Knowing about the characteristics of the New City of Minya and its offered great opportunities

The country is experiencing real estate and constructional activity in the recent years. The movement of constructing and building new cities; such as the New Luxor, El Fayoum El Gadida and others, increased to meet the different needs of the population and this made a good variation in the prices of districts and the offered options.

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Overview about the New City of Minya

The city is located in the east of the Nile near the Old City of Minya and it is 250 Kilometres away from Cairo. The city was established under the decision of the council of ministers in 1986. 

Geographic environment of the city is divided into 4 entrances

  • The entrance of Minya Mother City from the west 
  • The entrance of Assuit from the south 
  • The entrance of the free road from the east 
  • The entrance of the eastern desert Cairo road from the south 

General plan of the city 

The total area of the City is approximately 24639 acres and it is divided into 5 areas: 

1- areas of housing plots of land

2- areas of residential apartments

3- areas of Ibny Betak 

4- centres of services 

5- area of universities 

Urban division of the city in the housing sector 

The current number of populations is approximately 45000. The number of the populations in 2050 is targeted to become approximately 638000. Moreover, the total number of units in the City is (31822); implemented and under implementation. 

Services in the City

The city has a great number of health, social and educational services, in addition to the entertaining services so as the City becomes an integrated one. The city has: 

  • Governmental and administrative buildings
  • Social club for young people and residents    
  • Houses of worship 
  • Full-equipped hospital
  • Schools for all stages 
  • Marketplace and Mall 

Industry sector in the New City of Minya

The industry sector is considered as one of the most important sectors in any new city; as it provides job opportunities for all residents. The New City of Minya has a strong industrial activity as there are many factories established by Egyptian and Arab investors and these factories will provide about 1000 job opportunities and the job opportunities will be increased with the expansion of the industrial area. 

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