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Right in the heart of Cairo, life in Mokattam is like no other. This historically rich city offers you fresh air and good weather all year round, but it doesn’t stop there. So, if you’re looking for a place in Mokattam you’ll be looking for somewhere convenient, safe and luxurious. Living in a place like that gives you the chance to enjoy everything this city has to offer, and is certainly much better for you and your family. 

An easier life is a much better life, and Florenta Compound in Mokattam offers you just that. Safety, luxury, privilege and so much more; life in Florenta can’t get any better. 

Background Information on the Real Estate Developer of Florenta Compound

Florenta is one of the works of Abraj Misr Urban Development. Although relatively new, this company has rapidly advanced to become a key player in the Egyptian real estate market with a growing portfolio of developments distinguished by peerless locations, innovative technology, and iconic design. Through their success in many projects like The Gate and Lavanda Compounds, they’ve managed to obtain a notable status in the Egyptian real estate market. 

Details on Mokattam 

Its name “Al Mokattam” meaning broken or cut off in Arabic, refers to the range of hills atop Mokattam Mountain divided into three pleateus (upper, central and lower). In this beautiful district, you’ll find true peace, even though it’s centered in Cairo. The quiet fresh atmosphere attributes to it lying above sea level. Who would’ve thought such a peaceful place would be lying right at the heart of the busiest governorate in Egypt?

Advantages of Florenta Compound

Stretching over 1960 square meters in Mokattam, Florenta Compound sits offering you a life you’ve always dreamed of. Every aspect of this beautiful compound easily places it between the top compound in all of Egypt. Why do we think so? This project is the first residential compound in Egypt to win the Silver Pyramid award; Florenta is the first residential community in Egypt designed with Green Architecture technology, which means street lights and elevators are all powered by solar panels. That is in addition to a hot water network that reaches all the units and provides 40% of all electricity consumption. Not only that, but buildings within Florenta include an advanced system for separating garbage, identical to the Global Environmental Specifications. If you think the privileges stop here, you’d be surprised how much more Florenta has to offer you:

  • Full super-lux finishing
  • A social building specifically made for ladies
  • The first ever club made specifically for children
  • A playground and a kindergarten 
  • 3 swimming pools and a health club
  • A swimming academy
  • A family friendly movie theatre
  • Vast landscapes
  • Full security
  • An underground garage
  • A visible intercom
  • Central satellite 
  • An energy-fueled hot water network
  • Solar panels providing 40% of the compound’s electricity usage

Types of Units in Florenta Compound in Mokattam

 This compound includes 500 residential units of varying spaces separated among 25 buildings, on a 2/3 2/1 1/1 land scheme. Units are fully facilitated for every resident’s convenience.

Florenta offers you varying options to choose from, where units spaces range from 115 square meters to 215 square meters all fully finished. 

Phases of the Florenta Project 

Florenta provides its clients with many options to suit everyone’s requirements. The compound was built over 3 phases:

  • First phase: 6 buildings
  • Second phase: 13 buildings
  • Third phase: 6 buildings

Location of Florenta Compound

Florenta lies in Mokattam’s Central Plateau in a very distinct location. You’ll find yourself only 5 minutes away from Carrefour Maadi, 10 minutes from Maadi and Fifth Settlement, and only 15 minutes from Nasr City and Downtown Cairo. 

Prices of Units in Florenta

Prices within the compound vary according to the desired unit’s space. Generally, prices in Florenta* start at about EGP 5,800 per square meter. 

Which means an apartment of 175 square meters starts at about EGP 800,000. 

Payment Methods of Units in Florenta in Mokattam

Florenta offers its clients various payment methods to facilitate the whole process, with installments for up to 8 years. 

*Please keep in mind that all the prices in this article are subject to change, and we at Aqarmap are constantly updating our Prices Guide to keep our customers and readers informed about the latest updates in the real estate market.

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