In details, find out privileges and units’ prices in New Administrative Capital

New Administrative Capital is one of the huge residential and urban projects in eastern Cairo, which is planned to be inaugurated by 2020. The city was announced to be established by Minister of Housing, Mostafa Madbouly, on 13th March 2015, during Egypt Economic Development Conference. According to laid plans, the city is intended to be Egypt’s new administrative and economic capital and to be a smart city where all means of modern technology are used.

The city is extended along 490 km2; the first stage of which occupies 168 km2. City establishment is planned to take at least 5 years.

Fast facts about New Administrative Capital

A joint-stock company has been established for the management of New Administrative Capital project, with a capital of 6 billion Egyptian Pounds. Some of company’s shares are owned by New Urban Communities Authority, National Service Project Organization, and Armed Forces Land Projects Organization. The company is responsible for planning, executing, and developing projects in the New Administrative Capital.

Location of New Administrative Capital

The city is located 45 km away from eastern Cairo, on Cairo- Suez Road, and near to the National Ring Road. The city is planned to include the headquarters of the parliament, presidency,  main ministries, and foreign embassies. The total area of the city is 700 km2, and it’s planned to accommodate 7,000,0000 populations.

Districts and available services in New Administrative Capital

The city consists of 21 residential districts and 25 private districts, and it shall be established on modern technological basics. Transferring process of parliament, presidential palaces, ministries, and foreign embassies are planned to be finished between 2020 to 2022.

About 240,000 residential units are planned to be included in the residential district during the first 5 years; 30,000 units of which are being already established.

The city includes its own financial district; where the headquarters of the Central Bank and The Egyptian Exchange are planned to be included. Moreover, the government has asked the commercial and investing banks to transfer their main headquarters to the New Administrative Capital.

The city includes a central park twice bigger than New York’s Central Park, in addition to artificial lakes, 2000 educational facilities, technological Park, 663 hospitals and clinics, 1250 mosques, and 40,000 hotel rooms.

Furthermore, the city includes an amusement park, with an area 4 times bigger than Disney Land City, 90 km of solar farms, an electrified railway line, that links the new capital with Cairo, and a new international airport.

Minister of Education has announced that the city shall include at least 6 international universities from The United States of America, Britain, Canada, Sweden, Bulgaria, and France, in addition to New Capital’s international governmental university.

A new cathedral, of an area twice bigger than the current one, and a huge mosque shall be established in the city. Moreover, the Supreme Constitutional Court shall be transferred to the new capital.

The Nile shall reach the city through 2 tube lines, and the capacity of each compressor station is 125,0000 cubic meters per day. A third line shall provide the city with desalinated water from the red sea.

The center of the city shall be surrounded by a green belt, with a length of 35 km. The city shall also include running tracks, Sculpture Park, an entertaining park for those who like climbing the mountains, walking and biking tracks, horse riding arenas, an aqua park for water-based activities, a floating forest, and an artificial river. Moreover, there will be a new zoo including aquariums, dolphinariums for dolphin shows, botanical gardens, and an avenue. 

Means of transportation 

A new airport has been established in the city for receiving only interior flights at the present time, but it’s planned to receive international flights after city’s opening.

City’s new railway line shall link it with Cairo, in addition to an electrified railway line which is planned to walk on Cairo—Suez railway line. It’s planned to reach Adly Mansour station located at the end of the third line of the metro. Another single-track railway is going to be executed to link the new capital with Cairo’s south eastern districts. 

Most significant landmarks of New Administrative Capital 

The Electrified Train

This train passes by 11 stations, connecting the cities of Al Salam, Al Obour, Mostakbal, Al Shrouk, Badr, and The Tenth of Ramadan. The train has been executed by the National Authority for Tunnels and AVIC International Holding Corporation. According to the estimation studies of the projects, it’s expected to transfer 350,000 passengers daily. 

Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque

Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque represents an architectural masterpiece, occupying an area of 122,000 M2. The mosque has 4 minarets, in addition to one main and four secondary domes. Furthermore, the mosque includes a museum for divine objects, a Quran inculcation center, and a charity hospital.

New Capital’s church

The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ has been built on 15 acres, equivalent to 63,000 M2, 10,000 M2 of which are allocated for the building that accommodates 8,200 persons. The Cathedral consists of a ground floor, nave, and a beacon with a height of 60 M.

