Best Features of El-Horreya Compound New Cairo

The El-Horreya project is a luxurious residential complex of various models, equipped with a central and entertainment area, as well as surveillance cameras.

 It is located across from Gate 6 of Al Rehab City, and the project includes units with areas ranging from 156 square meters to 277 square meters, which are fully finished.


Details about El Horreya Compound, Fifth Settlement

The Housing and Development Bank offers housing units in Hurriya residential compound in the Northern Investors whose area is of total 711 housing units and 58 villas on an area of ​​20 acres.

The types and spaces of the residential units in the compound vary to suit the different needs and tastes of the customers. Where apartments for sale in El Horreya Compound in the Fifth Settlement are available at the best prices in buildings of four floors and a ground floor, with different areas ranging from 157 square meters to 310 square meters.

 The designs of the buildings have a simple and attractive modern look. The charm and beauty of the green spaces and the private garden at all entrances, available villas in El Horreya Compound in Fifth Settlement and duplexes enhance the relaxing atmosphere of the place.

Background on the Real Estate Developer of El Horreya Compound

The Housing and Development Bank is one of the largest institutions that develop villages and provide housing units for young people with immediate delivery and installments over several years. The bank is one of the most important supporters of urban development and has set future plans for housing in Egypt.

Previous Works of El Horreya 

since its vision is to bridge the gap in the overpopulation and establish an integrated group of housing projects for long generations to combat overcrowding in the future, we find that the Housing and Development Bank projects include the following:

1-Acacia Compound in front of Gate 6 Al-Rehab

2- Palma Compound on northern 90 in front of Future University

3- Al-Muntazah Compound in 6th of October City on Al-Wahat Road 

4- Al-Fayrouz Village project in Hurghada on the main road «Hurghada-Ras Ghareb»


Advantages of El Horreya Compound, Fifth Settlement

properties  offered for sale in Horreya Compound in the Fifth Settlement is inhabited at 85%. It overlooks green gardens; This allows fresh air to breathe wherever you are inside the compound.

The units are super super lux finished with luxurious facades, and it has a mosque for prayer, its own commercial center, and a cultural center. All these comprehensive services are available inside the compound.

  • It enjoys modernly designed facades
  • Elevators and luxurious interior finishes
  • The project is characterized by three models: Aliaa – Al Rawda – Al Sondos

Of course, there are many schools, international universities and high-end commercial centers in the neighborhood, as is the case in New Cairo.

Payment Plans in El Hurriya Complex

The Housing and Development Bank has provided various spaces for residential units to suit the different needs of customers. Therefore, the payment plans at Hurriya Compound give the option of a down payment at 25% of The price of the units in Al Horreya Compound through Aqarmap, and the rest in installments up to 10 years.

  1. Unit prices are competitive. At Hurriya Compound, you can find an apartment of 220 square meters, consisting of 3 bedrooms, at a price of EGP 2,900,00 
  2. You may also find a luxuriously finished villa with 7 bedrooms, with an area of ​​350 square meters, at a price of EGP 6,000,000

Of course, El-Hurriya neighborhood is not for all social groups, but what distinguishes it most is the possibility of installments over several months, and this is a feature provided by the Development Bank to serve the youth, taking into account their conditions and improving their level in the future.


Location of El Horreya Compound 

El Hurriya Compound is located in the Northern Investors area in front of Al-Rehab Gate, and the neighborhood is distinguished by that it is adjacent to Al-Rehab City, as it is located on the Sadat axis, and near the Suez Road. The neighborhood is distinguished from other neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement in that it was allocated to real estate development companies that have built closed residential complexes, most of which provide luxury housing, and some provide above average housing.

The compound is located near the most famous residential complexes in New Cairo, we mention it

  • El Patio Compound, New Cairo
  • Hayati Residence Compound
  • Waterway Complex
  • Sun Site project
  • Ashrafieh compound
  • Bellagio Compound
  • Hayat Heights Project

Why Consider Residing in the Northern Investors Area?

The Northern Investors area is characterized by the following:

  1. Unique location, luxury and privacy, beauty of view as wide parks are spread in the neighborhood, and green spaces separate the residential areas
  2. The area is close to all vital and important services, in addition to the most beautiful facades and high-quality finishes
  3. The Northern Investors Extension area contains residential compounds such as: Concordia, Moon Valley 2, Jolie Heights and many other residential compounds
  4.  It is located near the Carnation Services District and the Northern Investors Area, and it is located near Al Rehab City in the east and Al Banafsaj district in the west
  5. Educational services are available: kindergartens and a special education school
  6. Recreational services are available: shopping centers, flying sports club, restaurants and cafes
  7. The vital services that are available: shops and pharmacies
  8. It also has houses of worship, large green spaces and beautiful gardens
  9. The neighborhood is bordered to the north by the Sadat axis, one of the most important axes of New Cairo, to the south by the northern 90 road, to the east by the Tahrir axis, which separates the neighborhood from the Northern Investors neighborhood, and to the west by the Muhammad Naguib axis
  10. It features a complete infrastructure
  11. Vast green spaces 


The Freedom Compound in the Fifth Settlement is an integrated residential project, one of the HDB projects, with immediate receipt and high-level finishing.

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