Buy in most affluent residential complex in Giza: New Giza compound

New Giza compound is one of the most affluent residential complexes in Giza.

Details of New Giza Project

New Giza compound covers an area of about 1,500 feddans. It is an integrated residential complex of “New Giza Projects for Real Estate Investment”, built at different heights with the highest point of up to 70 meters above the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

New Giza compound includes basic services in addition to the recreational activities and educational services. It is also a touristic location. As a leading residential project for the next generations, it is a rich society in itself. The compound is also located in a fantastic area with a harmonious mixture of livelihood options; it contains luxurious villas and apartments that overlook a wonderful view of green landscapes.New Giza is a quite welcoming residential environment far away from the noise and crowdedness of the central Capital.

New Giza Compound Location

It is located in a distinguished touristic location on Cairo- Alexandria Desert Road, near Sheikh Zayed. Here is the most important information about the district:

Al-Haram district is located in Giza governorate; it is named after the pyramids of Giza as they exist in it. Al-Haram district is one of the biggest districts in the city; it is characterized by the proliferation of schools and services, but it has a disadvantage of the spread of crowded places. It includes many famous places and streets like: Al-Haram Street, Al-Omraniah, Al-Talbiah, Mashaal and Nazlet Al-Simman. You can reach Al-Haram district through the Ring Road or the metro.

New Giza compound services and advantages

Services and Features in New Giza

New Giza compound provides several services, activities and advantages for clients; it is like a comprehensive city keeps you away from anything outside. These services are presented as follows:

  • Sporting activities

The compound provides a sporting club for workouts, and golf playgrounds for more luxury.

  • Educational services

The compound contains a school and a private university.

  • Hotel service

The compound encompasses a Hotel on an area of 40 feddans. It consists of 600 rooms. The Hotel Governance is assigned to the international company MGM mirage which manages the most popular hotels in Las Vegas in America; it also manages several hotels in some states “Nevada, Mississippi and New Jersey”.

Units Prices and Spaces in New Giza

The residential units in New Giza compound vary between apartments, villas, twin houses, separated villas and duplexes at different prices and areas with luxurious designs to suit all tastes and needs of the clients. Here are the prices and spaces of the compound:


They are available in different areas, starting from 100 square meters to 393 square meters, with prices ranging from EGP 1,950,000 to EGP 3,250,000. The price per square meter starts from EGP 19,160.

Twin house

It is suitable for big families, available in an area of 324 square meters at EGP 2,900,000; the price of the square meter reaches EGP 8,951.

Separated villas

They are available in an area of 382 square meters at EGP 4,500,000; the price of the square meter reaches EGP 11,780.


It is available in an area of 393 meters that come in different designs to suit all tastes and at different prices according to the design. The prices start from EGP 3,600,000 to EGP 7,860,000; the price of the unit’s square meter starts from EGP 9,160.


To all luxurious lovers, New Giza compound provides a group of luxurious villas with an area of 628 square meters at EGP 5,232,000; the price of the villa square meter reaches EGP 8,331.

* Please note that all prices mentioned in this article are for the first quarter of 2019 and subject to change, and we in Aqarmap try to update them regularly in our prices guide of districts.  Choose between different spaces and  styles in the best compounds in New Giza,  you would find many payment plans that suit all.

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