Explore Antoniadis Compound in The Heart of Alexandria

The Developer Behind Antoniadis

Antoniadis is one of the beautiful compounds of Antoniadis for Tourism and Urban Development, a highly prosperous company with many elegant projects to their name. Antoniadis stretches for about 20 feddans containing several residential and commercial buildings. 

A Look Inside Antoniadis Compound

This compound is actually considered the first of its kind in the heart of the beautiful city of Alexandria. Antoniadis has been made according to the highest standards of technical qualifications and modern architectural design.  

Privacy, elegance, and complete security all in the heart of the city at an amazing location; you will find everything you ever wished for in Antoniadis. 

The compound stretches over 20 feddans in the heart of Smouha, directly overlooking the breath-taking gardens of Antoniadis. Unit spaces start from 177 to 330 square meters, and all of the project’s phases have been licensed. 

Features of Antoniadis Compound

The compound provides many exclusive services for the comfort of their residents, guaranteeing them the luxurious life they deserve. Some of these services include:

  • All infrastructural work within the compound is complete, and all of its phases have been licensed. 
  • Full 24 hour security, and completely secure electronic entrance systems. 
  • Elegant roman designs throughout the compound.
  • Beautiful landscapes and streets reaching 24 meters across.  
  • Sports and social clubs that include a spa, a gym and restaurants exclusive only to the residents of the compound. 
  • The option to receive your unit with Super Lux finishing. 

Above all that, Antoniadis city is solely a residential compound, meaning it promises every resident a peaceful and convenient living experience. 

Location of Antoniadis compound

Antoniadis lies by the center of the agricultural road, by the airport and the sea. And the best part? It has an amazing view of the beautiful gardens of Antoniadis and Al-Mahmoudia. 

 Prices and Payment Methods

 Prices in Antoniadis City vary according to the unit’s space. Clients have the option of paying only 25% of the unit’s price as down payment and instal the rest over 4 years. 

*Please keep in mind that all the prices in this article are subject to change, and we at Aqarmap are constantly updating our Prices Guide to keep our customers and readers informed about the latest updates in the real estate market.

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