Know All about 6th of October and it’s prices averages

If you are looking for a quiet place away from the noise, this article is made to you

Are you looking for apartments for sale in 6th of October? Then read this article to get all that you need to know about life, services, and square meter prices in 6th of October City.

Quick facts about 6th of October City

6th of October is one of Giza Governorate cities. It’s one of the most famous industrial and residential cities in Greater Cairo. The city was established under late president Anwar Sadat, and it was named after October Victory in 1973. Life in 6th of October varies from economic, middle, to high classes. 

6th of October City is located 38 km away from Central Cairo areas, and it’s easily accessible through the famous Ring Road, 26th of July Axis, Alexandria Sahrawi Road, in addition to Faiyum Road and Al Wahat Road. 

Most remarkable privileges of 6th of October City 

  • Quietness: if you search for quietness and privacy, you should put yourself away from the noise of Central Cairo areas.
  • The perfect design: 6th of October City is privileged by the perfect design of its districts and housing complexes; where streets and distance between residential buildings are considerably wide
  • landscape: the city has a wide range of green areas and gardens among residential buildings; so residents enjoy a healthy life and splendid views. 

6th of October City’s well-known landmarks 

  • Dream Land famous amusement park. 
  • A huge number of malls like: Mall of Arabia and CityScape Mall
  • Multiple famous international schools and private universities like The British School, Nile Egyptian Schools, 6th of October University, Akhbar El Youm Academy, and Zewail City
  • A big number of famous hospitals, like Dar Al Fouad and 6th of October University Hospital
  • Numerous sporting clubs, like: Wadi Degla Sporting Club, 6th of October Sporting Club, and Al Ashgar Sporting Club

Prices in 6th of October City 

Here are square meter price averages in 6th of October City’s most significant areas ( it should be noted that mentioned prices are valid for the beginning of the year 2019):

Ganoub Al Ahiaa

It’s one of 6th of October City’s economic districts, as square meter price average for apartments reaches EGP 3,750

Hadayek October 

It’s one of 6th of October City’s famous areas, including a number of national projects for housing, like Ebny Betak project and National Housing Project, in addition to other economic, middle, and upper-middle housing projects, where apartments’ square meter price average reaches EGP 3,900. 

The Industrial Zone 

This area contains a huge number of factories, and it’s surrounded by labor’s housing. However, the city is near to pollution and away from the main services. In The Industrial Zone, apartments’ square meter price average reaches EGP 2,700.

Northern Expansions 

It’s one of the most famous, vital, and major urban districts in 6th of October. It’s located in the east of Ganoub Al Ahiaa District, on Gamal Abd Al Nassir Axis. It includes numerous huge housing complexes executed by real estate companies related to the Ministry of Investment and Ministry of Awkaf. The area is characterized by its nearness to clubs area, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, and Mall of Arabia. Apartments’ square meter price average in Northern Expansions reaches EGP 4,4500, while villas’ square meter price average reaches EGP 10,550. 

Gharb Somed

Gharb Somed is one of 6th of October City’s most luxurious districts, enjoying a distinctive and unique location at the city entrance, on Axis Road. It’s also characterized by its numerous villas and gardens, in addition to its wide streets. Apartments’ square meter price average in Gharb Somed is EGP 6,7500, while villas’ square meter price average reaches EGP 10,500.

Hay Al Motamayez 

It’s one of 6th of October City’s oldest and best areas, and it’s located on 26th of July Axis. Some of its famous landmarks are: Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Novotel Hotel, and Misr University. Apartments’ square meter price average is EGP 7,600, while villas’ square meter price average reaches 13,200.

It’s worth mentioning that prices named above are changeable. We, in Aqarmap, are continually keen on updating prices list of districts, for keeping the client informed with the latest updates in real estate market, in addition to measuring demand indicators though Aqarmap Index.

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