Know more about New Sphinx City

In this article, we will provide you with information about New Sphinx City, along with its location, services, features, and latest news about the city.

Location and Total Area of New Sphinx City

The city spans over an area of ​​60,000 acres. It is located after the entrance of New Sheikh Zayed City on Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. It is also among the 20 new fourth-generation cities which were created among Egypt’s 2030 vision plans to stimulate development throughout Egypt and maximize its competitiveness to attract both local and foreign investments.

New Sphinx City, which is affiliated to the New Urban Communities Authority, is strategically bordered to the south by Sphinx International Airport, to the north by Sheikh Zayed City, Suleimaniya, Sodic, and Both Regional Roads and El Dabaa. It is also 12 to 14 minutes away from the Grand Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids.

Like other fourth-generation cities that aim to redistribute the population, double the urbanization rate, and reduce overcrowding in the Nile Valley; it applies sustainable development standards, such as waste recycling, and increases the space of open green areas, as well as providing all technological services.

Features and Services of New Sphinx

New Sphinx is the fifth-largest new city in Egypt in terms of space, following New Cairo City. It has a distinctive character, as the city was designed in an international architectural style, to be an integrated city, and includes high standard world-class tourism and entertainment facilities.

In addition to the nearby archeological and touristic areas in Wadi El Natroun, the city includes one of the trails of the Holy Family’s route in Egypt, as well as Wadi El Natroun monasteries, which are considered an attraction hub for religious tourism.

Moreover, Sphinx International Airport in addition to the city’s proximity to the Grand Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids will contribute to the establishment of tourism and entertainment projects that serve day use tourists.

Adding to that, the city includes many associations, companies, and individuals who have created housing units in a style similar to compounds, such as Sukoon Compound, which is considered one of the best compounds located at the Alexandria Desert Road and offers a residential life combining between customer needs and best prices of the unit. As well as, rural villages, such as Golf Sulaymaniyah, Wadi El Nakhil, Samarkand, and Ofok, or farms and lands to be offered by the Ministry of Housing after legalizing the lands and proving the ownership of their residents.

Features of the New Sphinx City 

the city includes

  • Commercial buildings
  • Road networks aiming to ease the access to the city and to link it with the tourist areas
  • Water stations and a sewage network
  • 24 service buildings
  • An air traffic control tower, due to its proximity to Sphinx International Airport

Latest News about New Sphinx City

  • Surveying works for New Sphinx City has been completed, and studies regarding added space have been prepared
  • A general plan for the city is to be developed by signing a protocol with the Survey Authority
  • It is not legitimate for any individual, entity, association or company to seize control over lands or establish any facilities on them without consulting the city’s Government Office, otherwise legal measures will be taken against them
  • Most of the lands in New Sphinx City are categorized under the agricultural activity category
  • The Ministry of Housing is working to legalize the lands and prove the ownership of their residents, before converting it into residential activity category

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