Which Is Better: Zed East or Zed West?

Zed East and Zed West are the most famous residential projects developed by Ora Developers Company. Zed West Compound is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed and occupies a vast area covered and surrounded by green spaces and gardens. 

The compound overlooks the Sheikh Zayed Central Park, offers a luxurious lifestyle, and is close to all services. On the other hand, the Zed East project is located in New Cairo and is close to the Middle Ring Road and the New Administrative Capital.

Each project of Zed East and Zed West projects has its advantages, so if you think about choosing from both of them, you should know all details about each project. The differentiation would be based on location, services, the level and types of housing units, and other details.


Background Information on the Real Estate Developer of Zed East and Zed West


Ora Developers is the developer of the two projects and is a leading real estate development company. The company has developed various residential and administrative projects in and outside Egypt. The company is headed by Chairman Naguib Sawiris, a prominent businessman.

Ora Developers is well-known for providing a luxurious lifestyle with global expertise in its projects and highly pays attention to detail. The company carefully selects new and emerging locations around the world to build its projects and is keen to create a luxurious living environment mixed with natural elements. The projects of Ora Developers are as follows:

  • Inside Egypt: Zed East Compound, Zed West Compound, Ora Resort on the North Coast
  • Outside Egypt: there are projects in London, Pakistan, Cyprus, and others


Details of the Zed East Project in New Cairo


Zed East New Cairo - Fully Finished Apartments & Villas


After the success of the Zed Towers project in Sheikh Zayed, Ora Developers aimed at establishing a luxurious compound in New Cairo in 2020, i.e. Zed East Compound. 

The area of ​​the Zed East project is 420 acres and includes a large group of housing units, including apartments in Zed East Project, villas, townhouses, and commercial units.


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Strategic Location of Zed East Compound in New Cairo


The Zed East project features a privileged location in New Cairo, as it is located on the Central Ring Road and near the South 90th Street

The compound is only 10 minutes away from the American University in Cairo (AUC) and is surrounded by a group of distinctive compounds and vital areas in New Cairo. For example, Hyde Park and El Patio Oro Compound, which guarantee you a similar social level and a good neighborhood. 

One of the most prominent features of Zed East is its proximity to the New Administrative Capital and vital service areas.


Design of Zed East Complex


The Zed East project is designed according to the international architectural foundations in cooperation with Watg London, a global architectural company with offices in Europe. 

It is scheduled that all housing units will be delivered fully finished with modern interiors, kitchens, air conditioning, and an equipped indoor garage.


Advantages of Living in Zed East


Zed East project is characterized by providing security, maintenance, and recreational services, such as vast parks and artificial lakes. There is also a sports club, a mall, a hotel, and a luxurious restaurant area. So, you do not need to get out of the Compound.


Payment Systems for Units and Reservation Details in Zed East


The developer of the project provides payment facilities, where you can pay a down payment ranging from 10% to 15% and the rest is paid in installments over 6 to 10 years without interest.

Areas of apartment in Zed East range from 60 to 240 square meters, while areas of villas and townhouses in zed east range from 170 to 350 square meters. Prices start from approximately EGP 2,000,000 and increase according to the type and area of the housing unit.


Zed East and Advantages of Living in New Cairo


When you choose to live in the Zed East project, you will get the following advantages of living in New Cairo:

  • A distinguished location: New Cairo is distinguished by proximity to the various districts of Cairo, such as Nasr City and Heliopolis, as well as to the properties of the New Administrative Capital, Madinaty, Rehab, and other new cities
  • Proximity to the main roads: New Cairo, especially the Zaid project, is distinguished by proximity to the main roads, such as the Middle Ring Road, the Regional Ring Road, 90th Street
  • Easy access to the basic services: in Zed East, you are close to international schools, distinguished universities, and hospitals, such as Choueifat School, British and American schools, the German University in Cairo (GUC), Air Force Specialized Hospital, and the Saudi German Hospital
  • Recreational areas: there are many commercial areas in New Cairo, malls, cinemas, sports clubs, and all kinds of entertainment in New Cairo
  • Nature of the city: New Cairo is characterized by good planning, wide streets, parks, green spaces, calmness, low population density, and a moderate atmosphere in the summer


Details of Zed West Project in Sheikh Zayed


ZED WEST - Aqarpedia


Zed West project in Sheikh Zayed City is another project developed by Ora Developers. The Compound is located in a privileged location and overlooks the Sheikh Zayed Central Park. The Zed West project occupies an area of ​​165 acres and includes various housing units, towers, administrative buildings in New Cairo, and a hotel.


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Prime Location of Zed West Compound 


The Zed West project is located in one of the most important areas of Sheikh Zayed, as it is only 3 minutes away from Hyper One, 7 minutes away from Arkan Plaza. It can be easily accessed via the 26th of July Axis or the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.


Design of the Zed West Project in Sheikh Zayed


Zed West is the first project of its kind in Sheikh Zayed City, as it includes a group of towers with 20 floors, other towers with 10 floors, and a 5-star hotel. The Compound includes vast green areas and a walkway amongst trees.


Advantages of Zed West


One of the most prominent advantages of Zed West is the central park. It also includes a commercial area, an administrative area, a commercial walkway of 800 meters, and a recreational area. Additionally, the Compound includes a sports complex, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy, a mall, and social clubs.


Payment Systems and Reservation Details in Zed West


All housing units in Zed West are delivered fully finished, with kitchens and air conditioners. The nature of the housing units in New Cairo varies according to the type of towers, as follows:

  • Towers with 10 floors: the customer pays 5% of the total unit price in New Cairo as a down payment, 5% after 3 months, and the rest is paid in installments over 7 to 10 years. Units are delivered after 3 and a half years, and the area ranges from 97 to 237 square meters.
  • Towers with 20 floors: the customer pays 10% of the total unit price as a down payment, 5% after 3 months, and the rest is paid in installments over 7 years with 7.5% as a maintenance deposit. Units are to be delivered after 4 years and areas range from 135 to 250 square meters. The second phase of the project is also planned to include studio apartments with areas starting from 55 square meters.

Zed West and the Advantages of Living in Sheikh Zayed City


If you choose to live in Zed West, living in Sheikh Zayed has multiple advantages, as follows:

  • Good location: Sheikh Zayed is distinguished by proximity to the districts of Giza and central Cairo, and the 6th of October City
  • Roads to any area in Greater Cairo: Sheikh Zayed can be easily accessed via the 26th of July Axis and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road
  • Integrated services: Sheikh Zayed has all government services, places of worship, and international schools, distinguished universities, and major hospitals, such as the British School, the Japanese School, Nile University, Misr International University, Dar Al Fouad, and Rufidah Hospital
  • Luxuries and best shopping experience: the entertainment facilities abound in Sheikh Zayed, such as shopping centers, malls, sports clubs, and parks
  • A quiet green city: Sheikh Zayed is characterized by calmness and distance from the crowds. It also has distinctive engineering planning, wide streets, and green spaces in and outside the compounds. Besides, it is a high-class residential community and due to its height above sea level, it has a wonderful atmosphere throughout the year


Sheikh Zayed or New Cairo?


There are many advantages to living in New Cairo and Sheikh Zayed as well, but you should decide according to your needs.

New Cairo is suitable for those looking for proximity to the New Administrative Capital, Madinaty, properties of El Rehab, or El Shorouk. Additionally, it is still low in population density, is a commercial investment area, still under development and has many residential, investment, and service projects.

Sheikh Zayed City is suitable for those looking for proximity to Giza or the 6th of October City. It is characterized by calmness, green spaces, and remoteness from crowds. It is also a high-end residential community of the first order.

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