Know about cheapest 10 Compounds in Egypt

In this article, you will find more details about the cheapest 10 compounds in Egypt,

Living in a compound is a dream for many people thanks to the privacy they offer and other features including green areas, quiet environment, integrated services and many more.

The concept of closed compounds is relatively new to the Egyptian society as it wasn’t known for a long time. Compounds can offer buildings, villas and other types of units on a fenced land often with security over the day and other services for its residents. In this article, we have gathered some of the cheapest compounds to live,

October Gardens 

The compound lies in New October city which is the expansion of 6th of October city. The prices of the square meter of the compound range from EGP 3,900 to EGP 4,700 with areas ranging from 130 to 155 square meters for each unit.


The compound features a very vast area as it was built on 59 feddans in the fifth settlement at a perfect location near the American university, the higher institute of technology, many banks and a mall. The average price of the square meter in the compound is EGP 8,000 which is relatively low compared to other compounds in the fifth settlement.

Grand Caesar

The compound is located in the Mostasmereen “investors” district in the fifth settlement near the American university and behind Masrawya compound. It is also opposite to the Intelligence compound. The price of the square meter of the compound units reaches EGP 8,000.

Beta Egypt 

Beta Egypt is one of the beta compounds in Sheikh Zayed near Juhayna square in 6th of October. It offers 24 hour security, a sports club, cafes and restaurants. The payment plans include installments up to 7 years and the price of the square meter is EGP 6,500 on average.

Karma Residence 

The compound has an excellent location between the most vital landmarks of 6th of October city. The compound is near the smart village, Mall of Arabia, Beverly Hills compound and the British school. The price of the square meter ranging from EGP 6,900 to EGP 7,100 on average.

The Core Residence 

At one of the best locations in Sheikh Zayed city, Core residence compound lies near 26th of July corridor and Mall of Arabia. The compound offers many services for its residents with green areas and lagoons.

It also offers private garages for its residents. The prices of the unit can be considered low compared to its services and location as the price of the square meter starts at EGP 8,500.

Garden Hills 

Garden Hills is one of the latest developed projects in the city of 6th of October. The compound was built on an area of 150 feddans which is a very large area that serves green areas of the compound and offer more privacy for the residents. The price of the square meter is about EGP 5,750 on average.

Beta Gardens 

A compound with unique services and features including lagoons, golf playgrounds, medical services and many commercial services. The compound lies in Hadayek October and contains apartments and duplexes with areas ranging from 140 to 310 square meters with an average price of EGP 600,000 and payment plans of installments up to 7 years.

Stone Park 

Located near Katameya Heights compound, it is at one of the best locations in the fifth settlement. The compound has vast green areas with great privacy for its units in addition to integrated services including cafes, hypermarket, cinema, theatre, administrative buildings and many commercial services. The prices of the square meters of the compound range from EGP 8,000 to EGP 10,000.

Arena City Towers 

On an area of 55 thousand square meters, the project lies near some of the best districts including Nasr City. The project offers privacy and comfort away from the dense traffic of Cairo and with being near to Teseen Street in the fifth settlement, Downtown and the ring road.

The compound offers units with areas ranging from 115 to 162 square meters with a starting price of EGP 5,500 per the square meter.

Advantages of compound life 

The compound has many advantages and is in fact a remedy for many of the drawbacks associated with buildings and residential areas at ordinary or even high-end ones, where the compounds enjoy:

Privacy and security 

Most of the compounds are designed to offer privacy for each unit, which gives residents more freedom and comfort through everyday life. Also, the security of the compounds gives residents more comfort as no one is allowed to enter except the compound residents and their relatives and friends.

Unique architectural design 

The compound is characterized by the unified architectural design in all the residences so that the compound represents a complete artistic painting specially designed on a particular style (classic – modern – Andalusian – French), which gives the compound a wonderful and unique appearance of random buildings and different design.

Services and private garages 

Many compounds offer nearly every service that a resident could need from cafes, restaurants, hypermarkets, medical services, swimming pools, gyms, social clubs, administrative services, green areas, cinemas, banks and private garages. This is one of the greatest features of living in a compound as not leaving your compound means you aren’t going to waste your time in the heavy traffic outside the compound.

The variety in prices 

The prices of the compound vary according to many factors, the most important of which is undoubtedly the region, the prices of the compound in the city of 6th October  differ from the prices of the compound in New Cairo and the Fifth settlement or Sheikh Zayed,.

Other factors that control the price of the compound units is the offered services and the finishing of its units.

* Please note that all prices mentioned in this article are for the first quarter of 2019 and subject to change, and we in Aqarmap try to update them regularly in our prices guide of districts.  Choose between different spaces and styles in the best compounds in Cairo, you would find many payment plans that suit all.

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