The Green River 

The Green River is one of New Capital’s most significant landmarks, expanding along 35 km. Thus, it’s considered the longest green axis in the whole world. River branches are distributed all over the city, on the sides of which there are entertaining gardens with an area of 5,000 acres.

Opera House 

The new opera house in the New Capital includes 3 theater halls with a capacity of 3,300 persons, in addition to an external theater,  modern cinemas, and a cultural center with an urban design that reflects our culture and interest in arts and culture.

The most remarkable projects in New Administrative Capital

Al Massa Hotel

It’s one of the first projects to be executed in the city, lying on an area of 10 acres, and including a touristic resort, lake, conference hall, a mosque, and a trade mall.

New Capital International Airport

The airport has been built, occupying 33 km2, for the reason of facilitating the movement of ambassadors, investors, visitors, and tourists. The project has been carried out according to the international criteria, and under the supervision of Armed Forces Engineering Authority.

Main roads network

New Capital’s main roads are wide and paved to accommodate New Capital’s population density and avoid congestion and crowd. The main roads network extends along 650 km, and it includes pedestrian pathways to prevent intersection in driving roads.

The New Administrative Capital shall witness the establishment of a power station with a production capacity of 4,800 Megawatts, a natural gas pipeline with a diameter of 32, starting from Abo Sultan/ Sokhna pipeline point, with the length of 65km, and ending inside New Capital’s power station. Moreover, a number of schools, international universities, and a sporting city are planned to be established in the New Administrative Capital.

Districts of New Administrative Capital

The Governmental District 

It’s an area of ministries and governmental authorities, where government’s electronic applications are applied to cover all governmental interactions. The district includes 18 minstrel buildings and headquarters for the  parliament, that accommodates 1,000 representatives, presidency, and the cabinet. In addition, there will be a conference center, Olympic stadium, and a number of ministries.

The Residential District 

The district consists of 285,000 residential units for low incomes, 185,000 residential units for middle incomes, and 15,000 residential units for high incomes.

Money and Business District

This district has been completely assigned for money and business. According to New Capital’s planning, Urban Communities Authority has drawn up a design for this district which includes skyscrapers. The district contains a headquarter for Central Bank, The Egyptian Exchange, and a number of local and international banks.

Knowledge City

Knowledge City is a smart city for science and knowledge. An area of 300 acres are planned to be assigned for the city. It is expected to provide 500 job opportunities. It also includes centers for researches, sciences, entrepreneurship, computer applications, and institutes for technological training for enhancing youth efficiency and increasing their awareness of the importance of technology in modern time. The city uses developed information technology and renewable energy resources in all its sectors. 

Some pieces of information about units’ prices in New Administrative Capital’s 3 compounds

Pukka Compound

Apartments with gardens are available in different sizes vary from 139 M2 to 198 M2, for prices start from EGP 1,636,000 to EGP 2,193,000.

Apartments are available in different sizes vary from 147 M2 to 205 M2, for prices start from EGP 1,470,000 to EGP 1,845,000.

Penthouses are available in different sizes vary from 147 M2 to 205 M2, for prices start from EGP 1, 949,00 to EGP 2,370,00.

Entrada Compound

Apartments with gardens are available in different sizes vary from 123 M2 to 164 M2, for prices start from EGP 1,363,000 to EGP 2,316,780.

Apartments are available in different sizes vary from 158 M2 to 166 M2, for prices start from EGP 1,500,000 to EGP 1,601, 840.

Duplexes are available in the size of 249 M2, for EGP 3,000,000.

Sky Capital Compound

Apartments with gardens are available in 155 M2, for prices start from EGP 1,384,500 to EGP 1,472,500.

Apartments are available in different sizes vary from 170 M2 to 205 M2, for prices start from EGP 1,479,000 to EGP 1,947,500.

Duplexes are available in 335 M2, for prices start from EGP 2,914,500 to EGP 3,182, 500.

It’s worth mentioning that prices named above are changeable. We, in Aqarmap, are continually keen on updating prices list of districts, for keeping the client informed with the latest updates in real estate market, in addition to measuring demand indicators though Aqarmap Index.

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