Must-Have Home Organizing Tools

Keep each room organized and clean all the time

Organized doesn’t just mean tidy. The purpose of organizing is to be able to find, exchange, and evaluate items quickly.

The goal of organizing isn’t to make homes look brand new; it’s to make your life a lot more functional. To achieve this, you have to do something on the inside, like prioritizing and deciding how you want your belongings to be arranged.

General Tips

These are mainly the simplest guidelines for owning and enjoying everything in our homes.

Own just what you need

The less you have, the better it will fit into your home and the less organizing you will have to do. When you own less, you avoid clutter and you will be able to use what you own more frequent and wisely.

Finding a place for every item

The main reason that things pile up is that they have no place for each and every item, get equipped with organizing tools to keep your home in check all the time.

Practice Putting Things Away Immediately

All your hard work creating a dedicated space for your stuff will be wasted if you don’t actually use it. Things can pile up quickly, sometimes in as little as a few hours, especially if you have kids.

Keep your home (and life) organized by putting things away immediately after you’re done using them.  This practice only takes a few minutes, but it’ll save you a lot of cleaning time later on.

In this guide Aqarmap will be tackling room by room and suggest some organizing tools you can use to help you out with your everyday life and make it easier and more enjoyable.

Keep your kitchen organized

kitchen storage

  • Create a storage space for every appliance, pan, and gadget
  • To avoid spoons, forks and knives mess, you can simply use drawer organizers, or you can even DIY it using thick cardboard with the size of your drawer.
  • Limit the number of reusable water bottles. You will only need 1 big bottle per a family member.
    Separate utensils used for cooking on the stove and gadgets into two drawers.
  • Throw out old spices to avoid any clutter.
  • Start buying only the food you need for the week, so the fridge stays organized and effectively working
  • Clear the kitchen counter of any items and make sure every have a storage space.
  • You can use a magnetic wall strip to hang everyday used knives and tools.
  • If there is still not enough space for everything, it means more stuff in your kitchen need to be put away or you need to buy more organizers.

Laundry room or laundry space

  • Use 3 bins or baskets to sort clothes by colors, whites, and delicates.
  • Keep a basket to put the folded laundry after they dry out, to help when organizing the wardrobes afterwards.
  • Hide laundry supplies, make a space or a cupboard to put all the detergent stuff in.
  • Be aware of the laundry washing guide to wash all clothes properly without harming them.

Living Room

Most living rooms are usually made for families, to watch TV, play some games or to relax. To accommodate these activities, here are some must-have living room organizing tools:

  • A trash can
    People usually forget to add a trash can in every room, it’s even more important that a trash can should exist in the living room because we usually spend most of the time in it.
  • Cord tamers (organizers)

The living room is usually full of electronic devices which lead to cable clutter, but to avoid that, you can simply use any applicable cable organizers which will help you avoid some mess and if you have kids it will be a nice way to keep them safe.

  • Key Catchall

Some people crash on their living room couch once they enter the house, a simple way to save you the hassle of always looking for your keys is a key catchall on your coffee table, where you can just drop them there.

  • Multi purpose furniture for storage
    If your home is limited on space, then you need to be wise about the storage space. You can use a comfortable chair to rest your feet, and at the same time you can use it as a storage unit.


wardrobe storage

  • General tips for organizing a wardrobe to help you be organized and find what you want easily:
  • Use ALL available space, but keep it organized.
  • Keep out-of-season (winter/summer) clothes out of the way.
  • You’re more likely to wear something if you can see it.
  • Keep 1-2 hooks empty for quick-n-dirty clean up.
  • Fold all knit items to prevent hanger bumps. That includes sweaters and t-shirts
  • If you need extra shelving in already existing wardrobe, don’t hesitate to do so as it will save you a lot of time and it will cut the clutter.
  • Don’t forget to pair socks together to avoid ending up with one sock without its other pair.
  • Use some of those organizers to help you ease the organization process of your wardrobe:  scarfs organizer, large cloth storage box, extra hangers.


  • Make up the bed every day to help keep the bedroom organized and clean.
  • Use drawer organizers for the drawer of the dresser which will help you keep all of your jewelry stuff organized and not tangled.
  • Use under bed storage, and if you don’t have under bed storage unit try under-the-bed shelves.

As a general rule, try to keep stuff where they belong. The process of organizing takes time, but when you get into the habit of it, life becomes so much easier! It only takes a week to start a habit.