Knowing about the large housing project in New Luxor

The country is experiencing real estate and constructional activity in the recent years. The movement of building and constructing new cities increased to meet the different needs of the population and this made a good variation in the Egyptian real estate market and the offered options; specially with the finance of housing projects by banks and offering facilities for repayment. 

Overview about the New Luxor

The new urban communities’ authority has established the New Luxor upon an area of 9675,43 acres of the plots of land owned by the country under a presidential decision for having a new urban community in Luxor. In 2018, President Abd Al Fattah Al Sisi made a decision with allocating 9,675 acres of the plots of land owned by the country in Luxor to fall within the city of the New Luxor so as the city becomes a new housing community like the new generation of the housing cities such as El Fayoum El Gadida in Upper Egypt. There are also cities in the Lower Egypt; the most prominent of which is El Mansoura El Gadida. 

Location of the city 

The city is located on the eastern beach of the River Nile. (Luxor/ Qena desert road) is going through the city from the west and south. The city is near Luxor International Airport; it is only 14 kilometres away. 

The purpose behind establishing the city 

The main purpose is to establish a new city in Upper Egypt accommodating the increasing density of housing in Luxor and decrease the traffics. The commercial projects in the city will provide thousands of job opportunities for young people.    

The area of the city 

The total area of the city is 675,9 acres and it accommodates approximately 200000 inhabitants

Services of the city 

  • University
  • Industrial and commercial area providing many different job opportunities
  • Large hospital
  • Touristic services for activating tourism in Luxor and its surroundings

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