Is it good for you to buy an old real estate?

Old real estates that were built more than 30 years ago and are located in many cities are favored by everyone, like: Alabaseya, Bab Allouk, Garden City, Abdeen, Downtown and Maadi.  Many of these cities are considered as one of the most important architectural masterpieces, as it contains social qualities correlated with our old history which is best exemplified by old movies. The most important qualities are: 

1- Very high ceilings 

2- Large rooms and there may be two overlapping rooms 

3- Spacious kitchen which was characterized by having a balcony and stairs for servants 

4- The old iron apartment door that has an opening “Shoraa” through which you can see who is knocking on the door 

All these simple qualities can make these houses – regardless of being located in a poor district or not– have mixed feelings of nostalgia, heritage, elegancy and at the same time living in the present. Therefore, these houses are considered as of a high price that may reach the price of a real estate in compounds and new cities or more. 

Places where you can buy an old real estate   

Many of the Egyptian districts which contain houses of an old styling are maintained over the years. And these districts may be turned to be antique or governmental places. However, if you want to buy this real estate, you should think of some points to consider all your steps in a right way.         

Points to be considered in buying an old real estate


Re-decorating this house, even if it is just from the inside, may be considered as a big challenge; as these houses were built in a completely different time and its building materials may not be available at the present time. And the old decorations that you may adjust to suit your life today may cost a lot of money; particularly if the house was old and was not re-decorated a long time ago. 

Repairing the house 

If you just repair this house and do not make a lot of changes, it might be quite difficult, however it is not impossible. As we mentioned before, materials and decorations used for building these houses might not be longer exist which would be difficult for finding suitable persons for making decorations and adjustments in this house and this actually costs a lot of money. 

Solutions if you already bought a house of an old styling

If you have already bought a house of an old styling or you have an urge to do this, there are actually solutions

1- You must put a reparation plan for what you will do before moving to this house, what you will keep and what you will change; partially or totally. 

2- You must put into consideration that no one has been living there for a long time and no adjustments and maintenance have ever been made to this house for so many years, so you may find problems in plumbing, painting and many of the maintenance works. You must calculate your balance and allocate the necessary amounts of money for such problems. 

3- You must be patient and calm for the adjustments that you will do and must prepare yourself for having the idea that if you cannot change the house, you will easily live with it. 

It must be kept in mind that the one who loves old styling and history, nothing will not prevent him from finishing this house and making it suitable for living in; no matter how much money or effort it costs. Owning these houses is considered as a great treasure; only those who have a strong love towards ancientry and antiques will feel it as these houses are actually rare antiques. 


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