New Cairo or El Shorouk, which is better for housing purposes?

In this article, we will perform a comparison between housing in New Cairo and El Shorouk Cities, and which of them suit large families. New cities in Greater Cairo are considered among the best opportunities for housing and investment, therefore, if you are looking for a distinctive, and quiet housing unit for your family, you can buy one of the new cities’ units.

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In our comparison, we will address the most important information about each city, such as:

  • Location
  • Most important neighborhoods in Fifth Settlement
  • Most important compounds in El Shorouk city
  • Feature of Fifth Settlement
  • Features of El Shorouk


New Cairo:

New Cairo City is located east of Greater Cairo, between the Cairo-Suez Desert Road and Katameya – Ain Sukhna Road. It’s established in the year 2000 when a huge area of about 70,000 feddans was allocated for the city to include: Green lavish landscapes, Entertainment areas, Commercial malls, a Business zone for major companies, and Bank headquarters.

The city is 15 km away from Maadi, and about 5 km from Nasr City. It consists of five settlements: the 1st settlement, the 3rd settlement, the 5th settlement, the eastern extension, and the southern extension, and the most important and prestigious of which is the Fifth settlement.

El Shorouk city:

El Shorouk is one of the cities of the third generation which was established to absorb the expanding population and to ease population pressure on the aging capital, in addition, to increase opportunities in the field of real estate investment through creating new opportunities in other areas.

The city spans over 12,000 feddans at kilo 37 of “Cairo-Ismailia” Road. It is located near the most important new cities, such as Badr City, New Heliopolis, Al-Rehab City, and Madinaty. It is bordered to the northeast by the 10th of Ramadan City, and to the south by New Cairo City.

Most important neighborhoods in Fifth Settlement

  • Al Banafsag Neighborhood, which is located near the 90th street.
  • Al Lotus Neighborhood, which was designed in the shape of a lotus flower. It is directly located in front of the American University in Cairo.
  • North Investors Neighborhood, which is located next to Al Rehab city on Sadat Axis, and near the Suez Road.
  • South Investors Neighborhood, which is located between the northern and southern 90th streets, Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis, and Mohammed Naguib Axis.
  • Al Narges Neighborhood, which is located near the Fatma Al Sharbatly Mosque.

Most important compounds in El Shorouk

  • Sodic East El Shorouk: It is located in New Heliopolis, about 15 minutes away from the International Medical Center and the New Administrative Capital, and 20 km away from the Fifth Settlement.
  • EL PATIO Casa Compound: It is located on the Suez Road, about 7 minutes away from Hyper one, about 15 minutes away from Madinaty, and one kilometer away from Heliopolis Club.
  • City One Compound El Shorouk: It is located on the Ring Road, about 10 minutes away from Cairo Airport, and about 20 minutes away from Nasr City and Heliopolis.
  • Granda El Shorouk Compound: It is located near Cairo Airport, about 14 minutes from Nasr City and Heliopolis, and also near the Fifth Settlement.
  • Calimera El Shorouk Compound: It is directly located in front of the British University, near “Cairo-Ismailia” desert road and “Cairo-Suez” road, and near El Shorouk Academy.
  • Wadi Al-Misk Compound: It is located near Calimera El Shorouk Compound.
  • Wadi Al-Rabie Compound: It is located near Cairo-Suez Road.

Feature of Fifth Settlement

  • It is a high-end neighborhood that offers all the essentials for being a modern residential compound, such as: luxurious means, commercial malls, green areas, and sophisticated universities.
  • It is located on the road leading to the New Administrative Capital, therefore, it is regarded as a linking point between Greater Cairo and the New Capital.
  • In the coming few years, it will have several stations for the most recent electric train that will connect Greater Cairo to the New Capital.
  • It has a moderate atmosphere throughout the year, due to being built around 300 meters above sea level.
  • It has been planned in a professional manner with wide roads, and it includes various popular places in New Cairo, such as: the Police Academy, Cairo Festival City Mall, Down Town Mall, the American University in Cairo, the Petrosport Stadium on 90th Street, and Air Force Specialized Hospital.

Features of EL Shorouk City

  • It includes several high-end foreign universities, such as the French University, the British University in Egypt, El Shorouk Academy, and the Arab Open University, as well as many recreational areas, like Heliopolis Club, Green Hills Club, Regional Park, and El Shorouk Club.
  • It contains all necessary services for residence, including water, sanitation, and electricity, and has a population of 500,000, in addition to the aforementioned foreign university members.
  • It has different types of units with varying prices that suit all economic levels.
  • It is located near the Fifth Settlement, and on a vital road that easily connects the city to both the New Capital and Greater Cairo.
  • It is also located near Souq El Obour and Carrefour.
  • It is a growing city that includes several high-end compounds, which is distinguished by tranquility and green areas.

Both cities suit families, regardless its size, but what differs between them, is that the prices for all goods in New Cairo is really high, while in El Shorouk city most of the goods are sold as per its normal prices, and middle-class families can live in it without feeling any exaggeration of the prices.

As for the future of the two cities, both of them have a good future due to being near to the New Administrative Capital.

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