Most important commercial areas in Alexandria 

Know more about opportunities to buy shops in Alexandria’s commercial areas.

About Alexandria

In this article, you will know more about the most important commercial areas in Alexandria; as  Alexandria Governorate  is one of the most cities that have a special place in Egyptians’ hearts. It has long been known as the most famous resort area on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Alexandria abounds with archaeological and tourist monuments, and has a Greek architectural nature, which you can see at the oldest buildings located at the neighborhoods of the city for it had long been home for the Greek families many years ago.

Moreover, it hosts many shops, companies, malls and famous commercial areas like Zanket El Setat Bedding.

Alexandria is located in northern Egypt on the Mediterranean coast. It is an hour and a half away from Marina El Alamein, 90 minutes from  Sidi Abd El-Rahman,  and just two and a half hours from Cairo.

Alexandria is far-famed by its archeological buildings and significant facilities which distinguish it at the tourism level. Alexandria’s most famous landmarks include: Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Stanley Bridge, Pompey’s Pillar, Citadel of Qaitbay, Greco-Roman Museum, Alexandria Museum… and other distinctive monuments.

It also contains the most famous commercial markets at the level of Egypt. 

About the Most Important Commercial Areas in Alexandria

Alexandria has several historical and modern commercial areas that have wide fame. Let’s know more about the most important areas that host commercial markets in Alexandria.

Mansheya District

Mansheya is one of the oldest districts in Alexandria, and contains the most famous commercial areas in Alexandria, including:

Zanket El Setat Bedding

Zanket El Setat Bedding is one of the most famous commercial areas in Alexandria in particular and in Egypt in general. It is one of the oldest popular markets at Mansheya district.

Such market has variety of commercial shops, such as “grocery shops, clothing stores, furniture and accessories shops, fabric shops, jewelry stores, shoe shops…» and many other various shops that offer economic and high-end goods.

Market of Manshia Square

Manshia Market lies at Mohamed Ali Square, also known as Manshia Square. Manshia Market is one of the most important commercial areas in Alexandria. It is known for selling school supplies, such as pens, bags, and notebooks. It also abounds with many toys shops, various gifts, Ramadan lanterns … and other items for children.

Souk El Khait

It is a relatively small market lies near Zanket El Setat Bedding market at Manshia. Moreover, it is one of the commercial areas dedicated to yarns in Alexandria, as its completely implies. Its goods are concentrated on yarns of all colors and types; whether cotton, wool or silk, and accessories for sewing and embroidery.

Souk Libya “Souk Al Akadin”

Souk Libya or Souk  Al Akadin is one of the most famous commercial areas in Manshia district in Alexandria. It contains Arab and African clothing shops made of silk and cords, a profession in which haberdashers have specialized over time; until it has been known as the most famous area for selling this type of clothing as an original brand, and for which Libyan people come especially to buy clothes of high-quality embroidery and raw materials.

Souk El-Turk

It is one of the commercial areas located in El Manshia District near Zanket El Setat Bedding, and is famous for furniture and woodwork. It has been called El-Turk for it was inhabited by a group of Turkish families in the past. Besides, it is one of the commercial areas which is more than a century old in Alexandria.

El Attarine District

El Attarine District is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Alexandria, and is named after the spread of the profession of perfumery at that time; as it was full of perfumery shops at the past.

Here are the most important information about the commercial areas at the district:

Souk El Attarine for Antiques & Furniture

Souk El Attarine is one of the most famous commercial districts of El Attarine District in Alexandria, and has long been full of perfumery shops. However, its activity has turned recently to paintings, antiques, artistic antiquities, home furnishings, and Najaf.

Al Farahda Street and Salah El-Deen Street

Al Farahda and Salah El-Deen Streets are two of the commercial areas at El Attarine District that are specialized in car spare parts. They are commercial streets abound with shops and workshops for repairing cars and their spare parts, whether used or new.

El Gomrok District

El Gomrok District is also one of the oldest neighborhoods in Alexandria Governorate that hosts the most famous commercial area dedicated to goldsmiths, the most important information about which are as follows:

Jewelry and Goldsmith Market

Jewelry Market is one of the most famous commercial areas in Alexandria; it hosts the oldest shops and workshops dedicated to the manufacture of gold, silver and jewelry of all kinds. It is also considered as a far-famed tourist area known to tourists.

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