Many Services Have Been Developed in Hadayek Al-Ahram

In response to the continuous efforts to develop the area and provide all services to the residents, a health unit is to be established to serve the populations of Hadayek Al-Ahram and provide them with medical services and comprehensive health care in all specialties. The decision comes in accordance with the briefing request submitted in the Egyptian Parliament.

The city council of Hadayek Al-Ahram has identified the plot of land allocated by the Survey Authority in Dokki and handed it over to the Building Authority. So, a health unit will be established to serve the area, provide vaccinations and register births and deaths through the Health Office.

Putting an End for Building Violations

The Giza Governorate intensifies campaigns to follow up and control the building violations in Hadayek Al-Ahram. The campaigns have succeeded in putting an end for many cases of building violations and withdrawing the equipment used in construction. The legal procedures have been taken against the violators, and the total number of reconciliation requests have also been estimated. Besides, a study was conducted concerning the status of the violating shops, the building requirements, and any activities that may violate the conditions of contracting. Warnings were also sent to the owners of the unused vacant plots of land, warning them to optimally invest in them.

Banning Tuk-tuks into the City

According to the decisions of some officials of Al-Ahram Plateau Desert Reconstruction Association, which is responsible for managing the Hadayek Al-Ahram area, within a few weeks a security company will take over the security of the gates to Hadayek Al-Ahram. The mission of the new security company will include preventing the tuk-tuks from running inside the area.

This step comes in response to the demands of the residents of the area to prevent the tuk-tuks from entering the city as a result of the chaos, crowding, and riots caused. Additionally, many accidents have been recently caused by tuk-tuk drivers, and accordingly the city is waiting for the implementation of the new decisions to prevent tuk-tuks and provide alternative means of transportation to serve the population of the city.

Furthermore, the government began its first steps towards implementing such a decision by seizing any violating tuk-tuk, which will be seized until showing the ownership papers. The tuk-tuk driver will also sign a pledge not to repeat the violation and pay the prescribed fine of EGP 1,500.

The House of Representatives Discusses Water Pollution

The representatives of the constituency moved to submit a request to the Parliament about the pollution of drinking water in Hadayek Al-Ahram. 

They say the association responsible for the city would bear the responsibility for such pollution of drinking water. Besides, the association is required to change the water pipes in the area, as it constantly puts the lives of nearly 500,000 citizens at risk.

So, it was agreed to hand over the network of the drinking water and sanitation to another company instead of the association. The company would make the necessary maintenance work for the water network.

Expanded Cleaning Campaigns in the City Streets

The Governor of Giza has instructed the Cleaning and Beautification Authority and the officials of El Haram district to implement expanded daily cleaning campaigns to raise the level of cleaning in the Hadayek Al-Ahram

The waste of 180 plots was removed, and the waste in all adjacent plots are being removed as well. All of these endeavors aim at eliminating the problem of cleaning and dumping the garbage in open plots and unpaved roads.

Additionally, the number of cleaning workers would be increased, and the fees of cleaning service collected on the electricity bills would be also increased for the benefit of the financial association. The association has contracted with specialized and serious cleaning companies specialized in collecting garbage from homes, commercial establishments, and streets.

3 Pedestrian Bridges on Fayoum Road

In response to the demands of the city population, and due to the spread of accidents on Fayoum Road, 3 pedestrian bridges have been established on Fayoum Road. The three bridges are established in the area facing Misr Language Schools, the area facing the Khufu Gate, Hadaeq Al-Ahram, and the area facing Ahmose Gate, Hadayek Al-Ahram.

Moreover, all road signs have been distributed to reduce daily accidents on the highway.


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