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About the real estate developer of Madinaty

The city of Madinaty has been established and developed by Talaat Moustafa Group; one of the major leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt and the Middle East. Thus, it has a long history and great experience in this field.

The company has a remarkable record of achievements along 40 years, during which it developed 8.5 million square meters of land, and sold more than 57, 000 real estate units, occupying an area of more than 9 million square meters.

The group develops urban communities with comprehensive services, targeting middle and upper-middle classes. Units in these projects vary in size and type to cope with different incomes, and to meet different needs and requirements of clients who have different expectations for the place in which they want to live.

The group now owns a huge space of land, estimated by 50 million square meters. All these lands are characterized by high quality and good location in places that witness a high population growth in Egypt.

Fast facts about Madinaty

The group has been keen on applying the international standard criteria while establishing the project of Madinaty. The city has been designed by three major American companies in the field of designing new cities; which are HHCP, SWA, SASAKI, all of which have cooperated to put a design of a modern style, where current and future needs have been included.

Madinaty residents enjoy ultimate luxury; as they have wide green areas, golf clubs, daily services that fulfill their needs, and entertaining places. Moreover, along its outskirts, the city has huge and new ground-breaking services to satisfy not only the city’s needs but also other neighboring cities including Greater Cairo.

The city has been established on an area of 8,000 acres, to accommodate 600,000 populations living in 120,000 different residential units. Hence, the city represents an urban expansion of New Cairo.

City location

The city, being an expansion of New Cairo, is located in Kilo 33 of Cairo-Suez Road, 2 km before the entrance of Al Shorouk City, and on the second Ring Road that is being built currently. Moreover, the city is 10 minutes away from Heliopolis, and 20 minutes far away from Central Cairo. The city has the length of 10 km, with the depth 4.5 km, and 270 M above the sea level; thus, the city is characterized by its moderate temperatures along the year.

Privileges of living in Madinaty

Considering Madinaty an international city, it represents uniqueness; as it enjoys privileges that cannot be found in any other Egypt’s new cities. Also, the real estate developer of Madinaty has been keen on performing operation and maintenance of all aspects related to residential areas and service buildings at the highest level of excellence. Moreover, the city enjoys the following distinctive privileges:

The availability of numerous trade centers

The city contains many trade centers fulfilling all shopping requirements, as it includes domestic and international brands, in addition to the availability of different means of entertainment that help residents enjoy their shopping activities. Trade areas have been divided into areas that are located among residential areas, which are targeted to meet residents daily needs, and other areas distributed along the city, in which major services are provided along with entertainment places; whether available as open streets for pediatricians only, or shopping centers with international names.

Bank Area in Madinaty

This area includes many banks, which are: Commercial International Bank, Banque Misr, Arab African International Bank, National Bank of Egypt, Export Development Bank of Egypt, Union National Bank, Qatar National Bank, Bank Audi, and Faisal Islamic Bank.

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Sporting clubs in Madinaty

On an area of 200 acres, Madinaty Sporting Club has been established in the middle of the city, where residents can practice sporting, social, and cultural activities. The club is also targeted to enhance the sense of belonging and make a good use of free times.

Educational facilities in Madinaty 

Talaat Moustafa Group has established educational facilities to serve sons of city residents, which include schools, football academies, and language institutions. As there are 3 schools and a nursery inside the city.

The real estate has been keen on providing the city with numerous entertainment places, including large green areas, parks, restaurants, and cafes, all of which are designed for the leisure of families and kids, and they include the latest aqua games, cinemas, and other means of entertainment.

For the reason of the large space of Madinaty, and being considerably far from the heart of Cairo, city management has allocated 22 bus links that work periodically every half an hour to transport city residents from and to the city. Moreover, there are 9 interior bus links to facilitate residents movement inside the city.

Units available in the city and their sizes

Units in Madinaty are distributed along three residential areas which are: apartments area, villas area, and commercial area.

Apartments in Madinaty

Apartments area in Madinaty includes buildings of apartments for sale in Madinaty, all of which are available in different designs to satisfy all tastes and needs. Most of these buildings’ ground floors include private gardens that overlook the public gardens. You can choose from the units that are available in different sizes vary from 42 M2 to 324 M2. All apartments have more than one facade so their residents can enjoy sun and fresh air. Furthermore, each building in Madinaty has a view of green areas. To enhance privacy, commercial activities are not allowed in residential areas, and there are car parks in front of buildings.

Villas in Madinaty

Madinaty affords great choices for those who look for villas for sale in Madinaty. Such villas overlook large green areas allocated for golf. In addition, there are lakes that add a marvelous atmosphere to the area. Villas are available in different sizes to meet all needs, starting from 259 M2 to 660 M2. In addition, there are also land spaces start from 330 M2 to 1556 M2, with green areas with sizes upon client’s need.

Trade centers in Madinaty 

Numerous stores for sale in Madinaty are available, which have designed according to international criteria, and where you can find domestic and international brands, in addition to entertainment places so residents can enjoy their shopping activities. Commercial areas are divided into areas located among residential areas to provide residents with their daily needs, and other areas distributed along the city, in which major services are provided along with entertainment places, whether available as open streets for pediatricians only, or shopping centers with international titles.

Methods of payment Madinaty

The group affords different methods of payment, as you can pay a deposit of unit’s mount, and the rest is made in instalments for a considerable number of years. Thus, clients can enjoy the privileges of living in Madinaty according to their budgets.

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