Know more about 90th street in Fifth Settlement

In this article, Aqarmap will provide you with details about most important destinations in Fifth Settlement, which is considered one of the finest places in New Cairo. Among the most important destination of Fifth Settlement is the 90th Street, which is the largest and the most distinguished street in Fifth Settlement. This is because it contains many financial and administrative centers, as well as educational institutions, such as schools and universities, in addition to commercial activities, large companies and hospitals, and the authority supervising over implementing the construction stages of the region.

90th Street location

90th street is the central avenue connection in New Cairo. It starts from the end of the NA road at the ring road, passing through the Lotus region, then the North 90th street until Ismailia road, while the south 90th street heads towards El Ain El Sokhna road.

Nearby places


It can be reached easily through 90th Street, as it is located in front of the American University in Cairo.

The neighborhood is divided into: Northern Lotus, and Southern Lotus.

Southern investors area

It is located between the southern 90th Street and the axis of Gamal Abdel Nasser, as well as the Muhammed Naguib axis. Moreover, it consists of compounds, such as: Moon Valley, Al Jazeera Park, Concord, the Village, The Villa and others.

Bait Al Watan

The project is one of the most important newly established projects aiming to encourage expatriate Egyptians to invest and live in it. Also, it is characterized by its proximity to the 90th Street, Al Rehab City and Madinaty. Moreover, the project offers flexible payment methods consisting of low down payments and facilities to attract many customers, who are willing to move and live in a distinctive and elegant housing.

El Koronfel

This neighborhood is characterized by consisting of villas only, as well as having a small population. It is featured with having a calm and private atmosphere, as well as special view of the north 90th street. Moreover, it is located 5 minutes away of Clubs Street, which includes the largest clubs of Fifth Settlement, such as:

  • Wadi Degla Club.
  • Platinum Club.
  • Ahly club.
  • Royal Club.


Andalus neighborhood is the second in rating after Lotus neighborhood, as it contains various features, such as:

  • It is strategically located minutes away from the American University in Cairo, as well as the extension of South 90th Street, in addition to several private universities and institutes.
  • Garden areas reach about 6,000 meters, while street is not less than 16 meters.
  • It includes largest places dedicated for services and agencies.

Outing places in 90th Street

90th street includes several high-end and fun places that many people, including children, love to go to it as well, such as:

Cairo Festival City

It is one of the most important malls in Fifth Settlement, and is located at the intersection between 90th Street and the Ring Road, close to the Police Academy. Also, it contains all types of services, and the highest level of luxury, quality and sophistication.

Among these services are:

  • Shops of international brands for adults, as well as children, such as (Zara, Dhoti, LC, and others).
  • Shops for shoes, bags, accessories and cosmetics.
  • A large parking garage.

It also includes entertainment places for children, such as: Kidzinia, as well as a distinguished group of fine restaurants and cafes to suit all tastes.

Moreover, it has a great show for a dancing fountain that attracts many visitors and spectators, in addition to a large gardens that surrounds the mall from all sides.

Downtown Katameya Mall

It is located at the beginning of 90th Street after Cairo Festival Mall. It has more than 130 stores, and more than 50 restaurants and cafes to suit all tastes.

Americana Plaza

It is located in front of the American University in Cairo. It is featured by housing a large branch of Fish Market Restaurant, as well as many shops for international brands.

Finally, after receiving such great information about the 90th street, we advise you to choose this street either for having fun with your friends and family or for housing, as the 5th settlement has a real sophisticated nature and privileges that make you feel unique and distinguished.

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