Know about Mokattam districts and its prices

Mokattam is located in the middle of Cairo Governorate. It is divided into three plateaus: Upper, Middle and Lower. It is a modern area with new planning and modern real estates, served by modern facilities and modern developed roads. It is located among popular housing (Housing of Cooperatives and Al-Zelzal) as the environment is developed and improved, and self-efforts are created to have a high-class developed society served by integrated services that help to preserve the society in a modern civilized and social way. Mokattam Government Office continues to implement its planning, stop and remove the violating buildings. 

Mokattam is characterized by calmness and its relatively moderate temperatures in the summer due to its highness. One of its disadvantages is having some slums such as Al-Zelzal houses which were specifically established for the victims of the 1992 Earthquake. It was also previously believed that some areas of the district are threatened with collapse as many scientific studies have confirmed the safety of the district. Luxurious real estate projects have recently been established in Mokattam. Mokattam is characterized by the diversity of its standard of living, which is generally above average.

Divison of Mokattam districts 

Mokattam districts on the map are divided into 7 areas: 3 old which are A, B and C and 4 modern which are D, S, E and H. Mokattam has 25 streets and area A is considered as Corniche. As for B, it is the area that follows Corniche and C area includes the club of the insurance company, Mokattam Central, Al-Quds Mosque and Skoda, which is the best place to live in as it is characterized by its wide organized streets and noticeable calmness. As for D, it extends from Fountain Square to Shell Gas Station and Area H is a side part of Street 9. Area C starts from Al-Jazeera Institute and ends at the intersections of Al- Zelzal. Among the most important landmarks of Mokattam are Fountain Square and Monastery of St. Simeon. It is worth noting that there are several distinct compounds in Mokattam. 

Mokattam districts and its prices 

Uptown Cairo

  •  It is most expensive district of Mokattam as of the price. It is an integrated and independent residential compound developed by Emaar Misr Company.
  • It is located on the surface of Mokattam Mountain in a strategic location, and its residents enjoy an unprecedented view.
  • The project includes villas, housing buildings, administrative buildings, golf courses and hotels.
  • It is the most luxurious residential district in Cairo, where its units enjoy distinguished services and high-quality finishing.
  • The average price per square meter is EGP 21.000 for apartments.
  • The average price per square meter is EGP 19750 for villas.

Diplomatic district 

  •  A luxurious residential area with quietness, such as Mokattam Corniche.
  •  Among its disadvantages is that it does not have any distinctive view and some of its streets and roads are still under construction. Most of the area are buildings and there are not many villas.
  • The average price per square meter is EGP 6900 for apartments.

Neighbourhood of Trees

  •  It is a relatively old area; older than Mokattam Corniche
  •  One of its most famous streets is Hoda Shaarawi, as it contains new and luxurious buildings and commercial malls.
  •  It has average and above average housing.
  •  The average price per square meter is EGP 5800 for apartments.

Street 9

  •  It is the main street in Mokattam. It starts from Fountain Square and extends to Al-Asmarat District.
  •  The street is divided into a group of residential compounds that vary between economic, such as: Upper Egypt housing, Rolan housing, Canal housing, and Delta, and average and above average in the areas surrounding Al-Thawra Street, in addition to Mokattam Club and Egypt Insurance Club.
  • The beginning of Street 9 at Fountain Square is characterized by commercial activity and it has a lot of companies and shops.
  •  The average price per square meter is EGP 5350 for apartments.

Fifth Neighbourhood

  • The cheapest district in Mokattam. The fifth neighbourhood is located in the central plateau which is considered as the newest district of Mokattam relatively, as it was newly built, and it is located between Mokattam Mountain and Maadi Ring Road. It is one of the fastest-growing regions in the past years due to being near to the centre of Cairo and its moderate prices.
  •  The central plateau is characterized by its high occupancy rate and being near to Cairo, Giza and New Cairo, but one of its disadvantages is the lack of straight roads and poor facilities in some areas.
  •  The average price per square meter in the fifth neighbourhood is EGP 4150 for apartments.

* It is worth mentioning that the prices stated in the article are changeable. In Aqarmap, we are keen on updating the price list of the districts, so as the consumer will be able to know the changes in the real estate market.   

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