hypermarkets and supermarkets save time and effort for the family to buy all household goods and necessities. So, there are many hypermarkets in New Cairo, most notably:

  • Carrefour Hypermarket
  • Saudi
  • Fathallah and others


Specifications of Apartments in New Cairo

New Cairo includes a large number of housing units, including apartments for sale in new cairo, apartments for rent, and villas for sale. New Cairo is famous for its high-end designs and varied spaces, where you can find apartments with areas starting from 60 square meters and villas with areas starting from ​​more than 1,000 square meters.

New Cairo is also famous for its great diversity, as there are state housing projects, such as youth housing and others. Also, there are many residential compounds belonging to many real estate companies that offer easy payment systems and include a large number of services. The most prominent of New Cairo’s compounds are:


Mivida New Cairo Compound

Mivida Compound is located near the American University in Cairo (AUC) and is only 20 minutes away from Cairo International Airport. The compound includes a number of housing units that vary between apartments, twin houses, and villas of different areas. The Compound offers easy payment systems for up to 8 years.


Hyde Park New Cairo Compound

Hyde Park New Cairo is located in the Rawda neighborhood of the Fifth Settlement near the Square Compound. The Compound includes apartments for sale with areas starting from 86 square meters. There are also villas for sale with areas starting from 227 square meters, in addition to a number of duplexes, townhouses and twin houses. You can pay a down payment of 10% of the total unit price, and the remaining amount is paid in installments over 7 years.


Mountain View New Cairo Compound

Mountain View Compound is located just two minutes away from the Ring Road. The Compound enjoys a distinctive view over Al Jazira Sports Club. The Compound is characterized by vast green spaces, scenic landscapes and a large number of services that make the lives of residents easy and more comfortable. It also includes apartments, penthouses and villas with areas ranging from 134 to 700 square meters.


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