The 90th Street, Fifth Settlement… A special commercial area for your project

Every new city has an essential artery that provides it with activity, urbanization, intersections, roads, and important interests. Such artery remains a sign associated with it throughout its history, no matter how its landmarks change, likewise the importance of Tahrir Square to the downtown district.

This is the case in new cities whose planning mainly depends on the importance of connecting their neighborhoods with each other through main streets; making continuous movement in the city.

This is what the 90th Street in Fifth Settlement makes.


What is the 90th Street in Fifth Settlement?

The 90th Street derives its importance from being one of the most important streets in New Cairo; not only in the Fifth Settlement.

It starts from the end of NA road on the Ring Road and extends to the Lotus area, where it passes through the Fifth Settlement wholly. It actually consists of two streets; Southern 90th street which bends to Ismailia road, and Southern 90th which bends to Ein Sokhna road.

So, it does not only feed the Fifth Settlement or New Cairo, but also the main highways outside Cairo.

Being the most prestigious district in New Cairo, Fifth Settlement has become the target destination of the most important institutions to establish its headquarters within it, including the National Bank of Qatar, Bank Bloom, Bank Audi, and many educational institutions, such as American University, Canadian University, and also the largest hospitals such as the Air Hospital.

The presence of such institutions in the Settlement makes it easy for daily transactions for individuals and companies. One would not have to go outside the district to finish his interests and therefore residing in Fifth Settlement is an advantage that provides you with good opportunities.

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Importance and advantages of 90th Street

The 90th Street is the artery of the Fifth Settlement, due to the presence of important universities, the headquarters of international institutions and companies, banks and diplomatic consulates, which grants it an important character.

But its most important feature is that public transportation lines coming from the center of Cairo or adjacent cities of the Fifth Settlement flow into the 90th Street. This makes it easier for people to move to and from the Fifth Settlement, especially those employees and workers of different institutions who live outside the Settlement.

Additionally, there are important headquarters in the Fifth Settlement, such as Police Academy, or private universities, such as American University, German University and Future University.

All these factors made the 90th Street the main access for the city, which is somewhat crowded due to the presence of many important institutions in it.

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Disadvantages of 90th Street

The 90th Street goes through New Cairo and descends towards major roads outside the governorate, so it witnesses remarkable congestion, as the transportation lines that go to the district flow into it.

So, the most remarkable disadvantage is crowdedness that requires you to go out a little early so as not to break down in crowdedness on the street, especially if you are coming from the Ring Road or from one of the jammed bridges in the morning.

If you are taking it for the first time, you will feel it is a very long street, or that your interests lie at the end of the road. Otherwise, the 90th Street is the access that connects the Fifth Settlement with the rest of the surrounding districts and cities.

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