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Trade districts in Alexandria

Alexandria is one of Egypt’s most popular governorates, the pride of Egyptian cities, the city of Alexander the Great, and the cradle of civilizations and religions. Alexandria districts witness high commercial marketability during the whole year; for the reason of its active interior tourism.

It’s Alexandria, the second capital of Egypt at the current time, and its first capital in the past.

The governorate is located on the great Mediterranean Sea coast, which it’s famous for its soft white sand and turquoise water.

The city extends along 55 km towards west of Delta, until Kilo 71 on “Cairo – Alexandria” Sahrawi Road.

It’s bounded from north by the Mediterranean Sea, king Marriott lake from the south, and Abo Ker bay, Edkou City, and Sidi Kerir from west, reaching to Kilo 63 on Al Saloum Road. 

A heightened activity, and a big market for your business

Alexandria is distinguished by the availability of multifold economic, and touristic activities. In addition, it contains Alexandria Port, Egypt’s largest port, and Dekheila Port.

Moreover, the city if full of commercial activities that attract many individuals and businessmen to invest in trade stores for sale and trade stores for rent in Alexandria

In addition, there is a high turnout by individuals because of the success of numerous activities in the city.

Alexandria also contains a huge number of landmarks, that make of the city a destination for many people from other parts of Egypt and from the world too.

These landmarks enhance the increase of touristic activity in the city, some of them are:

  • Alexandria Library
  • A number of archeological museums and castles
  • Qaitbay Citadel
  • The Roman Amphitheater 

The city is divided into 9 main districts, including about 5,200,000 populations in 2002.

Commercial activity is active because of the huge number of city visitors who come to spend summer vacations and visit trade stores to buy their main goods and requirements, in addition to city’s famous restaurants and cafes.

Therefore, in this article, we shed light on the most significant commercial areas in Alexandria, adequate for purchasing and renting trade stores, where profitable investing factors are available.

Alexandria’s districts

Alexandria consists of many districts, which are:

  • Al Montazah Awal District
  • Al Montazah Tany District
  • Eastern District
  • Central District
  • Western District
  • Al Gomrok Distrit
  • Al Agamy District
  • Al Amreya Awal District 
  • Al Amreya Tany District 

Find out more about Alexandria’s best commercial districts

 Al Agamy District

It’s one of Alexandria’s most famous old districts, located 20 minutes away from the city.

It’s one of the popular summer destinations in the city, which has been headed by the elite in the past. Therefore, many people tend to search for their trade stores available for sale or rent.

The district has a splendid beach; on which many restaurants and cafes are located.

Prices in the city are considerably low; as you can rent a trade store in the area for the average of almost EGP 2,000.

The district also represents one of Alexandria’s major commercial districts, including a number of the best of Alexandria’s famous compounds.

Moharam Bek

One of Alexandria’s most affluent places, including a number of commercial spots, for the reason of being a vital urban area.

Besides, there are multiple hospitals, analytical laboratories, and clinics, like Police Hospital, New Nozha Hospital, and others. Consequently, the district is the perfect place for those who look for pharmacies for sale or rent.

There are many trade stores for rent in Moharam Bek, for prices starting from EGP 2,000 per month.

The area also contains major industries, like textile, chemicals, and others, representing 40% of Egypt’s industrial output.


Smouha is a luxurious district, of a perfect location on the entrance of Alexandria.

It’s privileged by its location near to the airport, and directly in front of Sidi Gaber train station.

Moreover, it’s near to Nozha International Airport and Nozha Gardens; this is why it represents a cross for those who come from and to Alexandria.

For commercial activities, the district is full of trade stores for rent or sale, in addition to the availability of various transportation means, and a number of restaurants and cafes.

It also includes some of the entertainment places, like Green Plaza, a number of clubs, along with trade centers like Al-loaloah.

Sidi Bishr

One of Alexandria’s most popular and big-size areas in Alexandria.

It’s divided into 2 parts, upper and lower. But the upper part is considerably more famous; as it includes famous Miami Neighborhood, in which Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Street is located.

This street is characterized by its famous trade stores, restaurants, cafes, and a number of trade centers.

The sizes of trade stores in this street reach 200 M2, for which are commonly searched because of the availability of business success factors. 

Moreover, Miami includes Gamal Abdel Nasser Street; one of the large streets, which is famous for its numerous great commercial activities.

Trade stores price average is almost EGP 3,000.

Al Manshia

It the location of popular Manshia Market; one of Alexandria’s oldest markets. It includes multiple trade stores and great commercial areas.

It’s famous for its old alleys related to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Besides, it contains many markets related to the Ottoman period, like:

  • Zanket Al-Setat
  • Souk Libya
  • Souk Al-Turk
  • Souk Al Kheit

Al Ibrahimiya Neighborhood

One of Alexandria’s old districts, dated back to the family of Muhammad Ali; as it’s named after a descendant of Muhammad Ali Pasha; founder of modern Egypt.

This district was the destination for the Greeks in Egypt. In addition, It’s full of trade centers, like: Mina Center and Carpet City.

Trade stores for sale and rent are available in Al Ibrhimiya with adequate prices and sizes.

Louran Neighborhood

One of the most affluent and significant commercial areas in Alexandria, in addition to its location near to affluent districts like San Stefano and Al Syouf.

In Louran, there is Sha’arawi Street, one of the most active commercial streets in the district, including numerous international trade stores and restaurants.

It represents a distinctive and significant center for those who look for a successful of investment in Alexandria.

*It’s worth mentioning that prices named above are changeable. We, in Aqarmap, are continually keen on updating prices list of districts, for keeping the client informed with the latest updates in real estate market, in addition to measuring demand indicators though Aqarmap Index.

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