Find out best 3 areas for store purchase in Cairo

In this article, recognize the best 3 areas where you can purchase stores in Cairo. These areas include the largest trade centers headed by people from different places for shopping and enjoying purchasing their needs.

About Cairo

Greater Cairo is Egypt’s capital,  the city of a thousand minarets, the cradle of old civilizations, and the city of splendid architecture.

It one of the world’s largest cities, located at the east bank of the Nile.

Qalyubiyya Governorate bounds the city from the north, the Nile and Giza Governorate from the west, and desert hinterland from the southeast. 

Greater Cairo consists of 4 main northern, eastern, western, and southern areas, including about 38 districts. Moreover, it includes 3 new cities of Badr, Al Shrouk, and New Cairo.

With an area of 30,846,76 feddans, the city contains about 10,000,000 populations.

Greater Cairo is distinguished by its numerous vital old areas, related to Fatimid Caliphate, Ottoman Empire, and Pharaonic Era, as it contains Giza Pyramids.

The city is frequented by tourists from around the world to enjoy its various tourist activities, along with the availability of numerous agricultural, industrial, and commercial activities, including markets, various trade areas, famous trade centers, and major malls.

A high commercial turnout

It is one of the governorates and cities that witness a high turnout by investors and businessmen because of the profitable financial revenue.

Thus, individuals seek for purchasing trade stores in Cairo to earn a considerable revenue, due to the fact that it enjoys a population and urban diversity, and witnesses a continuous vital activity that it is named as: the city that never sleeps.

Cairo includes great landmarks, companies, markets, and trade areas like Downtown, Al-Hussein, Nasr City, The Fifth Settlement, and others.

If you desire to purchase a trade store in Cairo, or invest in one of its trade activities, you can search in one of New cities like Nasr City, Heliopolis, and Al Maadi.

New cities, like New Cairo, Al Shrouk, and 6th of October are considered Greater Cairo’s best 3 areas for purchasing trade stores; as they include the largest trade centers headed by individuals and residents from different places for shopping and enjoying purchasing their needs. 

More about the best 3 places for purchasing trade stores in Cairo

The Fifth Settlement

The Fifth Settlement is assigned as the most famous residential complex in New Cairo, and the best trade area in Greater Cairo in general.

It contains a huge number of commercial gathering spots, together with its splendid compounds which are served by famous trade areas like famous 90 Street.

In includes famous gathering spots, in addition to popular stores, restaurants, and cafes.

Moreover, it contains Cairo Festival City; one of  significant malls in Egypt.

In addition, there is Down Town Katamya; one of The Fifth Settlement’s most famous malls, located in popular 90th Street, and includes international brand stores of clothes, shoes, and cases, major restaurants, cafes, and major brands like: H&m, Dally Dress, and others.

Besides, The Fifth Settlement encloses Seven Stars Mall; a major trade mall famous for the availability of numerous popular trade stores and restaurants.

In addition to the availability of stores for electronic supplies, like Mobile Shop and others.

The price average of New Cairo trade stores is EGP 500,000. 

Nasr City and Heliopolis

Nasr City and Heliopolis are among Greater Cairo’s major residential and commercial areas, where all commercial activities are available.

They contain a big number of major commercial squares and streets, like:

  • Mostafa Al Nahas
  • Makram Ebeid
  • Abbas Al Akkad
  • Al Hegaz Square
  • Roxy Square
  • Al Korba

In addition, there are stores for sale in Heliopolis, in Triumph square, Sheraton, and others.

They include a number of big trade stores in:

  • Omar Effendi
  • Sednaoui
  • Al Aboudi

Besides, the area contains numerous famous trade malls like:

  • Tiba Mall
  • Serag City Mall
  • City Center Mall
  • City Stars Mall in Nasr City, which is one of Egypt’s most famous trade malls. It includes about 600 trade stores of most remarkable international brands. It’s the perfect choice for a successful commercial investment.

Downtown and Attaba Square

Attaba Square represents one of Cairo’s famous commercial places, along with being in the middle of Downtown.

It’s a center for selling different products, starting from pens to devices, home appliances, fabrics, furnishings, and other requirements of individuals.

The area encloses a great number of trade stores for clothing with different types and standards, in addition to all different seasonal products.

From far and wide, merchants come to Attaba because it contains wholesale market.

It’s worth noting that products are offered for economic prices, whether for clothes, food stuffs, or electric devices.

It also includes Egypt’s most remarkable commercial streets like:

  • Abdel Aziz Street for mobile phones
  • Al Moski Street
  • Al Ghoria Street
  • Al Azhar Street, the oldest place for perfume manufacture in Egypt 
  • Manasra Street

Trade stores in Attaba vary in prices according to size and location, this the reason why it’s considered a dream for all merchants.

For Downtown in general, it’s the most famous commercial and entertaining area in Egypt. The most significant factors that help in the success of any business are gathered in this area; as it combines between entertaining and commercial spots, the factor that enhances the opportunity of achieving %100 purchase rate, depending on other physiological and geographical factors.

Trade streets are numerous in Downtown, including most famous trade stores, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment places like :

  • Talaat Harb Street
  • 26th of July Street
  • Fustat
  • Qasr Al Nil

All merchants tend to search for stores for rent in Downtown and for sale too, for its high rank in the world of investment. 

*It’s worth mentioning that prices named above are changeable. We, in Aqarmap, are continually keen on updating prices list of districts, for keeping the client informed with the latest updates in real estate market, in addition to measuring demand indicators though Aqarmap Index.

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